What subscription packages are available?

There is currently one subscription package on offer for SANFL Now, that can be purchased for either:

  • $8.99 for a Monthly Subscription
  • $89.00 for an Annual Subscription ($89.99 for SANFL Now App subscriptions)

A 7-day trial is automatically applied to all subscriptions after which the subscription will be charged as per the chosen frequency.

It is the subscribers responsibility to cancel a subscription.

Why was I charged $1USD after signing up for a trial ?

As informed within the subscription terms, a charge by OTT* SANFLNOW for $1 (USD) is authorised to help us prevent fraudulent activity. This amount will be credited back to your account within a few days as it is only intended to  authenticate your credit card at subscription. Please note that this hold will always be in USD, so your bank may convert the $1 hold to your local currency.

My Card is being declined or payment not accepted, what does this mean?

Sometimes the financial institution will flag the $1USD transaction as suspicious and put a block on your card and prevent the subscription. Please contact your financial institution to resolve this.

I have a Promo Code – how do I redeem this?

Promo codes must be redeemed upon subscription at the SANFL Now website and cannot be redeemed via the SANFL Now App.

If I have subscription related question, who should I contact?

Please review the Help information available here

Alternatively, support can be reached at


Watching Games

What games can I access?
SANFL Now subscribers can access all* matches Live and On Demand whilst a subscription is active.

*excluding Channel 7 broadcast Men’s League matches. You can watch the Game of the Week via on Channel 7 or

A comprehensive back catalogue of matches and exclusive content is also available.

When will match replays be available?

On demand match replays will generally be available within a few hours of match conclusion. Should a technical issue be experienced, availability may be delayed.

How do I watch?

See all the ways you can watch here

Note: As at 29 April 2022 Chromecast capability for Live matches is available. For Android devices, SANFL Now App version 7.500.1 is required.


If I have technical difficulties, who should I contact?

For technical related matters, please review the Help information available here

Alternatively, support can be reached at



Who gets the money from subscriptions?

Revenue generated from SANFL Now subscriptions is shared equally across the 8 member SANFL Clubs.

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