2024 Hostplus SANFLW League – By the Numbers


With the 2024 Hostplus SANFLW season commencing this Friday, a new 109 page Stats Guide has been released.
Produced by long-time SANFL statistician Phil Herden with the assistance of key records provided by David O’Hara, the guide records the history of the competition in its first seven seasons and provides information for fans to follow the eighth.

2574— The total number of goals kicked in the seven seasons of SANFLW competition. That averages out to just over 9 goals per game, 6.3 per game to the winning side, 2.8 to the losing.

2017– The year the SANFLW competition started. Initially four teams (Norwood, North, Glenelg & West) played a six-game minor round, before the Redlegs beat the Roosters to claim the inaugural SANFLW premiership.

731—The number of players that have played at least one SANFLW League game. 613 of those have played for just one club whilst 118 have played for multiple clubs. 105 have played for just two, 12 for three and Nicole Collie is the only one to have played at four clubs (Norwood, North, Eagles & South).

285—Total SANFLW games played over the first seven seasons, 262 in the minor round plus 23 finals. Norwood have played the most (81), followed by North (80), Glenelg & West (76), South (75), Sturt (69), Central (58) and Eagles (55).

132—The number of players that have played SANFLW league for West Adelaide the most of any club. 120 have played for North, 118 for Norwood, 116 for Glenelg, 109 for Eagles, 99 for South, 84 for Sturt and 74 for Central.

111—The total of the highest scoring game in SANFLW history. Played May 15th 2023 at Woodville, Central 10.5 (65) defeated Eagles 7.4 (46).

93—The highest score in SANFLW history, North Adelaide 14.9 (93) defeated Sturt 0.2 (2) at Richmond on March 2nd 2018. The 91-point margin is also the largest in SANFLW history.

78— The most number of SANFLW games played, the record held by Jaslynne Smith. She played 4 games for West in the inaugural 2017 season, before moving to South when they commenced in 2018. She has played 74 games with the Panthers.

72—The current record for most SANFLW goals kicked, held by Katelyn Rosenzweig. She kicked 15 goals in 17 games for North Adelaide in 2017 & 2018. Then in 2019 she moved to Central District where she has scored 57 goals in 44 games. No 2024 listed player is within 30 goals of this record. North’s Cristie Castle is the closest with 37.

63— The number of SANFLW games decided by one kick, EG – 6 points or less, representing over 22% of all matches played. South have the best record in these games (12-6) followed by Central (9-6), North (8-6), West (6-5), Sturt (6-8), Norwood (8-10), Glenelg (7-9) and Eagles (2-8).

60—A record high number of games scheduled for the 2024 season, The minor round has been extended from 12 to 14 weeks followed by four finals to be played over three weeks. The first season in 2017 had just 13.

53— North Adelaide’s win total over seven seasons, the most of any club. They are closely followed by South (52 wins), Norwood (48), Glenelg (38), West (28), Sturt (26), Central (24) and Eagles (11).

50— The highest losing score in SANFLW history, On Friday February 17th 2023 at Norwood, the Redlegs scored 7.8 (50) only to lose by 2 points to North Adelaide who managed 7.10 (52).

47— The number of players on AFLW lists as at Rd 1 of the 2023 season that came through SANFLW. Adelaide has the most with 20, Port 14 and 12 remaining across the other 16 AFLW clubs. Eleven players had come through Norwood &/or South, Glenelg 9, North and West 7 each.

28—The biggest deficit overcome from an end of quarter break. On April 1st 2023 at Prospect, Central trailed North 4.4 (28) to 0.0 (0) at Quarter Time, the Bulldogs reducing that to 17 points at the main break. In the third quarter, Central kicked four goals to nil to lead by five points at the final change. They would eventually win 7.1 (43) to 5.8 (38). The Bulldogs were five-point winners despite having five less scoring shots.

15—The longest winning streak in SANFLW history is held by North Adelaide who were undefeated from Round 1 2020 through until Round 3 2021 claiming the 2020 premiership along the way. The longest losing streak is 13 held by the Eagles who took until Rd 3 2020 to win their first SANFLW game.

13— SANFLW Venues used so far in the competition’s history. This incorporates the home grounds of the 8 league clubs plus Adelaide Oval, Alberton Oval, Thebarton Oval, Tanunda Oval and Summit Sports Park in Mt Barker. A 14th ground will be used for the first time this year. Eastern Parade Reserve in Ottoway, which is the Eagles summer training HQ, will host a SANFLW Rd 1 game between Woodville-West Torrens and Sturt.

7—The number of rounds played in the SANFLW Development League since it commenced in 2022. Designed to give fringe and future potential league players game time along with training alongside the current league side using SANFL club facilities and coaching.

5— Lowest winning score in the lowest scoring game in SANFLW history. On a fine spring day, March 23rd 2019 at Norwood, Sturt 0.5 (5) defeated Glenelg 0.3 (3). It is the only time a SANFLW league team has failed to kick a goal and won.

5—Number of draws in the SANFLW competition. Norwood & West played the first one on March 14th 2000. Norwood, West & Sturt have played in 2 draws whilst South, North, Eagles & Glenelg have played in 1 each. Only Central is yet to play in a SANFLW draw.

3—The amount of SANFLW premierships coached by Krissie Steen, South Adelaide in their first season 2018. North Adelaide in a perfect 2020 season and finally the Roosters again in 2022.

0— Interstate Games played by a SANFLW representative side so far. That will change this season as the first ever Women’s State Game will be played against WAFLW in Perth on May 4th.

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