R. O Shearman Medal

Introduced in 2000, the R. O Shearman medal is named after five-time Sturt premiership player and SA Football Hall of Fame member Bob Shearman.

Voted on a 5-4-3-2-1 basis by the SANFL coaches during the minor round, the R. O Shearman Medal voting appears weekly on the SANFL website.


Year Player Team
2023 H Grant Central District
2022 R Knight Woodville-West Torrens
2021 C Combe North Adelaide
2020 M Snook Glenelg
2019 L Partington Glenelg
2018 N Liddle South Adelaide
2017 J Cross South Adelaide
2016 J Petrenko Woodville-West Torrens
2015 J Cross South Adelaide
2014 S Summerton Port Adelaide
2013 M Thomas Norwood
2012 J Allan North Adelaide
2011 J Allan North Adelaide
2010 J Allan North Adelaide
2009 J Allan North Adelaide
2008 J Allan / J Sheedy North Adelaide / Sturt
2007 J Allan North Adelaide
2006 J Cicolella Woodville-West Torrens
2005 J Clayton Port Adelaide
2004 S Hassan West Adelaide
2003 B Backwell / M Bello Glenelg / Central District
2002 J Sheedy Sturt
2001 R O'Connor Port Adelaide
2000 G Colville Woodville-West Torrens
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