SANFL Multi Sport Workshop

SANFL is joining forces with our South Australian sporting bodies to deliver a unique Multi Sports Workshop in Campbelltown on Thursday June 27.

To be held at the ARC Recreation Centre on the Lower North East Road, the full-day conference (9am to 3.30pm) will deliver an elective practical education program spread across six sports for primary and secondary school teachers.

SANFL will present on Australian Football while other presentations will include sports such as cricket, netball, lacrosse, little athletics and tennis.

Held in World Wellbeing Week. the Workshop will also include a keynote speech from former Norwood footballer Luke McLean, who details how he overcame a gambling addiction which led to severe depression and anxiety.

This life-changing journey led McLean to begin his charity I Am Worthmore.

I Am Worthmore offers one-hour sessions to businesses, high schools, sporting groups and community organisations to raise awareness about men’s mental health, educate participants and share lived experiences in a relaxed and interactive setting.

Each session covers a range of topics, including gratitude, mindfulness, kindness, relationships, purpose and vulnerability.

In primary school, there is a heavy focus on welling and growth – what you want to be when you grow up, your dreams and goals,” McLean, 31, said.

“But in high school, that changes. It is focused instead on money and the skills you need to get a job, there isn’t a lot about personal development.

“I think those teenage years are the most important. You need to learn to accept change, accept your flaws – vulnerability is very powerful.

“Students become more stressed during these years, particularly around exam times, so practicing mindfulness and being more present in the moment is key.”

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