2023 SANFL Juniors Grand Final Results and Award Winners

It’s been another hugely successful National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors campaign with a significant 685 teams from 55 metropolitan clubs competing in season 2023.

With as many as 12,518 players competing in age groups ranging from U7 through to U17.5, South Australia’s premier junior sporting competition continues to go from strength-to-strength as 2858 girls and 9660 boys donned the boots.

Find out which teams tasted premiership success in 2023 by clicking on the comprehensive list of Grand Final results, inclusive of the best-on-ground medallist for each title-decider.

The top performers in each division have also been recognised, with the highest best-and-fairest vote-winners listed below.


U13 Girls Division 2 premiers Marion Rams. See who took out premiership honours in the list below.

The National Pharmacies SANFL Juniors Awards presentation in Adelaide Oval’s Ian McLachlan Room. The Awards were held for the first time on Hostplus SANFL League Grand Final Day on September 24.

Under 12 Division 1 1st – Luke Brook (Unley Jets) 2nd – Caleb Dyer (Brighton Bombers) 3rd – Matthew Annese (Flinders Park)
Under 12 Division 2 1st – Finn Maddern (Port District) 2nd – Harley Hudson (Port District) Alessio Musolino (Golden Grove) 3rd – Halen Ozolins (SMOSH West Lakes)
Under 12 Division 3 1st – Jayden Pfeffer (Elizabeth) 2nd – Lachlan Harman (Blackwood) 3rd – Harvey Clark (Elizabeth)
Under 12 Division 4 1st – Kooper Deer (Ingle Farm) 2nd – Oscar Eli (Morphettville Park) 3rd – Angus Gilgen (Ingle Farm) Phoenix De Pierro Pratt (Salisbury)
Under 12 Division 5 1st – Jaxx Cotton (Eastern Park) 2nd – Ryda Bunker (Angle Vale) 3rd – Oscar Walsh (Seaton Ramblers)
Under 13 Division 1 1st – Harrison Webb (Henley Sharks) 2nd – Jacob Westley (Tea Tree Gully) Harry Hobby (Walkerville) 3rd – Nathan Trotter (Henley Sharks
Under 13 Division 2 1st – Kade Clark (Gepps Cross) 2nd – Naman Mittal (Goodwood Saints) 3rd – Sam Casey (Mitcham)
Under 13 Division 3 1st – Lucas Benke (SMOSH West Lakes) 2nd – Bryce Reid (Colonel Light Gardens) Hugo Williams (Colonel Light Gardens) 3rd – Nait Newchurch (SMOSH West Lakes)
Under 13 Division 4 1st – Lachlan Macaitis (North Haven) 2nd – Liam Casburn (Athelstone) Nathan Monahan (Fitzroy) 3rd – Abdallah Elmassih (Broadview) Sebastian Iannella (Flinders Park) Cameron Minervini (Phantoms)
Under 13 Division 5 1st – Joshua Sweetland (Ingle Farm) Zak McAteer (Angle Vale) 2nd – Hurley Rawiri (Ingle Farm) 3rd – Ronin Niaros (Hope Valley)
Under 13 Girls Division 1 1st – Ruby Rose (Henley Sharks) 2nd – Izabella Nisbet (Port District) Mia Wood (Tea Tree Gully) 3rd – May Vonarx (Brighton Bombers)
Under 13 Girls Division 2 1st – Lily Braddock (Mount Lofty) 2nd – Hayley Mules (Blackwood) 3rd – Brooke Weatherald (Marion)
Under 13 Girls Division 3 1st – Taylah-Jane Peters (North Haven) 2nd – Acacia Paull (Mawson Lakes) 3rd – April Norwood (Edwardstown)
Under 13 Girls Division 4 1st – Amelia Kelly (Glenunga) 2nd – Chelsea Marshall (Houghton Districts) 3rd – Lili Stephens (Gepps Cross)
Under 14 Division 1 1st – Jack Gaunt (Modbury) 2nd – Laurence Andriani (SMOSH West Lakes) 3rd – Mitchell Brook (Unley Jets) Timothy Cain (Brighton Bombers) Harvey Chapman (Goodwood Saints)
Under 14 Division 2 1st – Salvatore Agostinelli (Golden Grove) 2nd – Kai Ivins (Payneham NU) 3rd – Joshua Henry (Fitzroy)
Under 14 Division 3 1st – Nathan Rogers (Hope Valley) 2nd – Ashton Bennett (Eastern Park) Levi Dudley (Salisbury North) Lochlan De Bais (Salisbury) 3rd – Tanner Ryan (Plympton)
Under 14 Division 4 1st – Samuel Christensen (Para Hills) 2nd – Will Buckingham (Hectorville) 3rd – Owen Raymond (Ingle Farm)
Under 14 Division 5 1st – Trent Duthie (Houghton Districts) 2nd – William Jennings (Houghton Districts) 3rd – Luke Hunton (West Croydon)
Under 15 Division 1 1st – Sebastian Cavallaro (SMOSH West Lakes) 2nd – Anthony Zerella (SMOSH West Lakes) 3rd – Angus Mills (Mitcham)
Under 15 Division 2 1st – Ethan Herbert (Walkerville) 2nd – Alexander Corones (Hectorville) 3rd – Max MacDonald (Walkerville)
Under 15 Division 3 1st – Harry Cummings (Colonel Light Gardens) 2nd – Aden Knowles (Gaza) 3rd – Dylan Martin (Adelaide Junior Bulldogs)
Under 15 Division 4 1st – Eamon Ryles (Flinders Park) 2nd – Bailey Whiley (Smithfield) 3rd – Luke Porter (Tea Tree Gully)
Under 15 Girls Division 1 1st – Nevaeh Ebert (Modbury) 2nd – Lillian Thomas (Tea Tree Gully) Lucy Moore (Henley Sharks) 3rd – Sage Spencer (Goodwood Saints)
Under 15 Girls Division 2 1st – Georgia Saunders (Edwardstown) Madison Saunders (Edwardstown) 2nd – Zara Downes (Unley Jets) 3rd – Evie Blanks-Saunders (Glenunga)
Under 15 Girls Division 3 1st – Indiana Nelson (Houghton Districts) 2nd – Isabelle Dawson (Marion) 3rd – Amity Gabe (Walkerville)
Under 15 Girls Division 4 1st – Lara Harsanyi (Henley Sharks) 2nd – Mia McArthur (Mitcham) 3rd – Hayley Fielke (Para Hills)
Under 16 Boys Division 1 1st – Ethan Ashley (Port District) 2nd – Noah Ah Chee (Port District) 3rd – Ryan Hoare (Tea Tree Gully)
Under 16 Boys Division 2 1st – Wil Fiegert (Henley Sharks) 2nd – Dylan Turner (Henley Sharks) 3rd – Aidan Hockley (Golden Grove)
Under 16 Boys Division 3 1st – Thomas Fotheringham (Payneham NU) 2nd – William Fanning (Hectorville) Nick Foster (Phantoms) Hamish Watson (North Haven) 3rd – Oskar Empen (Colonel Light Gardens)
Under 17.5 Boys Division 1 1st – Dylan Letts (Henley Sharks) 2nd – Xander Mossop (Golden Grove) 3rd – Khoder Jackson (Port District)
Under 17.5 Boys Division 2 1st – Tom Dermody (Brighton Bombers) 2nd – Ethan Kelsey (Lockleys) 3rd – Harry Plews (Plympton)
Under 17.5 Boys Division 3 1st – Deacon Teefy (Hope Valley) 2nd – 3rd -
Under 17.5 Boys Division 4 1st – Jai De Bais (Salisbury) 2nd – Harrison Lawlor (Golden Grove) 3rd – Traeclem Miller (Fitzroy)
Under 17.5 Girls Division 1 1st – Maggie Clark (Flinders Park) 2nd – Imogen Trengove (Glenunga) 3rd – Summer Ross (Blackwood)
Under 17.5 Girls Division 2 1st – Amalie Rose Innes (Golden Grove) 2nd – Jordan Horne (Edwardstown) 3rd – Macy Philpott (Broadview) Molly King (Edwardstown)
Under 17.5 Girls Division 3 1st – Saskia Reynolds (Glenunga) 2nd – Tara Lord (Angle Vale) 3rd – Gemma Lowick (Henley Sharks
Under 17.5 Girls Division 4 1st – Emily Mableson (Unley Jets) 2nd – Iris Newman (Walkerville) 3rd – Polly Turner (Hectorville) Jyearah Newchurch (Salisbury North) Kyah Jaffer (Tea Tree Gully)

Some of the 2023 Medal winners presented by SANFL and SANFLW players.

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