Team Selections

Round 10 Statewide Super League Teams


Saturday June 15

Eagles v West Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 1:10pm

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Woodville-West Torrens has regained a clever goal sneak for its match against West on Saturday.

James Rowe has recovered from the AC Joint injury he suffered against South Adelaide in Round 8 to be named on the extended interchange bench.

He has been joined by tall utility Tom Schmusch, with two players to be trimmed before the bounce.


F: Von Bertouch, N. Hayes, Moore

HF: Poole, J. Hayes, Johansen

C: Boyd, Foote, Hall

HB: Sinor, Thompson, J. Gaffney

B: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, C. Gaffney


R: J. Redden, Petrenko, Sharrad

INT: Firns, Comitogianni, Guilhaus, Rowe, Schmusch

IN: Rowe, Schmusch


Weidemann, Haylock, Nason, Cook, West, E. Miller, X. Redden, Wehr, Brill, Bruce, Lewis, Morgan, Michael, McLeod, Heinjus, Westbrook, Armfield, Williams, Hoile, Pedler.

F: Dawkins, Pearce, Buck
HF: Scott, Coff, Carter
C: Frederick, Beecken, McCann
HB: Jackson, Jones, Dorian
B: Gaze, McNeilly, Francis

R: Phillips, Lock, Barnett
INT: Azzolini, Brownlie, Kennedy, Ueding, R. Williams


West Adelaide is poised to take in an unchanged line-up against the Eagles on Saturday.

Bloods coach Gavin Colville could back in the same 21 which took it right up to a star-studded Adelaide outfit in Round 9 only to falter in the final term.

Possible debutant Kyle Kirk and utility Lachlan Evans have been added to the five-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.


F: Pillion, Beech, Wasley-Black

HF: Johnson, Hupfeld, Osborn

C: Batley, P. Fairlie, Waite

HB: J. Evans, Keough, Levicki

B: Hill, Ryan, Dunkin


R: Parrella, Haysman, K. Stevens

INT: Anderson, B. Turner, Majok, L. Evans, Kirk

Karpany, Cleeland, Middleton, G. Turner, Inglis, Gallaway, Lynch, Wooldridge, Caruso, Morelli, S. Bentley, Laube, Noonan, Morris, Gutsche, C. Fairlie, May, Fielke, Nield, Moore, J. Bentley.

Jolly, Ebert, O’Connor-Dawkins, Brauer, Westley, Iuliano, Stakic, Bailye, Gibson, Fielke, Sherlock, Heitmann, Harkins, Nunan, Chamberlain, Nield, Laudato, Kelsh, Sareen, Groom, Pederick, Sinderberry, Coulthard, Boughen, Boylan.


Central District v Adelaide | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm

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Central District coach Roy Laird will have three RAA Rookies in his line-up to face Adelaide on Saturday.

Half-forward/midfielder Steve Burton (21, 175cm and 76kg) from Bamera Monash, key position prospect Ryan Falkenberg (20, 196cm and 84kg) from Tanunda and 18-year-old Modbury product Mitchell Payne have all been named in the starting 21.

They have been joined in the 23-man squad by utility Nick Gillard, who has been named on the extended interchange bench.

Experienced defender David Haydon and Norwood recruit Darcy Pisani have been sent back to the Reserves.


F: J. Schiller, Fort, Falkenberg

HF: Hoskin, McKenzie, Burton

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, Goodrem

HB: Payne, Patterson, Llewellyn

B: Jenner, Madden, Habel


R: Marsh, Menzel, T. Schiller

INT: Auckland, Gillard, Jaxon Neagle, Presbury, Weaver

IN: Burton, Falkenberg, Gillard, Payne

OUT: Haydon, D. Pisani

Cannizzaro, Carpenter, Cotgrove, Dahms, S. Furnell, Haydon, Lange, McKelvie, Milera, Montgomerie, Ortiz, D. Pisani, F. Pisani, Richard, Rigney, Shaw, Sheppard, Slade, Walter, Watts, White.

Grubb, Hughes, Welch, Tidswell, Fiebiger, Price, Sutton, Wall, Marsden, Carreno, Xanthopoulos, Ponton, Falland, Helmers, Whitelum, Evans, Cowham, De Jonge, Cameron, Clayton, Arnold, Thomson.


Adelaide will take a strong side into its game against Central on Saturday.

With only first-year draftee Ned McHenry unavailable for selection due to general soreness, the Crows have also regained experienced half-back/wingman David Mackay and promising development player Hamish Latchford.

One player will still need to be trimmed from the four-man extended interchange bench.

Former Carlton pair Sam Jacobs and Bryce Gibbs will start in the centre square with consistent midfielder Pat Wilson and exciting Tasmanian Chayce Jones.


F: Hunter, Fogarty, Stengle

HF: Wright, Himmelberg, Poholke

C: Davis, Wilson, Mackay

HB: Knight, Butts, McPherson

B: Hamill, Otten, Sholl


R: Jacobs, Gibbs, Jones

INT: Latchford, McAdam, Merrett, Strachan

IN: Mackay, Latchford

OUT: McHenry (General Soreness)



Sunday June 16

North Adelaide v Sturt | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm

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North Adelaide is set to unleash another RAA Rookie when it hosts Sturt on Sunday.

Hectorville FC product Mason Neagle (18, 180cm and 71kg) has been named to start on the wing in his first League match.

Neagle has been joined in the Roosters’ 23-man squad by utility Jared Deep and speedy Frank Szekely.

Ruckman Jack Blair has been ruled out with concussion.


F: Verity, Harvey, Hender

HF: Szekely, Ramsey, Nixon

C: Olekalns, Tropiano, Neagle

HB: Laurie, Smith, Allmond

B: Clisby, C. Craig, Spina


R: A. Barns, Thring, T. Schwarz

INT: Aldridge, Combe, Deep, Jarman, Slee

IN: Deep, Neagle, Szekely

OUT: Blair (concussion)

Neade, Kirk, Wharton, J.Schwarz, Miller, Maroney, Minervini, C.Barns, J.Craig, Lower, Blair, Agorastos, Campbell, Ginever, Rigney, Coleman-Oakes, Bowman, Langley, Flanagan, Marshall, Hart, Robinson.

F: Crompton, Coates, Newchurch
HF: Antrobus, Dowling, Byrne
C: Hodges, Osborne, Scott
HB: Akker, Vasey, McKenzie
B: Daniell, Leese, Nance

R: Tindale, Dinning, Murphy
INT: M. Borg, N. Santillo, Ok, L. Borg, Moors, Palmer, Ellis, Freer



Injury-ravaged Sturt has called up an RAA Rookie for its contest against North on Saturday.

Athletic forward Mihail Lochowiak (19, 186cm and 86kg) has been named at full forward to play his first Statewide Super League match.

He has been joined in the 23-man squad by defenders Will Coomblas and Rune Gilfoy, goal sneak Jack Penfold and tall utility Hugo Munn.

Experienced backmen Byron Sumner (jaw) and Tom Harms (elbow) will both miss a month of action while Henry Voigt was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Greenslade, M. Lochowiak, J. Hone

HF: Battersby, Patullo, Sutcliffe

C: Slimming, Kirkwood, Crocker

HB: Pearce, Stephens, Colquhoun

B: F. Evans, Edmonds, Carey


R: Fahey-Sparks, Riley, Penfold

INT: M. Evans, Hansen, Coomblas, Gilfoy, Munn

IN: Coomblas, M. Lochowiak, Gilfoy, Penfold, Munn

OUT: Sumner (jaw), Harms (elbow), Voigt

Armiento, Allan, Voigt, Condon, Voss, Hough, Thornton, Samblich, Richards, Illman, A. Lochowiak, T. Hone, Weeks, Trenorden, Mitchell, Laycock, Thiele, Parker-Boers, Wills.

F: Fahey, Durack, Holland
HF: Field, Ferres, Crane
C: Garrels, Staples, Bates
HB: Carruthers, Matteucci, How
B: Britten-Jones, Paddick, Grivell

R: Zevenboom, Liddy, Harradine
INT: Z. Parker-Boers, J. Ferrari, Evans, Starr
EMG: Grieve, May, Ryan-Borbasi, Taylor

South Adelaide v Glenelg | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm

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South Adelaide has included two hardened campaigners for its encounter against Glenelg on Sunday.

Former Port Magpie Anthony Biemans (hamstring) has been named in the forward pocket after getting through his comeback match in the Reserves with two goals and 14 disposals last Monday.

Utility Nic Schwarz, who has been out with a hand injury, has been thrust back into the side at half forward despite not playing since the Round 3 draw with the Tigers.

Ruckman Cam McGree, who was a late withdrawal last Monday with a groin ailment, has been named on a five-man extended interchange bench.

Defender Jaidan Kappler has been omitted.

Encounter Bay product Ben Heaslip will play his 50th Statewide Super League match.


F: Liddle, Davis, Biemans

HF: Schwarz, Overall, Fitt

C: Sampson, Heaslip, Karpany

HB: Haines, Summerton, Brown

B: Rose, Crabb, Loneragan


R: Cailotto, Cross, Noble

INT: Whittlesea, Emery, McGree, Kennedy, Bogle

IN: Biemans, Schwarz, McGree

OUT: Kappler


Badger, Baker, Beenham, Colwell, Davies, Elmes, Grimley, Irra, Juckers, Kappler, Lovering, Makoi, Manuel, McKinnon, Mills, Milsom, Moffa, Snelling, Whitbread, Wilkinson.

F: Riddle, Ryan, Fitzgerald
HF: Oliver, Kernahan, Nye
C: Spicer, Cilfton, Coulthard
HB: Spacie, Douglass, Copley
B: Austin, Hindes, Kraemer

R: Williams, Sampson, Hamilton
INT: Brown, Strapps, Rogers, Reed, Inthavong, Calyun, Little


Glenelg has added two potential inclusions for its trip south to Noarlunga to face South Adelaide on Sunday.

Tall utility Tom Schott and possible RAA Rookie Seb Kerrish have been listed on the five-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.

From Plympton FC, Kerrish (20, 186cm and 74kg) has impressed in the Reserves this year after having a strong pre-season campaign.

Classy midfielder Marlon Motlop will play his 100th Statewide Super League match after making his debut with North Adelaide in 2008.


F: Reynolds, McBean, Gregson

HF: Close, Scott, Agnew

C: Motlop, Snook, Scharenberg

HB: McCarthy, Curran, Uebergang

B: Joseph, Proud, Chalmers


R: White, Bradley, Partington

INT: Betterman, Schott, Bailey, Kerrish, Sumner

IN: Schott, Kerrish

Boyle, Carmody, Carnelly, Carney, Davis, Feely, Holyoak, Kelly-Mansell, Koster, Leck, Lovelock, Martini, McDermott, McPherson, Potter, Schreiber, Searle, Slade, Symonds.

F: Slade, Kitschke, McManus
HF: Weir, Grimes, Wright
C: Dowdell, Pedlar, Horsnell
HB: O’Loughlin, Strickland, Beaumont
B: Jones, Hawson, Schreiber

R: Emmett, Liambis, Dean
INT: O’Dea, Murphy, O’Brien, Sigal, Wilfred, Edwards, Wanganeen


Port Adelaide v Norwood | Alberton Oval | 2:40pm

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Port Adelaide’s Brad Ebert will play his first SANFL match in more than a decade against Norwood on Sunday.

Returning from concussion, Ebert last donned the Magpies’ prison bars in Round 20, 2007 before being drafted later that year by AFL club West Coast.

The star midfielder has been joined by tall forward Billy Frampton (quad), on-baller Joe Atley and ruckman Sam Hayes, who has recovered from Glandular Fever.

Experienced defender Hamish Hartlett is among the players called up for AFL duty, together with Ollie Wines – who had 32 disposals in the SANFL last round – Joel Garner, Peter Ladhams and Willem Drew.


F: Cox, Dixon, Woodcock

HF: Marshall, Frampton, Johnson

C: Pudney, Ebert, Mayes

HB: Mead, Hewett, Frederick

B: Elsworthy, Grundy, McKenzie


R: Hayes, Sutcliffe, Atley

INT: Appleton

IN: Ebert, Frampton, Atley, Hayes

OUT: Hartlett (AFL), Wines (AFL), Garner (AFL), Ladhams (AFL), Drew (AFL)



Norwood will be without two key premiership players for the clash with Port on Sunday.

Captain Jace Bode (ankle) and utility Ed Smart (hamstring) were both injured in the win against South in Round 9.

Magarey Medallist Mitch Grigg, who suffered from back spasms against the Panthers, has been named to start in the centre square.

Wingman Zac Richards and small forward Chris Olsson have been named on the extended interchange bench with possible RAA Rookie Cam Ball, from Golden Grove FC, and former North Adelaide defender Corey Grove (29, 196cm and 100kg).

Grove, who started his SANFL career with Port Adelaide, could play his first League game since Round 7 2017 with the Roosters.


F: Dawe, Shenton, Barry

HF: Hamilton, L. Johnston, Szust

C: A. Wilson, Gerloff, J. Richards

HB: McKenzie, Talia, Forster

B: Bower, Georgiou, Wilkins


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Bampton

INT: B. Carroll, Z. Richards, Grove, Ball, Olsson

IN: Z. Richards, Grove, Olsson, Ball

OUT: Smart (hamstring), Bode (ankle)

Fahlbusch-Moore, Coles, Barnett, Di Stefano, Binder, Crauford, D. Johnston, Olds, J. Wilson, Martin, Collins, Millman, Hay, Pascoe, Spence, Wilhelm, Bristow, Saywell, Heard, Surman. EMG: M. Carroll.


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