Policies & Education

Community Football Policies, Guidelines & Supporting Material

  • Child Safeguarding & Member Protection

    SANFL is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people participating in, officiating or associated in any way with football in South Australia. SANFL's Member Protection policy and commitment also extends to vulnerable and marginalised groups.

    The following policy and resources are provided to support leagues and clubs in not only meeting Government mandated legislation, but making sure they are providing safe and fair environments for participants to thrive.

  • Gender Diversity Policy

    The National Gender Diversity Policy outlines the AFL's and SANFL’s position in respect to the participation of transgender and non-binary people in Australian Football competitions.

    We are committed to the inclusion of gender diverse people in our game. This policy outlines how players who are registered to play football are supported in doing so in a safe and inclusive environment. Harassment and discrimination of gender diverse players engaging at any level must not be tolerated and will be handled in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the relevant competition.

  • Concussion Management

    These guidelines have been published by the AFL as a position statement on the management of concussion in community football and junior competitions of Australian Football. It is based on guidelines developed by the AFL Concussion Working Group Scientific Committee.

    The Guidelines continue to reflect the latest medical advice on managing concussion in Australian Football and are principally about protecting the health and safety of players. All community football leagues are strongly encouraged to adopt the guidelines.

    Below are resources to help support and educate clubs, leagues players, parents, coaches, trainers and others involved in community football about the importance of following the guidelines.

    We also encourage all trainers, first aiders, players and caregivers to download the HeadCheck app. HeadCheck is an evidence-based app developed by leading concussion experts from MCRI and the AFL. The app is a concussion management tool to help recognise concussion early and manage recovery.

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