Team Selections

Round 18 Statewide Super League Teams


Friday 23 August

West Adelaide v Norwood | City Mazda Stadium | 7:20pm

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West Adelaide has recalled a strong-leading forward for its final match of the year against Norwood on Friday night.

Former Redleg Lyndon Hupfeld has been elevated from the Reserves after booting three goals against the Tigers in Round 17.

Emerging defender Keelan Laube has also been included in the Bloods’ 23-man squad as one of five players on the extended interchange bench.

Premiership midfielder Kaine Stevens has been named after missing most of the League clash against Glenelg after an accidental poke in the eye in the second term.


F: Kirk, Hupfeld, Schmidt

HF: Karpany, Thilthorpe, Willsmore

C: Batley, C. Fairlie, Waite

HB: Hill, Keough, Levicki

B: Agostino, Ryan, Dunkin


R: Parrella, H. Haysman, K. Stevens

INT: Anderson, Laube, Wasley-Black, P. Fairlie, Cleeland

IN: Hupfeld, Laube

G. Turner, R. Stevens, Inglis, Gallaway, Lynch, Wooldridge, Evans, Johnson, Majok, Caruso, Bentley, Noonan, Morrish, Gutsche, Rana, Day, May, Chamberlain, Sinderberry, Moore, G. Haysman.

Pearce, Pridham, Ebert, Laudato, Brauer, Westley, Bailye, Fielke, Sherlock, Heitmann, Morelli, Van den Berg, Nunan, Nield, Gilbert, Stakic, Sareen, Henty-Smith, Groom, Pederick, Boughen, Hannagan.


Norwood will be without its captain Jace Bode for its do-or-die contest against West on Friday night.

Needing a win to ensure a berth in the Elimination Final, the Redlegs’ skipper has been sidelined by an ankle injury for the second occasion this year.

Bode and Cam Taheny (Reserves) are the certain exclusions as four players were added to the 23-man squad.

First-year player Cameron Ball has been named to start at centre-half forward while Tom Forster slips into the back pocket.

Small forward Cody Szust and defender Mac Bower have been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Shenton, Panos, L. Johnston

HF: Smart, Ball, Barry

C: Stephens, Grigg, A. Wilson

HB: Hamilton, Talia, Wilkins

B: Forster, Georgiou, McKenzie


R: Baulderstone, Gerloff, Nunn

INT: Bower, Szust, Bampton, J. Richards, Z. Richards

IN: Forster, Szust, Ball, Bower

OUT: Bode (ankle), Taheny

D. Johnston, Taheny, Surman, Saywell, Spence, Martin, Millman, Barnett, Olsson, Buckham, Coles, Collins, Heard, Pascoe, Hay, Pedro, Bristow, Di Stefano, Charlton. EMG – Fahlbusch-Moore.

Murley, Joseph, Cavallaro, D. Trepka, M. Trepka, Kudra, Altomare, Gai, Lanzoni, Murphy, Ferreira, Falco, Tranfa, Swanbury, Fairbrother, Carroll, Dnistriansky, Roberts, Ianniello, Carbone, Lake, Bartlett, Duke, Binder, Hearing.

Saturday 24 August

Central District v Port Adelaide | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm

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Retiring Central premiership coach Roy Laird could take an unchanged line-up into his last game against Port on Saturday.

Laird, who will coach the Bulldogs for the 358th and final time, has included two players in his 23-man squad.

Strong-bodied pair Jordan Furnell and Brody Mahoney have both been listed on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Menzel, Fort, Jenner

HF: Gillard, Dahms, D. Pisani

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, East

HB: Goodrem, Patterson, Matthew Neagle

B: Shaw, Llewellyn, Habel


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, T. Schiller

INT: Durdin, J. Furnell, Hoskin, Mahoney, Jaxon Neagle

IN: J. Furnell, Mahoney

Auckland, Billing, Cotgrove, S. Furnell, Grubb, Haydon, John, Lange, McCabe, McKenzie, Milera, O’Brien, O’Gorman, F. Pisani, Rigney, Robinson, Sheppard, Stephenson, Theodorakopoulos, Walter, Weaver, White.

Carreno, Ponton, Evans, Grubb, Price, Tidswell, Barilla, Cannizzaro, Marsden, Wilson, Falland, Whitelum, M. Welch, Smith, Mudge, Dowse, Rosenzweig, McBride, Lehman, Arnold, Linke, L. Welch.


Port Adelaide will have a pair of clever small forwards in its line-up to confront Central on Saturday.

Zak Butters has been sent back from AFL duty to play in his first SANFL League match while former Tiger Tobin Cox has overcome a lacerated kidney which has seen him sidelined since Round 12.

Ruckman Peter Ladhams returns to the Magpies while defender Tom Corcoran has been listed at half-back.

SANFL contracted pair Sam Davidson and Jack Elsworthy have been named on the interchange bench.

Scott Lycett, Willem Drew, Trent McKenzie, Sam Mayes, Billy Frampton, and captain Cam Sutcliffe have been called up to the AFL squad but at least three of these players will return before the bounce.


F: Hayes, Motlop, Woodcock

HF: Cox, Johnson, Butters

C: Farrell, Atley, Pudney

HB: Corcoran, Howard, Frederick

B: Garner, Grundy, Lienert


R: Ladhams, Trengove, Hewett

INT: Davidson, Elsworthy, Strange

IN: Butters, Cox, Ladhams, Corcoran, Davidson, Elsworthy

OUT: Drew (AFL), McKenzie (AFL), Mayes (AFL), Frampton (AFL), Sutcliffe (AFL), Lycett (AFL)



North Adelaide v Eagles | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm

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North Adelaide has named an RAA Rookie for its final game of the year against the Eagles on Saturday.

Clever goal sneak Terrel Rigney, from Salisbury West FC, has been named to play his first League game at half-forward.

The 18-year-old kicked two goals and laid nine tackles in the Reserves’ Round 17 loss to South Adelaide.

Rigney has been joined in the line-up by utility Jared Deep, who will start on the interchange bench.

Former captain Mitch Clisby has again succumbed to a hamstring strain while talented tall Dyson Hilder will line up in the Roosters’ U18 team as they chase a finals berth.


F: Szekely, Harvey, Hender

HF: Spina, Laurie, Rigney

C: Allmond, Tropiano, Jarman

HB: Minervini, Smith, Keller

B: Miller, C. Craig, Slee


R: A. Barns, T. Schwarz, Combe

INT: Deep, Nixon, McInerney

IN: Rigney, Deep

OUT: Clisby (hamstring), Hilder

Neade, Wharton, Olekalns, Aldridge, Verity, J.Schwarz, C.Barns, J.Craig, Lower, Blair, Agorastos, Nance, Campbell, Ginever, Bowman, Langley, Flanagan, Hart, Hodges, Akker, McKenzie.

F: Coates, Newchurch, M. Borg
HF: McKenzie, Robinson, Byrne
C: Osborne, Magor, Scott
HB: Antrobus, Hilder, Simon
B: Z. Santillo, Vasey, Daniell

R: Hart, Dinning, L. Borg
INT: Willis, O’Loughlin, Jordan, McTaggart, Tindale


Woodville-West Torrens has added a skillful pair to its line-up to face North on Saturday.

Experienced duo Chris Hall and Jimmy Toumpas have been included in the 23-man squad which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.

Toumpas has recovered after a week off for concussion while defender Joe Heinjus has also been listed on the five-man extended interchange bench.

Athletic forward Jake Weidemann has been sidelined by the calf complaint which sidelined him during the Round 17 win against Adelaide.


F: Petrenko, Rowe, Poole

HF: Sharrad, J. Hayes, Nason

C: Rowland, Lewis, N. Hayes

HB: Goldsworthy, Thompson, Foote

B: Westbrook, Von Bertouch, Giuffreda


R: West, Lonergan, Boyd

INT: Heinjus, Hall, Lee, Moore, Toumpas

IN: Heinjus, Toumpas, Hall

OUT: Weidemann (calf)

Comitogianni, Frederick, J. Gaffney, C. Gaffney, Cook, E. Miller, Schmusch, Wehr, Jones, Bruce, Miller, Morgan, McPherson, Jungfer, McLeod, Morris, Schoenberg, McNeil, Armfield, Mead, Coff, Beecken, Pedler.

F: Jackson, H. Smith, Schofield
HF: Kasianowicz, Pearce, Poulter
C: Arriola, Z. Williams, Frederick
HB: Dawkins, Francis, Buck
B: Lock, McNeilly, Hayes

R: Phillips, Hoile, Barnett
INT: J. Burgoyne, Carter, Gaze, Godden, McCann, Ueding, R. Williams


South Adelaide v Adelaide | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm

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South Adelaide has added running power to its squad to confront Adelaide on Saturday.

Wingman Mark Noble and utility Nic Schwarz have been added to the Panthers’ 23-man squad.

Both have been named on the five-man extended interchange bench, with Noble racking up 29 disposals, 10 marks and a goal in the Reserves in Round 17.

Schwarz has overcome a broken hand which has sidelined him since Round 13.

It will be the last match at Noarlunga for retiring club stalwarts Brad Crabb and Nick Liddle.


F: Wilkinson, Overall, McKinnon

HF: Heaslip, Whittlesea, Liddle

C: Milsom, Cross, Irra

HB: Haines, Summerton, Rose

B: Biemans, Crabb, Brown


R: Cailotto, Davis, Karpany

INT: Sampson, Haren, Noble, Fitt, Schwarz

IN: Noble, Schwarz

Arnold, Badger, Beeche, Bogle, Coleman, Colwell, Davies, Emery, Fitzgerald, Illingworth, Juckers, Kappler, Kennedy, Loneragan, McGree, Moffa,  Tucker, Whitbread.

F: Riddle, Williams, Barrett
HF: Hamilton, Ryan, Sampson
C: Birt, Clifton, Cook
HB: Kernahan, Douglass, Flett
B: Little, Spacie, Copley

R: Freitag, Sweetman, Oliver
INT: Kraemer, Bahnisch, Inthaving, Bray-Wallace, Rogerson



F: McAdam, Poholke, Stengle

HF: Wright, Himmelberg, Boyle

C: Davis, Gallucci, Hutchesson

HB: Davey, Butts, Ryan

B: Sholl, Merrett, Seymour


R: Strachan, Wilson, Atkins

INT: Farrar, Mathews, Press

IN: Davey, Farrar, Mathews, Press, Ryan, Seymour

OUT: Hamill (calf), Keath (AFL), Otten (AFL), Greenwood (AFL), Jenkins (ankle), Smart


Sturt v Glenelg | Peter Motley Oval | 2:10pm

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Sturt will be without a premiership defender for its must-win clash against Glenelg on Saturday.

Reliable Tom Harms couldn’t be considered after suffering concussion during the fourth term against Port in Round 17.

Three replacement candidates have been included in the Double Blues’ 23-man squad, including small forward Jack Penfold, athletic spearhead Mihail Lochowiak and utility Joel Thiele.

Running defender Byron Sumner will play his 100th Statewide Super League match after making his debut with the Eagles in 2009.


F: Riley, Fahey-Sparks, J. Hone

HF: Sutcliffe, Patullo, Greenslade

C: Crocker, Colquhoun, Slimming

HB: Pearce, Stephens, Sumner

B: Illman, F. Evans, Edmonds


R: Read, Kirkwood, Battersby

INT: Carey, Penfold, Thiele, M. Lochowiak, M. Evans

IN: M. Lochowiak, Thiele, Penfold

OUT: Harms (concussion)

T. Hone, Richards, Armiento, Condon, Hough, A. Lochowiak, Weeks, Parker-Boers, Mitchell, How, Coombe, Voss, Page, Munn, Thonrton, Trenorden, Grivell, Coomblas, Allan, Laycock, Fahey.

F: Z. Parker-Boers, Adams, Doyle
HF: Thomas, Ferres, H. Ferrari
C: Laycock, Fahey, Wingard
HB: Starr, Matteucci, Britten-Jones
B: Z. Grivel, Durack, J. Ferrari

R: Zevenboom, Crane, Liddy
INT: Bates, Opperman, Evans, May
EMG: J. Davies, Smith, J. Taylor, Berry


Glenelg will be without an emerging utility for at least a year ahead of its final minor round game against Sturt on Saturday.

Former West Adelaide player Tom Schott has ruptured his ACL and will require a full knee reconstruction, effictively sidelining him for the 2020 season.

Schott left the field during the third term against West after copping an accidental kick to his knee inside the centre square.

Ken Farmer Medal leader Liam McBean is out with general soreness, leaving the door ajar for team-mate Luke Reynolds to eclipse his tally of 46 goals for the season, with Reynolds on 43.

Wingman Carl Nicholson will play his first League game since suffering an Achilles strain in Round 6 while star forward Josh Scott could make his return from a broken arm after last appearing in Round 11.

Youngsters Josh Koster and Seb Kerrish have also been added to the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Slade, Gould, Close

HF: Motlop, Reynolds, Gregson

C: Scharenberg, Snook, Virgin

HB: Joseph, Curran, Martini

B: Bradley, Proud, Agnew


R: White, McCarthy, Partington

INT: Bailey, Nicholson, Koster, Scott, Kerrish

IN: Nicholson, Koster, Scott, Kerrish

OUT: McBean (general soreness), Schott (knee)

Betterman, Boyle, Carmody, Davis, Edwards, Holyoak, Kelly-Mansell, Kuller, Lovelock, McDermott, McPherson, Park, Sawford, Schreiber, Searle, Sumner, Symonds, Weir, Wisdom, Yates.

F: Castine, L. Edwards, Horsnell
HF: Slade, Schreiber, Wright
C: Carter, Dean, Beaumont
HB: Carmody, Dowdell, B. McRae
B: O’Loughlin, Strickland, Jones

R: Emmett, Liambis, McCarthy
INT: Murphy, McManus, Bonutto, Sigal



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