SANFLW Best & Fairest

Introduced for the inaugural SANFLW season in 2017, the SANFLW Best and Fairest Medal is adjudged by the competition’s field umpires under a 3-2-1 voting system across the minor round.

The player/s with the highest amount of votes will be declared the winner, provided they have not been suspended by the SANFL Tribunal in the same season.

In the event of a tie, each player with the highest amount of votes will be recognised and awarded a medal.

Year Player Team
2022 J Bates Glenelg
2021 L Young West Adelaide
2020 R Martin / A Hatchard West Adelaide / North Adelaide
2019 N Allen Norwood
2018 H Martin West Adelaide
2017 C Gum Glenelg

SANFLW Best on Ground Medal

Year Player Team
2022 Z Prowse Sturt
2021 E Marinoff Glenelg
2020 A Hatchard North
2019 I Tahau South
2018 C Hammond South
2017 S Lee Norwood
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