Team Selections

Round 9 Statewide Super League Teams

Compiled by Zac Milbank

Central District v Eagles | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


Central District will make at least three changes for its contest against the Eagles at X Convenience Oval.

Star duo Justin Hoskin and Kyle Presbury will make welcome returns while Ryan Llewellyn has been called upon to bolster the defence.

Possible debutants Shay Linke (Tanunda) and Corey Di Stefano (Norwood/Golden Grove) could play their first League games while Jordan O’Brien also comes in.

Ruckman Jonathan Marsh is out along with Ben Nason and Billy Iles, who will play Reserves.


F: Dew, Mclean, Grace

HF: Presbury, J. Kelly, Lange

C: East, D. Pisani, Barreau

HB: Neagle, Llewellyn, Morton

B: Weaver, Fort, Alleer


R: Graham, Hoskin, J. Schiller

INT: Di Stefano, Grant, Habel, S. Linke, O’Brien, Olsson, T. Schiller

IN: Di Stefano, Hoskin, S. Linke, Llewellyn, O’Brien, Presbury

OUT: Marsh, Iles, Nason

NEW: Shay Linke (Tanunda), Corey Di Stefano (Norwood/Golden Grove)


S. Linke, Nason, Sutton, Templeton, Gillard, F. Pisani, Olsson, Richard, Cannizzaro, Shaw, Patterson, McKelvie, Borlace, Iles, Tidswell, Di Stefano, Thomson, Grubb, McCabe, Haydon, Fraser, Kennedy, De Jonge

Grubb, Dudley, Ross, Vidal, Wilson, Poulton, Ratcliff, Haynes, Wall, Hahn, Kohlhagen, Clements, Krieg, Tappert, Scholz, Pyman, McDonald, Dew, Carreno, Thomas, Riggs, T. Linke, Matz, Evans, Deakin, Giles



Woodville-West Torrens coach Jade Sheedy has called upon three options to replace Jimmy Toumpas for the game against Central at X Convenience Oval.

Kai Pudney, Seb Kerrish and Ethan Haylock, who could play his first League game of the year, have all been included on the extended interchange bench, along with defender Pierce Seymour.

Toumpas was deemed unavailable after suffering concussion in the win against Norwood in Round 9.


F: Stengle, Hayes, Williams

HF: Cameron, Von Bertouch, Poole

C: McFarlane, Tsitas, K. Mutch

HB: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, Jungfer

B: Beecken, Thompson, Rowland


R: Redden, Sinor, Knight

INT: Sharman, Seymour, Pudney, Lonergan, Haylock, D. Menzel, Kerrish

IN: Haylock, Kerrish, Pudney, Seymour

OUT: Toumpas (concussion)


Comitogianni, Mills, Moore, Lee, R. Mutch, West, Schmusch, Mead, Hardie, Bruce, Gaffney, Morgan, Dawkins, Firns, Pearce, Michael, Lehmann, McLeod,  Asfaha, Hoile, Buck, Litster, Kasianowicz, Wheare

F: Watson, Hunter-Price, Carter
HF: Nicholls, B. Schwartz, Pearce
C: Launer, Burgoyne, Barkla
HB: Thomson, Goldie, L. Hendry
B: Hansen, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, Phillipou, Neumann
INT: Calvett, Day, Fry, J. Hendry, Lukac, Murphy, Siney, Williams

North Adelaide v Adelaide | Prospect Oval | 1:35pm | Channel 7 and 7plus


North Adelaide has bolstered its midfield brigade for the match against Adelaide at Prospect Oval.

Star wingman Billy Hartung returns from a groin complaint while Port Fairy recruit Kaine Mercovich will make his League debut.

Mercovich (23, 179cm and 81kg) has been named to start in the centre square.

Promising defender Karl Finlay will play his first League game this season from the back pocket.

Forward Ben Jarman is unavailable due to an ankle injury.


F: Hender, Hilder, Ramsey

HF: A. Young, Harvey, W. Combe

C: Hartung, Mercovich, Allmond

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: Clisby, C. Craig, Finlay


R: Barns, Moore, C. Combe

INT: Hewett, LeBois, McInerney, Miller, Minervini, Schwarz

IN: Mercovich, Finlay, Hartung

OUT: Jarman (ankle)

NEW: Kaine Mercovich (Port Fairy)


F: Tully, Keeler, Dignan
HF: Rypstra, Heath, Santillo
C: McTaggart, Willis, McNamara
HB: O’Loughlin, Bennier, White
B: Wilsdon, Froling, Scadden

R: Moors, Harrison, Jackson
INT: Woodward, Mulheron, Saint, Sherman, Mulady, A. Turner, T. Turner, Tindale



Adelaide will unveil its Mid Season Draft pick against North at Prospect Oval on Saturday.

Murray Bushrangers teenager Patrick Parnell has been named on the interchange along with fellow inclusion Riley Clamp, who has been in strong form with Strathalbyn.

Parnell (19 and 178cm) is a skillful half-back type who uses the ball well by either foot.


F: Newchurch, B. Davis, L. Mathews

HF: Himmelberg, B. Cook, J. Mathews

C: Clarke, Pedlar, Marini

HB: Parnell, Borlase, Worrell

B: Latchford, McAsey, Wright


R: Strachan, Boyle, O. Davis

INT: Clamp, Baccanello, AFL Emergencies

IN; Parnell, Clamp

NEW: Patrick Parnell (Murray Bushrangers)


West Adelaide v South Adelaide | Hisense Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


West Adelaide will unveil a little-known defender against South at Hisense Stadium.

St Albans recruit Hayden Elliot will make his Statewide Super League debut after being named at centre half-back.

Elliot has played a total of 22 Reserves matches since his arrival at the start of the 2020 season.

He has been joined in the Bloods’ 25-man squad by potential fellow debutant Ronald Fejo from Wanderers, Jade Cleeland and Mitch Maguire.

Ed Allan was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Gore, Keough, Karpany

HF: C. Fairlie, Beech, Meline

C: Boyle, Squire, Chamberlain

HB: Murphy, Elliot, Dunkin

B: Hill, Ryan, Duval


R: Taverner, P. Fairlie, K. Stevens

INT: Fejo, Cleeland, Sinderberry, Morrish, Anderson, Ellem, Maguire

IN: Fejo, Elliot, Cleeland, Maguire

OUT: E. Allan

NEW: Hayden Elliot (St Albans), Ronald Fejo (Wanderers)


C. Allan, E. Allan, Babic, Bock, De Cesare, Faulkner, Gordon, Haysman, Heitmann, Hupfeld, J. Johnson, Kelly, Laudato, Lovell, Martin, Patterson, Redfern, Rundle, Schiller, Sherlock, Steele, R. Stevens

F: Baltagie, Watts, Hahn
HF: Kovacic, Young, D. White
C: Sullivan, McCormick, Desira
HB: Pridham, Satanek, Singleton
B: K. Roberts, Still, J. Roberts

R: Steene, Thackeray, Kennedy
INT: Midwinter, Burbridge, J. White, Harkins



South Adelaide has named several potential replacements for injured skipper Matt Rose ahead of its encounter with West at Hisense Stadium.

Reece Milsom returns to his customary wing while Nic Schwarz and Tyson Brown are also in the mix after being included in the 26-man squad.

Ruck Damon Freitag and defender Danny Juckers have also been listed on the eight-man extended interchange which must be trimmed by four before the bounce.

Rose, who damaged his AC-joint against Central in Round 8, is facing around a month on the sidelines.


F: O’Neill, Overall, Horne

HF: Sampson, Skinner, Tarca

C: Turner, Gibbs, Milsom

HB: Broadbent, Haren, Haines

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Cailotto, Heaslip, Cross

INT: Bogle, Schwarz, Sawford, Brown, Fitt, Nobes, Juckers, Freitag

IN: Milsom, Schwarz, Brown, Freitag, Juckers

OUT: Rose (shoulder)


Coleman, Douglass, Draper, Dumesny, Flett, Gaden, Griffiths, Hamilton, Hindes, Kraemer, Lovering, Machin, Martin, Megins, McCreery, McKinnon, Nye, C. Sampson, Spacie, Tucker, Williams

F: Smith, Rogers, Schirmer
HF: Delean, Cockshell, Duncan
C: Hoeck, Worthley, Birt
HB: R. Brown, Marshall, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Schroder

R: Verall, D. Brown, Mitton
INT: Barnett, Walton, Inthavong, Amos, Kirkland, Hogg, Howes, Pilmore


Norwood v Glenelg | Coopers Stadium | 2:10pm | 1629 SEN SA & SEN App | SANFL Digital Pass |


Norwood has regained its skipper Matthew Nunn to host Glenelg at The Parade.

Nunn has recovered from the hamstring strain he suffered during the West End State game on May 15, to be listed in the centre square.

Defenders Michael Talia and Lachlan Pascoe are in the Redlegs’ squad of 25 along with the Richards brothers – Zac and Josh.

Possible 20-year-old debutant Tristan Binder has also been listed on the seven-man extended interchange.

Forward Jackson Callow was selected by Hawthorn in the AFL Mid Season draft while ruck Michael Knoll is out with a toe injury.

Matt Vardanega was relegated to the Reserves.


F: Hamilton, Gerloff, Tranfa

HF: Nelligan, Shenton, Puopolo

C: McKenzie, Nunn, Rokahr

HB: Saywell, Ball, Douglas

B: J. Heard, Collins, Bower


R: Boyd, Kennerley, Grigg

INT: Z. Richards, Talia, B. Carroll, Pascoe, J. Richards, Binder, Spence

IN: Nunn, Z. Richards, Talia, Pascoe, J. Richards, Binder

OUT: Callow (AFL – Hawthorn), Knoll (toe), Vardenaga

NEW: Tristan Binder (Boston FC – Port Lincoln)

Z. Richards, Irra, Bampton, Talia, Barry, B. Carroll, Buckham, Larkins, Vardenaga, Cotter, Pascoe, J. Richards, Wagner, Hearing, F. Heard, Cavallaro, Binder, Chandler, Spence, Schwerdt, Morris, Hurley, Haebich, Trepka, Robinson, Warton, M. Carroll

Catalano, Nayda, Tape, Zappia, Joseph, Mead, Barton, Jones, Stevens, Kent, McShane, Kiseau, Verall, Minervini, Dobie, Dnistriansky, Kortesis, Pitt, Bowman, Wood, Occhiuto, Lake, McNeeley, Perkin, De Luca, Belperio, Rahui, Boxer



Glenelg will be tempted to take an unchanged line-up into its clash with Norwood at The Parade.

Coming off an 89-point win against Adelaide, the Bays have added three players to their 25-man squad.

Midfielder Reid Kuller could return after a two-match suspension for a dangerous tackle while Jackson Edwards and Brad McCarthy have had their form in the Reserves recognised.

All three have been added to the seven-man extended interchange which must be trimmed by three before the bounce.


F: Motlop, McBean, Bailey

HF: Yates, Reynolds, Partington

C: Allen, B. Turner, Bradley

HB: Martini, Durdin, Virgin

B: Pink, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Agnew

INT: Searle, Edwards, Newman, Landt, McCarthy, G. Turner, Kuller

IN: Kuller, Edwards, McCarthy


Crompton, Cole, Leck, Stagg, Dowling, Holder, McRae, Minchin, Moore, Murphy, Chandler, Schott, LeCornu, Wright, Wanganeen-Milera, Kluske, Horsnell, Condon, Park, McDonnell, Symonds

Window, Gluyas, Ridgway, Nicotra, Durant, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Brougham, Murdock, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Charlick, Harding, Thomson, Virtanen, Sims, McGary, Adams, Kaeslar, Porter, Shanks


Sturt U18

F: Houston, Stagg, Turner
HF: Tucker, Torode, Hein
C: L. Thomas, Aish, Tidemann
HB: Harvey, Fryer, Maloney
B: Felton, Quartermaine, Fidge

R: Thredgold, Taylor, Tragakis
INT: Reschke, Wilden, Pope, McCourt, Baulderstone, Gladigau

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