South Aussie Select – Episode 1

South Adelaide's Arlo Draper interviewed on South Aussie Select.


Welcome to South Aussie Select…..a new SANFL produced podcast covering all things talent in lead up to the AFL National Draft on November 24-25.

Thanks to Torrens University, South Aussie Select will include interviews with some of SANFL’s most promising AFL prospects as well as members of the League’s Talent Department.

In the first episode, SANFL’s Head of Talent Brenton Phillips gives a wide-ranging view of his role while also chatting about the AFL’s recent announcement that its underage national championships will revert back to the U16 and U18 age groups.

The 1993 Magarey Medallist also provides interesting insight into this year’s SA talent pool, including South Adelaide sensation Jason Horne-Francis, who he likens to a legendary South Australian footballer.

South Adelaide’s Arlo Draper also drops in for a chat, admitting he’s feeling the excitement of the AFL Draft now that it is less than a month away.

The laid back teenager talks about his unusual schooling, how he gave up tennis and soccer for footy, his favourite Pizza topping and his century of goals kicked for Willunga in 2017.

Stay tuned to the SANFL website for more episodes of South Aussie Select throughout November as the AFL Draft edges closer.

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