Media Release

SANFL Statement: Robert Muir

August 24, 2020

SANFL, together with the Woodville-West Torrens Football Club, wishes to apologise to former SANFL player Robert Muir for the appalling racism he experienced whilst playing for Woodville FC.

His story highlights the pain and suffering he endured from racial taunts and disrespectful actions of supporters at the match between Woodville and West Torrens in 1985.

Unfortunately, we acknowledge this would not be an isolated incidence of racism in our game from the past which must be addressed. We are sincerely sorry to all those SANFL players who have endured racial vilification.

SANFL will be reaching out to Robert to express our apologies personally, should he be willing for us to do so.

Today, SANFL – through its vilification and discrimination policy framework – has zero tolerance for offensive and racist behaviour towards players which is at complete odds with the values and spirit of our game.

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