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Week 2 Statewide Super League Trial Squads


The majority of SANFL fans will get their first chance to see their team’s new recruits with all 10 clubs involved in trial matches on Friday night.

Port Adelaide edged out North Adelaide in a thriller at Alberton Oval last weekend, with both teams set to back up with a game for the second week in succession.

Several star recruits will be unveiled, including former Fremantle and Port Adelaide linkman Danyle Pearce, who has returned to his original SANFL club of Sturt.

Another ex-Docker in Cam Sutcliffe, will don the black and white prison bars for the first time while delisted West Coast Eagles Luke Partington and Malcolm Karpany will make their debuts for Glenelg and South Adelaide respectively.

Troy Menzel will line up with Central District after spending last year with Tea Tree Gully while clever goalsneak Jake Neade has been named with North Adelaide after finishing up his stint with Port Adelaide.


Week 2 Statewide Super League Trial Matches

Friday March 8
Glenelg v North Adelaide (Thebarton Oval) – Reserves 5.30pm, League 7.30pm


McBean, Scharenberg, Joseph, Curran, Agnew, Reynolds, Motlop, Bailey, Partington, Chalmers, McCarthy, Scott, White, Proud, Hosie, Close, Schott, Kelly-Mansell, Baldwin, Virgin, Gould, Slade, Martini, Kerrish, Betterman, Nicholson, LeCornu

Milera, Kluske, Sumner, Feely, McDermott, Carmody, Yates, Leck, Searle, Davis, Boyle, Carney, Potter, S. Schreiber, Gamble, Symonds, Cheesman, Lovelock, Holyoak, DiSotto, Emmett, Horsnell


Tropiano, A. Barns, Neade, Smith, Jarman, Allmond, Olekalns, Schwarz, Szekely, Harvey, Combe, Hender, Wohling, Spina, Driscoll, Castree, Laurie, Verity, Miller, Harrington, Lower, Blair, Agorastos, Hilder, Neagle

Kirk, Wharton, Aldridge, Minervini, C. Barns, Tiggemann, Brereton, Keller, T. Finlay, Ginever, Rigney, Coleman-Oakes, Sambono, Bowman, Langley, Flanagan, Maroney, K. Finlay, Hart, Hill, Robinson


West Adelaide v Sturt (City Mazda Stadium) – Reserves 4.45pm, League 7.20pm


Agostino, Karpany, Snelling, Beech, Hupfeld, Willsmore, Stevens, Waite, Cleeland, Haysman, Keough, B. Turner, Middleton, Batley, Head, Wasley-Black, Anderson, Fairlie, G. Turner, Parella, Schiller, L. Evans, I. Johnson, Levicki, Dunkin, Majok, Laube

Thilthorpe, Fairlie, Pillion, Bates, Kirk, Gallaway, Lynch, I. Johnson, Caruso, J. Klemke, S. Bentley, Laube, Noonan, Osborn, Morrish, Rana, Fielke, Patterson, May, Earl, Sinderberry, McWhirter, Moore, J. Bentley.


Greenslade, Lewis, Carey, Thiele, J. Hone, Stephens, Kirkwood, Sumner, Condon, M. Evans, Patullo, McEntee, Harms, Colquhoun, Battersby, Page, Munn, Penfold, Grivell, Gilfoy, Read, Slimming, Crocker, Riley, Pearce.

Thiele, M. Lochowiak, Edmonds, McEntee, Wills, Allan, Wildman, Trenorden, Voigt, Illman, Voss, Mitchell, Stuart, Burrows, T. Hone, Shute, Coombe, Coomblas, Thornton, Armiento, Grieve, Richards, Laycock, Clifford, Wallace, A. Lochowiak.

Norwood v Adelaide (Coopers Stadium) League 7.20pm, Reserves 5pm


Taheny, Carter, Bampton, Gerloff, Stephens, Smart, Dylan Barry, Olsson, Dawe, Nunn, Grigg, Abbott, Z.Richards, Szust, Hamilton, Forster, Wilkins, Carroll, Georgiou, Bower, Ball, Grove, Martin, Pascoe, Crauford

Reserves v Tea Tree Gully FC
D.Johnston, Surman, Hay, Bielby, Donohue, Crompton, J.Wilson, J.Richards, Charlton, Saywell, Bristow, Di Stefano, Spence, Wilhelm, Binder, Waters, Coles, Barnett, Heard, Millman, Olds, Buckham


Greenwood, Poholke, Mackay, Stengle, Otten, McHenry, Wilson, Hunter, Hamill, Sholl, Davis, Butts, Strachan, Mathews, Latchford, Johnson, McMahon, Boyle, Davey, Wright, Hutcheson, B. Hayes, M. Hayes, Seymour


South Adelaide v Port Adelaide (Flinders University Stadium) – 6pm


Haines, Biemans, Crabb, Overall, Haren, Knoll, Bogle, Elmes, Fairlie, McKinnon, Summerton, Karpany, Sampson, McGree, Freitag, Kappler, Schwarz, Fitt, Manuel, Neville, Whittlesea, Juckers, Colwell, Baker, Whitbread, Beenham, Tucker, Milsom, Sladojevic, Lovering, Kennedy, Illingworth


Appleton, Broadbent, Cox, Corcoran, Edwards, Elsworthy, Farrell, Frampton, Frederick, Garner, Hewett, Hill, Johnson, Ladhams, Makoi, McKenzie, Mead, Patmore, Pudney, Smith, Strange, Sutcliffe, Wong, Woodcock.

Central District v Eagles (X Convenience Oval) – Reserves 5.30pm, League 7.50pm


Auckland, Barreau, Dew, Fort, Furnell, Gillard, Goodrem, Habel, Hanna, Haydon, Hoskin, Jenner, Madden, Marsh, Menzel, Jaxon Neagle, Jydon Neagle, O’Gorman, Ortiz, Patterson, D. Pisani, Presbury, J. Schiller, Weaver, M. White

Alleer, Antonie, Billing, Burton, Cannizzaro, Claughton, Daniele, East, Furnell, John, Kwaterski, Ahmatt-Lovett, McKelvie, Montgomerie, O’Brien, O’Dwyer, Ortiz, Payne, F. Pisani, Rigney, Sheppard, Smit, Spence, P. White


Boyd, Bruce, Firns, Foote, J. Gaffney, Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, Hall, J. Hayes, N. Hayes, Haylock, Johansen, Lewis, Moore, Nason, Petrenko, Poole, J. Redden, Rowland, Sharrad, Sinor, Weidemann, West, Von Bertouch, Westbrook

Armfield, Brill, Comitogianni, Cook, Davis, C. Gaffney, Hawkins, House, Langcake, Lee, McLeod, McPherson, Michael, E. Miller, J. Miller, Morgan, Pedlar, Pratico, X. Redden, Rowe, Schmusch, Wehr, Westbrook, Mead, McNeil, Pickett


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