Team Selections

Round 9 Statewide Super League Teams


Saturday June 8

Central District v Eagles | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm

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Central coach Roy Laird has resisted swinging the changes ahead of the clash with the Eagles on Saturday.

Despite not scoring a goal in the first half against Sturt in Round 8, Laird has opted to show faith in his charges and could take in an unchanged line-up.

Emerging utility Nick Gillard and ruckman Jonathan Marsh have been included on the extended interchange bench in the 23-man squad.


F: J. Schiller, Fort, D. Pisani

HF: Hoskin, McKenzie, Presbury

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, Goodrem

HB: Weaver, Patterson, Haydon

B: Jenner, Madden, Habel


R: Auckland, Menzel, T. Schiller

INT: Dew, Gillard, Llewellyn, Jaxon Neagle, Marsh

IN: Marsh, Gillard

Burton, Cannizzaro, Cotgrove, Dahms, Durdin, Eime, Falkenberg, S. Furnell, Lange, McKelvie, McLean, Milera, F. Pisani, Richard, Rigney, Sheppard, Slade, Walter, Watts, White.

Grubb, Hughes, Welch, Dowse, Tidswell, Fiebiger, Xanthopoulos, Tippins, Ponton, Falland, Helmers, Whitelum, McCabe, Evans, Cowham, De Jonge, Cameron, Clayton, Carpenter, Wall, Arnold, Thomson, Stevens.


Woodville-West Torrens coach Sam Lonergan has recalled two senior midfielders to face Central on Saturday.

James Boyd and Chris Hall have been included in the 23-man squad after being elevated from the Reserves, while inexperienced pair Jake Comitogianni and Tom Schmusch have also been included.

Former Power defender Jimmy Toumpas has been sidelined by a hamstring strain suffered against South in Round 8 while James Rowe couldn’t recover from a shoulder injury stemming from the same match.

Forward Jake Johansen will play his 100th Statewide Super League match after making his debut in Round 1 of 2013.


F: Von Bertouch, N. Hayes, Moore

HF: Poole, J. Hayes, Johansen

C: Petrenko, Foote, Firns

HB: Sinor, Thompson, J. Gaffney

B: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, C. Gaffney


R: J. Redden, Lonergan, Sharrad

INT: Hall, Comitogianni, Boyd, Guilhaus, Schmusch

IN: Boyd, Hall, Comitogianni, Schmusch

OUT: Toumpas (hamstring), Rowe (AC Joint)

Weidemann, Haylock, Nason, Cook, West, E. Miller, X. Redden, Wehr, House, Brill, Lewis, Morgan, McPherson, Michael, Heinjus, Westbrook, Jungfer, Williams, Pedlar.

F; Dawkins, R. Williams, Buck
HF: Scott, Pearce, Carter
C: Frederick, Beecken, Kenny
HB: Hayes, Jones, Lock
B: Gaze, McNeilly, Francis

R: Phillips, Hoile, Barnett
INT: Azzolini, Dorian, Kennedy, McCann, Nicholas


Port Adelaide v Sturt | Alberton Oval | 2:10pm

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Port Adelaide has included two AFL-listed stars for its game against Sturt on Saturday.

Power co-captain Ollie Wines (fractured fibula) and key forward Charlie Dixon (ankle) have been named in the starting 18 as they begin their comebacks from injury.

Both players will be making their Statewide Super League debut as Trent McKenzie (hamstring) also returns from a stint on the sidelines.

Peter Ladhams and Jack Strange have also been named in the 21-player list.

Midfielders Joe Atley (back) and Jack Trengove (leg) couldn’t be considered due to injury, as well as forward Sam Davidson (hamstring).

Dallas Hill and Ben Edwards have been omitted after the Round 8 loss to Glenelg.


F: Cox, Dixon, Marshall

HF: Woodcock, Mayes, Johnson

C: Pudney, Drew, Hewett

HB: Strange, Hartlett, Frederick

B: Garner, Grundy, McKenzie


R: Ladhams, Wines, Sutcliffe

OUT: Atley (back), Trengove (leg), Bonner (AFL), Davidson (hamstring), Hill, Edwards


Sturt has boosted its defensive stocks for the clash with Port on Saturday.

Backmen William Coomblas, Henry Carey and Rune Gilfoy have all been added to the 23-man squad to face the Magpies.

Tall utility Henry Voigt has been listed on the extended interchange bench, with two players to be trimmed before the bounce.

Inexperienced pair Hugo Munn and Casey Voss have been squeezed out of the side which defeated Central in Round 8.


F: M. Evans, Patullo, J. Hone

HF: Kirkwood, Sutcliffe, Hansen

C: Slimming, Riley, Crocker

HB: Harms, Stephens, Sumner

B: F. Evans, Edmonds, Carey


R: Fahey-Sparks, Battersby, Colquhoun

INT: Voigt, Coomblas, Pearce, Greenslade, Gilfoy

IN: Coomblas, Carey, Gilfoy, Voigt

OUT: Munn, Voss

Munn, T. Hone, Thornton, Condon, Allan, Laycock, Richards, Parker-Boers, Borlase, Wills, Penfold, Armiento, Thiele, Samblich, Stuart, A. Lochowiak, Weeks. Mitchell, Clifford, Hough, How, Grieve.

F: Fahey, Durack, Kitto
HF: Bates, Holland, Crane
C: Garrels, Staples, Hough
HB: Carruthers, Matteucci, How
B: Britten-Jones, Paddick, Walter

R: Zevenboom, Kennett, H. Ferrari
INT: Z. Parker-Boers, Sims, Liddy, Starr
EMG: Adams, May, Harradine, Grivell, Kittel


West Adelaide v Adelaide | City Mazda Stadium | 2:40pm

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West Adelaide has regained a key defender for its match against Adelaide on Saturday.

Former Redleg Pat Levicki has been called up from the Reserves after he made a successful comeback from a knee injury.

Named at half-back, Levicki has been joined in the starting 18 by Thomas Pillion in the forward pocket.

Possible debutants Kyle Kirk and Sam May have been listed on the extended interchange bench.

Bloods captain Tom Keough will play his 100th Statewide Super League game.


F: Pillion, Beech, Wasley-Black

HF: Johnson, Hupfeld, Osborn

C: Batley, P. Fairlie, Waite

HB: J. Evans, Keough, Levicki

B: Hill, Ryan, Dunkin


R: Parrella, H. Haysman, K. Stevens

INT: Anderson, B. Turner, Majok, May, Kirk

IN: Kirk, Pillion, May, Levicki

OUT: Willsmore (hamstring), G. Turner

Karpany, Cleeland, G. Turner, Inglis, Gallaway, Lynch, Wooldridge, L. Evans, Caruso, Morelli, S. Bentley, Noonan, Sareen, Morrish, C. Fairlie, Fielke, Sinderberry, Nield, Moore, J. Bentley, G. Haysman.

Forrest, Ebert, O’Connor-Dawkins, Brauer, J. Westley, Iuliano, Stakic, Kelly, Heitmann, Van den Berg, Nunan, Chamberlain, Harkins, Laudato, Gilbert, Plate, Sareen, Henty-Smith, Groom, Pederick, Bock, Sinderberry, Forbes, Coulthard, Smith, Boughen, Boylan.



F: Greenwood, Fogarty, Stengle

HF: Wright, Himmelberg, Poholke

C: Davis, Wilson, McHenry

HB: Knight, Butts, Mackay

B: Hamill, Otten, Sholl


R: Jacobs, Gibbs, Jones

INT: Hunter, McAdam, McPherson, Merrett, Strachan

IN: Gibbs, Greenwood, Knight, Mackay

OUT: Douglas (AFL), Latchford

Monday June 10 (Sockit2MND Day in support of Fight MND)

South Adelaide v Norwood | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm

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South Adelaide has included a hard-tackling midfielder for the match against Norwood on Monday.

Former Magpie Anthony Biemans could play his first League match this season after overcoming a serious hamstring strain.

He has been included in the Panthers’ 24-man squad as one of the six players on the extended interchange bench.

Biemans has been joined in the squad by fellow inclusions Jesse McKinnon and Brett Kennedy.


F: Bogle, Overall, Noble

HF: Heaslip, Cailotto, Fitt

C: Sampson, Cross, Karpany

HB: Haines, Summerton, Brown

B: Rose, Crabb, Kappler


R: McGree, Davis, Liddle

INT: Biemans, Loneragan, Kennedy, Whittlesea, Emery, McKinnon

IN: Biemans, McKinnon, Kennedy

Badger, Baker, Beeche, Beenham, Colwell, Davies, Elmes, Grimley,  Illingworth Juckers, Kernahan, Lovering, Manuel, Mills, Makoi, Moffa, Ryan, Snelling, Whitbread.

F: Riddle, Lippett, Fitzgerald
HF: Oliver, Reed, Nye
C: Spicer, Clifton, Coulthard
HB: Spacie, Douglass, Copley
B: Austin, Hindes, Kraemer

R: Williams, Sampson, Hamilton
INT: Brown, Pettiford, Strapps, Inthavong, Calyun, Rice



Norwood could welcome back two key players for its contest against South on Monday.

Midfielder Matt Nunn (hip) and tall forward Luke Surman (hamstring) have both been included in the Redlegs’ 25-man squad after recovering from injury.

Former Panther Cody Szust has earned an elevation to face his old side at half-forward while Mac Bower, Chris Olsson and possible RAA Rookie Brodie Carroll have also been listed.

Two certain omissions are talented teenagers Dylan Stephens and Cam Taheny, who have been called upon by the SA U18 team.

Triple premiership bigman Brady Dawe will play his 200th Statewide Super League match after making his debut in Round 2 of 2009.


F: Dawe, Shenton, Barry

HF: Hamilton, L. Johnston, Szust

C: A. Wilson, Gerloff, Bode

HB: McKenzie, Talia, Forster

B: Smart, Georgiou, Wilkins


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Bampton

INT: J. Richards, Bower, Z. Richards, Surman, Nunn, Olsson, Carroll

IN: Szust, Bower, Olsson, Carroll, Nunn, Surman

OUT: Stephens, Taheny (SA U18)

Grove, Coles, Hay, Di Stefano, Ball, Martin, Barnett, Olds, J. Wilson, Waters, Collins, Millman, Binder, Crauford, Spence, Pascoe, Bristow, Saywell, Heard, Willhelm.

Casanova, Gal, De Luca, Morris, Cavallaro, D. Trepka, M. Trepka, Kudra, Schwerdt, Saunders, Lanzoni, Murphy, Ferreira, Trnfa, Sawnbury, Fairbrother, van Doorn, Warton, Carroll, Higgins, Webb, Lake, Porter, Carey, Duke, Binder.


Glenelg v North Adelaide | ACH Group Stadium | 2:10pm

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Glenelg is poised to receive a boost to its forward structure ahead of its clash with North on Monday.

High-flying Josh Scott has been named on a seven-man extended interchange bench after kicking a goal and having 10 touches in half a Reserves game last Saturday.

His recovery from a broken arm has been speedier than first expected as he looks to play the role vacated by Lachie Hosie, who as selected by North Melbourne in the AFL Mid-Season Draft.

Tom Schott, Matt Uebergang, Jack Yates, Michael Virgin and possible RAA Rookie Darcy LeCornu have also been included in the 25-man squad.

Emerging defender Will Gould has been called upon by the SA U18 team’s match against the SA U20 team at Thebarton Oval on Friday night.

Tough midfielder Matthew Snook will play his 100th Statewide Super League game after making his debut in Round 21 of 2011.


F: Reynolds, McBean, Gregson

HF: Close, Sumner, McCarthy

C: Motlop, Snook, Scharenberg

HB: Agnew, Curran, Betterman

B: Joseph, Proud, Chalmers


R: White, Bradley, Partington

INT: Uebergang, Schott, Bailey, Scott, Virgin, Yates, LeCornu

IN: Scott, Schott, Uebergang, LeCornu, Yates, Virgin

OUT: Gould (SA U18), Hosie (North Melbourne)

Boyle, Carnelly, Carney, DiSotto, Gamble, Holyoak, Kelly-Mansell, Leck, Lovelock, Martini, McDermott, McPherson, Moore, Potter, Schreiber, Slade, Symonds.

Hawson, O’Loughlin, Schreiber, Dowdell, Jones, Strickland, Carter, Beaumont, Emmett, B. McRae, Pedlar, Liambis, Kitschke, Slade, Holder, H. McRae, Wright, Grosser, Dean, O’Dea, McManus, C. Drum, Robins, Wilsdon, Ross, Sigal, Murphy, R. Drum, Wanganeen, Edwards.


North Adelaide has included height and leg speed for its encounter with Glenelg on Monday.

Talls Liam Verity and Chris Barns come into the 25-man squad which must be trimmed by four before the bounce.

Premiership wingman Maris Olekalns and speedy goal sneak Frank Szekely have also been listed on the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Thring, Harvey, Hender

HF: Jarman, Ramsey, Nixon

C: Spina, Tropiano, Allmond

HB: Laurie, Smith, Aldridge

B: Clisby, C. Craig, Slee


R: A. Barns, Combe, T. Schwarz

INT: C. Barns, Blair, Kirk, Olekalns, Szekely, Verity, Wharton

IN: C. Barns, Olekalns, Szekely, Verity

Neade, J.Schwarz, Deep, Miller, Maroney, Minervini, Newchurch, Lower, Agorastos, Nixon, Campbell, Ginever, Rigney, Coleman-Oakes, Neagle, Bowman, Langley, Flanagan, Marshall, Scott, Robinson.

F: Hill, Dowling, Manning
HF: Antorbus, Scott, Byrne
C: Hodges, Murphy, Crompton
HB: Osborne, Coates, Flanagan
B: Daniell, Akker, Nance

R: Tindale, L. Borg, Dinning
INT: N. Santillo, M. Borg, Ok, Stroud, Leese, Palmer, Millar, Moors

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