Team Selections

Round 9 Statewide Super League Teams

By Zac Milbank


Central District will be searching for forward line creativity when it faces West at X Convenience Oval.

Crafty forwards Troy Menzel (shoulder) and Corey Durdin (hamstring) were unable to be considered, with Menzel set to the miss the rest of the season.

AFL Draft prospect Durdin is expected to miss at least a fortnight while Nick Madden was sent back to the Reserves.

Fan favourite Ben Nason will return to League action with the Bulldogs after arriving back at Elizabeth from Woodville-West Torrens.

Talls Fraser Fort and Connor McLean have also been included as well as former Redleg Darcy Pisani.


F: Boyd, Stephenson, Hoskin

HF: O’Brien, Butcher, Olsson

C: Nason, T. Schiller, Toner

HB: Montgomerie, Patterson, Presbury

B: Weaver, Fort, Habel


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, J. Kelly

INT: Barreau, Goodrem, D. Pisani, McLean, Dew, Gillard, Grubb, Shaw

IN: Fort, McLean, Nason, D. Pisani

OUT: Durdin (hamstring), T. Menzel (shoulder), Madden

NEW: Ben Nason (Woodville-West Torrens)


Brown, Burton, Cannizaro, Dahms, Dew, East, Falkenberg, J. Furnell, Gillard, Graham, Grubb, Haydon, Jenner, B. Kelly, Madden, McKelvie, Milne, O’Gorman, F. Pisani, Rigney, Robinson, Ryan, Shaw, Smit, Thomson

Alleer, Borlace, Carreno, De Jonge, Fiebiger, Fraser, Gilchrist, Hahn, Kalleske, Lake, T. Linke,  A. McDonald, Mondello, Mudge, Nelson, Pain, Pyman, Ross, Ryan, Smith, Tappert, Thorpe, Tidswell, Tippins, Wall, Wilson



West Adelaide has bolstered its backline for the match against Central at X Convenience Oval.

Full back Josh Ryan (shoulder) and half-back Elliot Dunkin (wrist) have made welcome returns to face the Bulldogs.

They have been joined in the Bloods’ 25-man squad by Kyle Kirk, Murray Waite and Lachie Squire.

Squire, from the GWS Academy, could make his League debut if selected.

Sturt recruit Ed Allan couldn’t be considered due to a hamstring strain while key forward Hamish Ellem was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Karpany, Thilthorpe, May

HF: B. Turner, Keough, Morrish

C: Haysman, Boyle, Johnson

HB: Dunkin, Levicki, Duval

B: Anderson, Ryan, Hupfeld


R: Parrella, K. Stevens, Hill

INT: C. Fairlie, P. Fairlie, Squire, Kirk, Koster, Mead, Waite

IN: Dunkin, Kirk, Ryan, Squire, Waite

OUT: Allan (hamstring), Ellem

NEW: Lachie Squire (GWS Academy)


Agostino, Caruso, Chamberlain, Cleeland, Couroupis, Elliot, Forbes, Groom, Harris, Martin, McKenzie, Nield, Pearce, Rana, Rundle, Sareen, Sherlock, Squire, J.Stevens, R.Stevens, Taylor, Wooldridge

F: Zinndorf, Heitmann, Aldridge
HF: Richardson, Young, Boughen
C: O’Connor-Dawkins, Gilbert, Long
HB: Kennedy, Sinderberry, Venning
B: Van den Berg, Midwinter, Baltagie

R: Faulkner, Desira, White
INT: Courtney, Henty-Smith, Burbridge, Baker


Glenelg could has injected Jackson Edwards into its back six to face South at ACH Group Stadium.

Named in the back pocket, Edwards has been joined in the Tigers’ 25-man squad by utility Todd Slade and potential AAMI Rookie Brady Searle.

Searle, from Plympton FC, measures in at 186cm and 82kg.

Premiership wingman Carl Nicholson will play his 100th Statewide Super League game after making his debut in Round 4 of 2013.


F: Stretch, McBean, Reynolds

HF: Nicholson, Yates, Partington

C: Allen, Snook, Weir

HB: Agnew, Parks, Bradley

B: Virgin, Proud, J. Edwards


R: Hannath, McCarthy, Motlop

INT: Kluske, Bailey, Scharenberg, Slade, Park, Searle, Morton

IN: Searle, J. Edwards, Slade

MILESTONE: Carl Nicholson 100 games

NEW: Brady Searle (Plympton FC)


Symonds, Condon, McRae, Leck, Wisdom, Martini, Kitschke, Sigal, O’Loughlin, Russo, Cole, McPherson, Thompson, Martin, Carter, Kuller, VanShaik, Betterman, Owen

Brokensha, Window, R. Davis, Wright, Dean, Murphy, Boag, Kaesler, B. Edwards, Fitzgerald, Robbie, Potter, J. Davis, Durant, Nicotra, C. Drum, Owen, Bradley, Moyle-Read, Virtanen, Watts, Dowdell, R. Drum, Sigal



South has recalled ruckman Cam McGree for its clash with Glenelg at ACH Group Stadium.

Named on the extended interchange bench, McGree will add valuable height to the Panthers’ 25-man squad.

This will be important considering tall utility Ben Haren has been sidelined for at least three weeks with a thigh strain.

Joining McGree as inclusions are former Glenelg midfielder Ben Sawford, forward Luke Bogle and potential debutant Daly Andrews.

Andrews (20, 185cm and 81kg) has joined the Panthers from Williamstown after the VFL season was cancelled.


F: Wilkinson, Overall, B. McCreery

HF: Cross, Whittlesea, Fitt

C: Sampson, Broadbent, Milsom

HB: Brown, Cailotto, Haines

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Hunter, Heaslip, Schwarz

INT: Juckers, Horne, McKinnon, Andrews, Bogle, McGree, Sawford

IN: Andrews, Bogle, McGree, Sawford

OUT: Haren (thigh)

NEW: Daly Andrews (Williamstown/Western Jets)


Beenham, Cameron, Davies, Douglass, Elmes, Evans, Hoffmann, Illingworth, Lippett, Machin, J McCreery, Mesecke, Noble, Oliver, Parry, Potter, Walton, Whitbread, Williams. EMG: Short

F: Cook, Verrall, Draper
HF: Smith, Hoeck, Nye
C: Spicer, Mitton, Birt
HB: Flett, Spacie, Copley
B: Little, Hindes, Brown

R: Treloar, Clifton, Hamilton
INT: Zimmer, Scott, Diack, Barrett, Snelling, Morton


The Eagles have been boosted by the return of an experienced pair for their game against Sturt at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Captain Luke Thompson and ruckman Jarrad Redden have both been included in the starting 22 after recovering from injury.

Possible AAMI Rookie Zane Williams (19, 178cm and 67kg) from Woodville South, has also been included on the extended interchange bench.


F: Rowe, Von Bertouch, N. Hayes

HF: Comitogianni, J. Hayes, Foote

C: Goldsworthy, Toumpas, Hall

HB: Jones, Giuffreda, Wehr

B: Rowland, Thompson, Mansell


R: Redden, Sinor, McNeil

INT: West, Firns, Seymour, Tsitas, Lee, Carcuro, Williams

IN: Redden, Thompson, Williams

NEW: Zane Williams (Woodville South)


Lowson, Weidemann, Moore, Sharrad, Westbrook, Schmusch, Mead, Brill, Bruce, Morgan, Pudney, McPherson, Michael, McLeod, Asfaha, Jungfer, Hoile, McNeilly, Barnett, Jackson, Pearce, Peake

F: Scott, J. Hunter-Price, Neumann
HF: Beswick, Smith, Wheare
C: Schofield, Poulter, Watson
HB: Burgoyne, Ueding, Branford
B: Thomson, Williams, Launer

R: Phillips, Dawkins, Lister
INT: Calvett, Godden, A. Hunter-Price, Kasianowicz, Mullins, O’Neil, Pitman



Sturt has regained consistent defender Rory Illman for its contest against the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Named at half-back, Illman has missed the past two matches with a hamstring strain.

Illman has been joined in the Double Blues’ 25-man squad by premiership defender Henry Carey and the Lochowiak brothers – Mihail and Anzac.

If selected, Anzac will make his Statewide Super League debut after initially being recruited from Payneham Norwood Union FC.

Dual premiership forward Josh Hone will face an uphill battle to return during the minor round after suffering a foot injury last round which will keep him sidelined for 5-6 weeks.


F: Kirkwood, Sutcliffe, Evans

HF: Morrison, Fahey-Sparks, Henderson

C: Colquhoun, Aidyn Johnson, Slimming

HB: Illman, Edmonds, Voss

B: Harms, Wundke, Page


R: Bennett, Battersby, Davis

INT: Lewis, McEntee, A. Lochowiak, Parker-Boers, Trenorden, Carey, M. Lochowiak

IN: A. Lochowiak, M. Lochowiak, Carey, Illman

OUT: Hone (foot)


T. Hone, Houlahan, Emmett, Schwarze, Crane, Shute, Thiele, Weeks, Sumner, Mitchell, Jones, Ferrari, How, Grivell, Burrows, Gore, Coomblas, Lines, Allan

F: Tucker, Morbey, Cass
HF: Bates, Opperman, Field
C: Higgins, Liddy, Tidemann
HB: Grieve, Fryer, Grivell
B: Hein, Jordans, Swiderski

R: Ferrari, Goodwin, Spain
INT: Holland, Willsmore, Aish, Fidge
EMG: Berry, Lines, Felton


Former North captain Mitch Clisby will return from injury against Norwood at Prospect Oval.

Sidelined since Round 5 with a hamstring strain, Clisby has been named to start in the back pocket.

The former Melbourne Demon has been joined in North’s 24-man squad by key defender Karl Finlay.

Finlay has been listed on the extended interchange which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.


F: Lebois, Harvey, Hender

HF: Szekely, Ramsey, Young

C: Allmond, Moore, Wigg

HB: Spina, Smith, Chalmers

B: Jarman, C. Craig, Clisby


R: J. Craig, Schwarz, C. Combe

INT: W. Combe, Finlay, Hilder, Magor, Miller, Minervini

IN: Clisby, Finlay


A.Barns, Neade, Wharton, Aldridge, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, C.Barns, D.Hill, Parnell, Nixon, Slee, Davies, Dowling, Fahey, Bowman, Langley, Robinson, Goudman-Glasson, Byrne

F: Newchurch, Heath, Bennier
HF: Santillo, Coates, McNamara
C: McTaggart, Willis, Brazell
HB: O’Loughlin, Dukalskis, McKenzie
B: Simon, Leese, Flanagan

R: Tindale, Borg, Davison
INT: Millar, Harrison, Stuart, White, Woodward, James, Scadden, Rogers, Pitt



Norwood’s star recruit is set to return for the encounter with North at Prospect Oval.

Former North Melbourne midfielder Ryan Bastinac has recovered from his calf strain after missing the past two matches.

The 29-year-old has been joined in the Redlegs’ 25-man squad by Cole Gerloff, who could play his first League game since Round 2.

The 2019 Powerade Breakthrough Player had a run in the Reserves last round after injuring his ankle against the Roosters earlier in the year.

Bastinac and Gerloff have been joined in the squad by defender Jacob Collins and potential AAMI Rookies Jack Heard (Walkerville) and Chris Lodovici (Payneham)

Key defender Michael Talia has suffered another hamstring strain while Josh Richards will miss 4-6 weeks with an ankle complaint.


F: Bampton, Ellison, Barry

HF: Douglas, Pinyon, Nunn

C: Bastinac, Panos, Wilson

HB: Z. Richards, Shenton, Wilkins

B: Rokahr, Ball, McKenzie


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Abbott

INT: Lodovici, Saywell, Irra, Gerloff, Collins, Spence, Heard

IN: Bastinac, Collins, Gerloff, Lodovici, Heard

OUT: J. Richards (ankle), Talia (hamstring)

NEW: Chris Lodovici (Payneham), Jack Heard (Walkerville)


Binder, Szust, Webb, Staritski, Bristow, Ianniello, M. Carroll, Bell, Fairbrother, Murphy, Michalanney, Surman, Ficken, Saunders, Dowdell, Pascoe, Gill, Morris, Barnett, Grove, Cavallaro, Martin

Murley, Haebich, Scali, De Luca, Nelligan, Cavallaro, Jones, Gal, Verrall, Trepka, Falco, Nettle, Roberts, Kent, Michalanney, Murphy, Dobie, McNeeley, Joseph, Minervini, Warton, Maunder, Hearing, Webb, Duke

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