Coaches are the biggest influences in our game, creating great environments for players to develop and engage positively with our great game. This page has been designed to support and guide all SA Coaches and Club Coach Coordinators/Developers.

  • Foundation / Level 1 Accreditation & Annual CoachAFL Re-Accreditation

    The AFL Foundation Accreditation is the newly designed Level 1 Accreditation. This course is designed for entry level coaches to learn about the general principle of coaching in our game. The Foundation course is split with specific courses for junior (U7-U12) coaches, youth (U13-U17) coaches and senior (U18-senior) coaches.

    This is solely an online course that takes around 90mins to complete. Once completed, coaches gain access of the CoachAFL platform which is full of coaching resources, activities and education opportunities.

    Course Fees: CoachAFL annual membership and the online Foundation Course is completely free to all SA coaches!

    To access the Foundation Accreditation, to annually re-accredit or access the amazing resources available to coaches, click on the below CoachAFL link.

    If you have any problems with CoachAFL please contact the CoachAFL Customer Service Team at [email protected]

  • SANFL Level 2 Coaching Accreditation

    The Level 2 Coaching Accreditation It is designed to provide progressive coaches at any level the opportunity to develop and learn about modern coaching in our game. This accreditation is delivered in South Australia and to complete the accreditation coaches are to complete the below requirements

     Attend 1 full day face to face session
     Complete the pre course Coaching Philosophy online module
     Complete an in season mentoring task (completed by end of season)

    Criteria for Selection: Coaches must hold a current AFL Foundation/ Level 1 Coach accreditation to register

    Course Fees: $250 per participant (including GST)

    Course Details
    • Senior and Youth coach courses - November and February
    • Junior coach courses - March

    Registration: A registration link will be published here in October once course details are finalised.

  • SANFL Level 3 Coaching Accreditation

    The South Australian Level 3 Coach Accreditation is offered to coaches of both male and female programs, coaching in a SANFL Club team, community A Grade community head coaches and head coaches of College First18 teams.

    The course is a blended program delivered both face to face and virtually over a 12-month period. Phase 1 is delivered as a 3-day face to face workshop in November or January in Adelaide and phases 2 & 3 are delivered virtually as 7 x 2-hour online webinars over the 12-month period. The accreditation also involves 6 in-season tasks to be completed over the 12-month period.

    Criteria for Selection
    Coaches wishing to nominate for the course must meet the following criteria:
    1. Completed the AFL Level 2 Coach Accreditation
    2. Currently coach in a SANFL full season team or head coach of a community A Grade or college First 18 team

    Course Fees: $1,200.00 per participant (including GST)

    Registration: A registration link will be published here in August/September once course details are finalised.

  • Club Coach Coordinator / Developer

    The Club Coach Coordinator / Developer role is one of the most impactful structures to positively influence player enjoyment, development, retention and recruitment at a football club. They are also key influencers in developing and maintaining a positive game day environments and club culture. The role is designed to support and oversee the growth and development of individual coaches at the club and enhance the overall effectiveness of each coach.

    See below useful resources, videos and links to help guidance to clubs in how to establish and conduct the role effectively at their club. The SANFL Coaching Department see this role as one of the biggest positive influences on our game and is extremely committed to supporting clubs in implementing these roles. Please email Rian Nelson through the below link to discuss how we can help your club establish this extremely beneficial coach support and education model at your club.

  • Coaching Resources - CoachAFL & RM Coach Activity Library

    CoachAFL is not only the national accreditation platform, it's also the central hub for all things coach development and support across Australia! Featured on CoachAFL is

    * The RM Coach Activity Library - activities and drills for all age groups
    * The Junior Coaching Curriculum - session plans designed for U8 - U12
    * Prep To Play - videos and resources for coaching female football players
    * Access to face to face workshops
    * Webinars, including the annual 6 webinars with all 18 AFL Head Coaches
    * Online Learning Modules
    * Coaching articles
    * Tackle Your Feelings - training & resources on player mental health

    Click on the below link to access CoachAFL and see the below overview videos for CoachAFL and RM Coach.

    If you have any problems with CoachAFL please contact the CoachAFL Customer Service Team at [email protected]

  • Training Activity Videos

    SANFL has developed 50 training activity videos perfect for coaching all age groups. The majority of the activities are Game Sense activities designed to maximise player participation, develop both on and off the ball learning and game based decision making.

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