Carr to Drive West End State Team

North Adelaide premiership coach Josh Carr is set to go behind enemy lines when he takes charge of the West End State team against the WAFL next year.

Originally from Western Australia, Carr’s mandate will be to plot the downfall of his home state after assuming the coaching mantle from Marty Mattner.

Speaking on SANFL Radio, the 38-year-old said he was excited by the challenge of coaching SANFL’s best players against the Sandgropers in Perth on Sunday May 12.

And it’s fair to say Carr will have no shortage of reinforcements, with fellow SANFL Stadewide Super League coaches Jarrad Wright (South Adelaide) and Gavin Colville (West Adelaide) joining him as two of the three assistants.

There will be no shortage of State pride in the coaching box with the presence of four-time West End State team captain Paul Thomas (Adelaide SANFL assistant) welcomed back into the Croweaters’ nest.

After starting brightly against the WAFL in May this year, the West End State team succumbed to the Sandgropers by 26 points at Adelaide Oval.

Regaining the Haydn Bunton Junior Cup will be at the forefront of Carr’s mind as SANFL seeks revenge on its rival across the Nullarbor.

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