Play in a Competition

There are many ways to play football for kids, men and women throughout metropolitan and country South Australia.
SANFL proudly administrates and supports all forms of Australian Rules Football in this state.

  • SANFL Schools Competitions

    Aged 7-13 years. Limited Contact

    The SANFL Schools Competition is aimed at providing a fun, safe, inclusive and Introductory football competition for all primary school children in years 2 – 6.
    The competition will provide all participants an enjoyable and safe competition whilst at the same time enhancing their football and team skills.

  • SANFL National Pharmacies Juniors

    Ages 7-16yrs, limited Contact

    Boys and girls footy in metro Adelaide is proudly run by SANFL. If you're aged between 7 and 16, and want to play club football, SANFL National Pharmacies Juniors is the competition for you.

    It's easy to join with more than 13,000 kids in the biggest Aussie Rules footy competition in SA having a kick and a catch each weekend.

  • Community Football

    Ages 8-18yrs, Limited Contact

    Boys and girls in regional areas of South Australia need look no further than their local Community Football Club to start their footy journey.

    The perfect beginning with the opportunity to play for fun with friends or progress into SANFL's Talent Pathways at SANFL Clubs.

  • Coles Mini League

    Aged 11-13 years, Limited Contact.

    One of SANFL's great traditions dating back to the 1960s, Coles Mini-League involves more than 3200 boys and girls getting their chance to play at half-time of a SANFL League match.

    An ideal way for children and parents to interact with their local SANFL club.

  • SANFL Disability Inclusion

    All ages, modified programs

    SANFL is dedicated to ensuring people of all ages and abilities have an opportunity to experience footy. We offer a range of inclusive, fun and safe programs for people with disability.

  • Community Football

    Aged 18 years and over

    Get involved by joining your local Community Football Club as a player, coach, administrator or volunteer. As many as 26 Community Football Leagues and 256 Clubs exist throughout regional and metro South Australia for more than 50,000 men, women, boys and girls.

    The introduction of a south-east football council is the perfect example of SANFL supporting grassroots footy as the majority of these leagues are SANFL affiliated and zoned to a SANFL League club.

  • AFL Nines

    All Ages, Non-Contact

    AFL Nines is a fast, free-flowing game that involves nine players on each team playing on a smaller field. Best of all, it’s ‘touch football’ with no tackling or bumping, making it suitable for people of any age or skill level to socialise in a fun and friendly environment.

  • SANFL & ECH Walking Footy

    Ages 50+

    Discover SANFL & ECH Walking Footy, a modified Australian Rules Football program designed to be fun, safe and inclusive.

Community Programs

SANFL is passionate about offering an inclusive environment to ensure Australian Football is accessible to all South Australians, regardless of their age, gender, disability or nationality.

  • Multicultural Programs

    SANFL offers different promotional, participation and talent programs for people from non-traditional football backgrounds living in South Australia.

    These include multicultural festivals and community engagement along with the Multicultural Umpiring Academy and various talent pathways for multicultural footballers to represent our State.

  • Disability Programs

    SANFL is dedicated to ensuring people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to be part of our supportive community and experience Australian Football.

    The SANFL Inclusive League, AFL 9's, State representative, Wheelchair Aussie Rules and Auskick programs are just some of the many opportunities available for people with disability.

  • Indigenous Programs

    SANFL spreads its wings far and wide to provide opportunities for Indigenous players to partcipate in Australian Football.

    This includes facilitating federally funded programs in the APY Lands (Far North) and Maralinga (Far West). SANFL also hosts the annual Don McSweeny Aboriginal Lands Cup at Adelaide Oval between these regions while also managing the SA Kickstart teams at the AFL Diversity Championships.

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