Fos Williams Medal

The Fos Williams Medal is awarded to the best player on the ground for South Australia in interstate clashes, and previously, in State of Origin matches.

First awarded in 1981, it is named in honour of Port Adelaide great Fos Williams.

A member of the South Australian Football Hall of Fame, Williams represented South Australia on 34 occasions throughout his decorated career.

Captaining the Croweaters from 1954 to 1958, Williams also coached SA from 1955 to 1958, 1960 to 1966 and 1968 to 1969.

He played in six premierships for the Magpies while also coaching his beloved black-and-whites to the ultimate success on nine occasions.

2023 J Rowe (Eagles) WAFL at Adelaide Oval
2022 C Voss (Sturt) WAFL at Optus Stadium
2021 M Broadbent (South) WAFL at Adelaide Oval
2019 M Knoll (South) WAFL at Optus Stadium
2018 Z Kirkwood (Sturt) WAFL at Adelaide Oval
2016 Z Kirkwood (Sturt)
VIC at Adelaide Oval
2015 T Keough (West) WA at Lathlain Park
2014 Z Kirkwood (Sturt) VFL at North Port Oval
2013 R Ferguson (West) NEAFL at City Mazda Stadium
2012 A Grocke (Eagles) WA at Gliderol Stadium
2009 J Sheedy (Sturt) WA at MediBank Stadium
2008 C Alleway (North) VIC at Adelaide Oval
2006 D Schell (Central) WA at Adelaide Oval
2005 S Borlace (Norwood) VIC at TEAC Oval, Pt Melbourne
2003 B Backwell (Glenelg) WA at Fremantle Oval
2002 B Hollands (West) VIC at Adelaide Oval
2001 B Hollands (West) VIC at Adelaide Oval
2000 S Carter (Port) WA at Adelaide Oval
1999 A McKay (Calrton/Glenelg) VIC at MCG
1999 A Harvey (Norwood) VIC at MCG
1998 M O’Loughlin (Sydney/Central) WA at Football Pk
1998 P McCormack (Norwood) WA at Football Pk
1997 B Lyle (Power/Port) Victoria at Football Pk
1997 J Thiessen (Norwood) ACT at ACTAFL Pk, Canberra
1996 J Francou (North) WA at Football Pk
1996 A Modra (Crows/West) WA at Football Pk
1995 S Tregenza (Crows/Port) VIC at MCG
1995 G McIntosh (Norwood) TAS at Hobart
1994 A Jarman (Crows/Norwood) VIC at Football Pk
1994 S Burns (Norwood) WAFL at Football Pk
1993 T Lynn (Central) WA at Subiaco
1993 G Anderson (Adelaide/Port Adelaide) WA at Football Pk
1993 C Bradley (Carlton/Port Adelaide) VIC at MCG
1992 D Hynes (West Coast/Port) VIC at Football Pk
1992 G McIntosh (Norwood) WA at Football Pk
1991 M Naley (South) WA at Subicao
1991 C Bradley (Carlton/Port) VIC at Football Pk
1990 A Jarman (Norwood) WA at Football Pk
1989 A Jarman (North) VIC at MCG
1988 M Redden (North) WA at Football Pk
1988 S Kernahan (Carlton/Glenelg) VIC at Football Pk
1988 M Mickan (Brisbane/West Adelaide) NSW at Football Pk
1987 C McDermott (Glenelg), A Jarman (North) VIC at Football Pk
1986 A Jarman (North) WA at Football Pk
1985 C Bradley (Port) WA at Football Pk
1985 P Motley (Sturt) VIC at Football Pk
1984 G McIntosh (Norwood) WA at Football Pk
1984 S Kernahan (Glenelg) VIC at Football Pk
1983 C Williams (West) WA at Football Park
1983 M Aish (Norwood) VIC at Football Pk
1982 S Copping (Essendon / Glenelg) VIC at Football Pk
1982 P Weston (Glenelg) WA at Football Pk
1982 G Phillips (Port) WA at Subiaco
1981 P Carey (Glenelg) WA at Subiaco
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