If you have a passion for the game, a cool head, love to keep fit and enjoy being up close to the action, you might find a very fulfilling recreational or professional experience as an umpire.

  • Foundation Umpiring Courses

    Enrol in one of our free 90 minute In Person Foundation Umpiring Courses. Suitable for new umpires across all leagues to learn the foundation skills that will set you up for a successful umpiring career.

  • Umpiring SANFL Juniors

    SANFL Juniors, which starts with a modified rules game for under 7's and goes up to under 17.5's for Boys and Girls, is one of the largest Metropolitan Junior footy competitions in the nation and where many umpires in South Australia begin their journey. The first step to becoming a SANFL Juniors Umpire is to complete a Foundation Umpires Course.

  • Umpiring Community Football

    With over twenty Community Football Leagues in operation around the state, there are opportunities for everyone to begin their umpiring journey in a combination of Junior & Adult, Male & Female Football. The first step to becoming a Community Football League Umpire is to complete an Expression of Interest.

  • Women & Girls in Umpiring

    The SANFL is committed to increasing female umpire numbers across the state through initiatives that create inclusive environments, social connections and skill development opportunities for female umpires.

  • AFL Laws of the Game

    2024 edition of the Laws of Australian Football. Note each Community Football League will have it's own rules & regulations which may include some differences to the AFL Laws, please check with your League for local rules.

  • Umpire Respect

    The Umpire Respect campaign is about promoting respect for umpires and shedding light on the abuse faced by umpires today. We want the match day environment to be a supportive and positive environment for all.

  • Umpiring Pathway - Grassroots to AFL

    Umpiring offers terrific opportunities for both males and females to get involved in the game at all levels. Everybody's umpiring journey is unique to them based on their experience, goals, capabilities and availability. In South Australia, umpires can choose to begin umpiring in SANFL Juniors, their local Community League or a combination of both.

    From Community Level, talented and aspiring umpires will be identified to be invited to umpire in the SANFL pathway before hopefully progressing to the AFL to be the next Curtis Deboy or Eleni Tee.

  • Online Umpire Education & Registration

    Through the online platform AFL Learn, umpires can complete a variety of online education courses to further grow their knowledge and understanding of umpiring as well as access umpire coaching resources. Officials HQ is the portal used for umpires to complete their umpire registration.

  • Umpiring in Schools

    The SANFL Umpiring department can run umpiring programs as part of school sport or dedicated AFL classes. Suitable for High School age students, we can be flexible in the delivery and timing of the course to suit your schools needs.

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