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SANFLW All-Stars & U17 Futures Live Stream

West Adelaide's Abbie Ballard, who has been invited to the AFLW Combine, will line up for Team Blue on Thursday night.

SANFLW All-Stars Scoreboard

Team Yellow 4.13 (37) d Team Red 2.2 (14)

BEST – Team Yellow: Erica Greet (NAFC), Soriah Moon (SAFC), Sam Franson (GFC), Jessica Bates (GFC) & Katelyn Pope (NAFC)

Team Red: Jaimi Tabb (NAFC), Alex Ballard (SFC), Amie Blanden (WWTFC), Zoe Venning (WAFC), Abbie Ballard (WAFC) & Sharnie Whiting (WAFC)

GOALS – Team Yellow: Channel Reynolds (CDFC), Katelyn Pope (NAFC), Kiana Lee (WWTFC) & Sam Franson (GFC)

Team Red: Amie Blanden (WWTFC) & Brianna Arthur (NAFC)

U17 Futures Scoreboard

Team Blue 6.8 (44) d Team Yellow 4.4 (28)

BEST – Team Blue: Elaine Grigg (NAFC), Cheryllee Waters (WWTFC), Lana Schwerdt (NFC), Sarah Goodwin (GFC), Matilda Scholz (GFC), Shineah Goody (WWTFC)

Team Yellow: Lucy Boyd (WAFC), Poppy Scholz (GFC), Piper Window (GFC), Ruby Cunningham (SFC), Jemma Whitington-Charity (WWTFC), Piper Khouri (SFC)

GOALS – Team Blue: Brooke Boileau (SAFC) 2, Timeka Cox (NAFC), Marlie Fiegert (WWTFC), Jayde Hickey (NFC), Matilda Scholz (GFC)

Team Yellow: Molly Brooksby (NFC), Ruby Cunningham (SFC), Piper Khouri (SFC), Gabby Rodda (NAFC)


Squads have been finalised for the 2021 SANFLW All-Stars and U17 AFLW Futures games to be played at Thebarton Oval on Thursday night.

The best of the best from this year’s Statewide Super Women’s League will showcase their talent in the SANFLW All-Stars match from 7.30pm.

Two of the best talls of the competition, Norwood’s Leah Cutting and Sturt’s Zoe Prowse, will miss with minor injuries as they set their sights on testing at the AFLW Combine on July 18.

But SA’s remaining AFLW Combine invitees will be lacing up the boots, including dynamic West Adelaide pair Abbie Ballard and Zoe Venning, who played major roles in the Bloods making the SANFLW Grand Final.

South duo Gypsy Schirmer, an AFLW Academy member, and Tahlita Buethke are also selected while Central’s Lauren Breguet and Glenelg’s Brooke Tonon also get another valuable chance to impress in front of AFLW scouts before the Combine.

Several experienced players will also line-up, including Norwood captain Ali Ferrall and Glenelg premiership skipper Ellie Kellock.

In a curtain-raiser starting at 5.45pm, the best U17 South Australian females will play in the Futures clash.

This will include a selection of players who have already made their debut at Statewide Super Women’s League level such as ball magnet Eagle Shineah Goody, Glenelg premiership duo Piper Window and Sarah Goodwin, as well as Norwood pair Sachi Syme and Lana Schwerdt.

SANFLW All-Stars - Thursday June 24 at Thebarton Oval from 7.30pm

Team Yellow

Number Player SANFL Club
1 Laitiah Huynh Central
2 Madisyn Freeman Glenelg
3 Erica Greet North
4 Katelyn Pope North
5 Louella McCarthy West
6 Sophie Armitstead Norwood
7 Chantel Reynolds Central
8 Annie Falkenberg Eagles
9 Alisha Gepp Sturt
10 Tahlita Buethke South
11 Grace Duffy Glenelg
12 Ali Ferrall Norwood
13 Sam Franson Glenelg
14 Madi Russell West
15 Morgan Johnston Norwood
16 Tessa Kohn Glenelg
17 Jade Halfpenny Norwood
18 Ashlee Gould Norwood
19 Jess Bates Glenelg
21 Jaslynne Smith South
22 Kristi Harvey North
23 Soriah Moon South
24 Kiana Lee Eagles

Team Red

Number Player Club
1 Isobel Kuiper Sturt
3 Jovanka Zecevic Eagles
4 Erin Sundstrom North
7 Lauren Breguet Central
8 Jaimi Tabb North
11 Brooke Tonon Glenelg
12 Jaimi Griffen South
13 Sophie Zuill Eagles
14 Chelsea Farr North
15 Ellie Kellock Glenelg
16 Alex Ballard Sturt
17 Meara Girvan Glenelg
18 Amie Blanden Eagles
19 Elisha Gallagher Norwood
20 Tiarna Harfield West
22 Katelyn Rosenzweig Central
25 Brianna Arthur North
26 Zoe Venning West
27 Shelby Smith Central
28 Nicole Campbell South
31 Jessica Good Sturt
36 Rosette Zerella Norwood
37 Abbie Ballard West
39 Sharnie Whiting West

South’s Tahlita Buethke is among the SA players invited to test at the AFLW Combine.

SANFLW U17 Futures - Thursday June 24 from 5.45pm

Team Yellow

Number Player SANFL Club
1 Sachi Syme Norwood
2 Ruby Cunningham Sturt
3 Georgia McKee Central
4 Molly Brooksby Norwood
5 Poppy Scholz Glenelg
7 Astrid Gooley Eagles
8 Maggie Clark North
9 Alissa Brook South
10 Piper Window Glenelg
11 Amara Scheide Glenelg
12 Grace McNicol West
15 Piper Khouri Sturt
19 Jessie Sandford Central
20 India Rasheed Sturt
21 Gabby Rodda North
23 Jemma Whitington-Charity Eagles
24 Bethany Sigley West
25 Lucy Boyd West
26 Breanna Maynard South

Team Blue

Number Player SANFL Club
1 Elaine Grigg North
2 Lana Schwerdt Norwood
3 Eleanor Larosa Glenelg
4 Brooke Boileau South
5 Emily Smith South
6 Tiah Hough Sturt
7 Cher Waters Eagles
8 Marlie Fiegert Eagles
9 Jayde Hickey Norwood
10 Deriney Headon South
11 Timeka Cox North
12 Shineah Goody Eagles
13 Georgia Hamilton Sturt
15 Sarah Goodwin Glenelg
19 Matilda Scholz Glenelg
20 Jessica Chyer West
28 Kayla Robran Norwood
29 Chloe Whitington-Charity Eagles
30 Ruby McDonald Central
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