Team Selections

Round 8 Statewide Super League Teams



West Adelaide coach Gavin Colville could start talented teenager Riley Thilthorpe in the ruck against North at Hisense Stadium.

Used chiefly in attack this season, Thilthorpe has been named to start in the centre square, with fellow ruck candidates Andre Parrella and Jade Cleeland listed on the extended interchange bench.

Former Sturt giant Parrella is one of three inclusions, along with former Panther Connor Fairlie and potential debutant Lachlan Squire, from the GWS Academy.


F: B. Turner, Ellem, May

HF: Haysman, Keough, Koster

C: P. Fairlie, Allan, Johnson

HB: Mead, Duval, Boyle

B: Anderson, Levicki, Hill


R: Thilthorpe, K. Stevens, Waite

INT: Parrella, Morrish, Cleeland, C. Fairlie, Squire, Hupfeld, Karpany

IN: C. Fairlie, Squire, Parrella

NEW: Lachlan Squire (GWS Academy)


Agostino, Caruso, Chamberlain, Elliot, Forbes, Groom, Harris, Kelsh, Kirk, Martin, McKenzie, Nield, Pearce, Rana, Rundle, Sareen, Sherlock, J.Stevens, R.Stevens, Taverner, Taylor, Wooldridge

F: T. Faulkner, Zinndorf, Clark Jnr
HF: Baker, Young, Boughen
C: Henty-Smith, Couroupis, Long
HB: Kennedy, Sherlock, Venning
B: Van den Berg, Midwinter, McArdle

R: Heitmann, Burbridge, White
INT: Gilbert, Richardson, Aldridge, O’Connor-Dawkins



North Adelaide has strengthened its half-back line for the contest against West at Hisense Stadium.

Captain Alex Spina (thumb) and Glenelg recruit Elliot Chalmers (hip) have been cleared to return, named on the half-back flanks.

This causes the Roosters to have an extended six-man interchange bench, which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.


F: Lebois, Harvey, Hender

HF: Szekely, Ramsey, Young

C: Allmond, Moore, Wigg

HB: Spina, Smith, Chalmers

B: Jarman, C. Craig, Hilder


R: J. Craig, Schwarz, C. Combe

INT: W. Combe, D. Hill, Magor, Miller, Minervini, Nixon

IN: Spina, Chalmers


Neade, Wharton, Aldridge, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, C.Barns, Finlay, Parnell, Slee, T. Hill, Hart, Davies, Dowling, Fahey, Bowman, Langley, Robinson, Goudman-Glasson, Byrne

F: McNamara, Heath, Bennier
HF: Santillo, Coates, Newchurch
C: McTaggart, Willis, Brazell
HB: O’Loughlin, Simon, McKenzie
B: Millar, Leese, Flanagan

R: Tindale, Borg, Davison
INT: Harrison, Stuart, White, Woodward, Mulady, Scadden, Rogers, Pitt


Sturt has recalled Ken Farmer Medallist Mark Evans to confront Central at Peter Motley Oval.

Squeezed out of the League 22 in Round 7, Evans is one of four potential inclusions to face the Bulldogs.

The former Redleg has been joined by Jordan Houlahan, Henry Carey and potential AAMI Rookie Anzac Lochowiak (19, 184cm and 85kg) from Payneham FC.

Tall utility Tom Red couldn’t be considered due to an illness.


F: Kirkwood, Sutcliffe, Morrison

HF: Lewis, Fahey-Sparks, J. Hone

C: Henderson, Aidyn Johnson, Slimming

HB: Colquhoun, Edmonds, Voss

B: Harms, Wundke, Page


R: Bennett, Battersby, Davis

INT: Evans, Trenorden, A. Lochowiak, Parker-Boers, McEntee, Carey, Houlahan

IN: A. Lochowiak, Carey, Evans, Houlahan

OUT: Read (illness)

NEW – Anzac Lochowiak (Payneham FC)


T. Hone, Jones, M. Lcohowiak, Schwarze, Armiento, Allan, Weeks, Thiele, Sumner, Mitchell, Doyle, De Zylva, How, Burrows, Kennett, Grivell, Shute, Coomblas, Lines, Gore, Crane, Mateucci

F: Parker-Boers, Morbey, Cass
HF: Bates, Opperman, Field
C: Higgins, Liddy, Thomas
HB: Grieve, Fryer, Grivell
B: Hein, Berry, Lines

R: Ferrari, Powell, Spain
INT: Holland, Willsmore, Goodwin, Smith
EMG: Jordans, Tucker, Aish



Central has regained former captain Trent Goodrem for its encounter with Sturt at Peter Motley Oval.

Now recovered from a groin complaint, Goodrem has been named on the wing to face the Double Blues.

The Jack Oatey Medallist has been joined in the Bulldogs’ 25-man squad by Kyle Presbury, Marcus Barreau, Brendan Dew, Darcy Pisani, Fraser Fort and Jonathan Marsh.

Impressive first-year utility Nick Lange is out with an ankle injury while Lachlan Grubb and Brody Thompson have been relegated.


F: Durdin, Stephenson, T. Menzel

HF: O’Brien, Marsh, Presbury

C: Goodrem, Hoskin, Barreau

HB: Weaver, Patterson, Montgomerie

B: Toner, Madden, Habel


R: Butcher, T. Schiller, Boyd

INT: J. Kelly, Olsson, J. Schiller, Shaw, Dew, Fort, Gillard, D. Pisani

IN: Barreau, Dew, Fort, Goodrem, Marsh, D. Pisani, Presbury

OUT: Lange (ankle), Grubb, Thompson


Brown, Burton, Cannizzaro, Dahms, Dew, Falkenberg, Fort, J. Furnell, Gillard, Grubb, Haydon, Jenner, B. Kelly, Kennedy, McKelvie, McLean, Milne, Nason, O’Gorman, D. Pisani, F. Pisani, Robinson, Smit, Thompson, Thomson


Alleer, Borlace, Carreno, De Jonge, Dowse, Evans, Fiebiger, Fraser, Gilchrist, Hahn, Kalleske, Lake, T. Linke, A. McDonald, Mondello, Mudge, Nelson, Pain, Pyman, Reed, Ross, Ryan, Smith, Thorpe, Tidswell, Tippins, Wall, Wilson



South Adelaide will blood former Adelaide ruckman Paul Hunter against the Eagles at Flinders University Stadium.

Hunter, who was originally set to play for VFL club Williamstown this year, has been named to start in the centre square.

He was joined by big-bodied utility Jesse McKinnon who has also been listed in the midfield while Ben Haren adds flexibility on the extended interchange.

Brighton Bombers product Danny Juckers (20, 182cm and 79kg) has been included for what would potentially be his first Statewide Super League game.

Impressive defender Tom Highmore will miss at least three weeks after hurting his ankle against Norwood last Sunday.


F: Wilkinson, Overall, Fitt

HF: Cross, Whittlesea, Heaslip

C: Sampson, Broadbent, Milsom

HB: Haines, Cailotto, Brown

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Hunter, McKinnon, Schwarz

INT: B. McCreery, Sawford, Bogle, McGree, Horne, Juckers, Haren

IN: Hunter, McKinnon, Juckers, Haren

OUT: Highmore (ankle)

NEW: Danny Juckers (Brighton FC)


Andrews, Beenham, Cameron, Davies, Douglass, Elmes, Evans, Hoffmann, Illingworth, Lewis, Lippett, Machin, J McCreery, Oliver, Parry, Potter, Walton, Whitbread, Williams

F: Cook, Verrall, Draper
HF: Diack, Hoeck, Nye
C: Spicer, Mitton, Birt
HB: Flett, Spacie, Copley
B: Little, Hindes, Brown

R: Treloar, Clifton, Hamilton
INT: Grayson, Zimmer, Smith, Hicks, Snelling, Ball



Woodville-West Torrens is poised to welcome back a host of talent for its clash with South at Flinders University Stadium.

Captain Luke Thompson (thigh), 2019 Club Champion Jordan Foote (hamstring), vice-captain Jesse Lonergan (quad) and milestone man Matthew Goldsworthy (glute) have all been included in the 25-man squad.

Bigman Jordan West has also been named on the extended interchange bench.

Goldsworthy is set to play his 200th Statewide Super League match after being a late withdrawal in Round 5 after straining his glute at training.

Angus Poole was deemed unfit due to bruised ribs while Kai Pudney was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Rowe, Von Bertouch, N. Hayes

HF: Carcuro, J. Hayes, Foote

C: Comitogianni, Toumpas, Hall

HB: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, Wehr

B: Rowland, Jones, Mansell


R: Redden, Sinor, McNeil

INT: Thompson, Firns, Seymour, Tsitas, Lee, Lonergan, West

IN: Goldsworthy, Thompson, West, Lonergan, Foote

OUT: Poole (ribs), Pudney

MILESTONE: Matthew Goldsworthy – 200 games


Weidemann, Moore, Sharrad, Westbrook, Schmusch, Mead, Williams, Brill, Bruce, Pudney, McPherson, Michael, Armfield, McLeod, Asfaha, Jungfer, Hoile, McNeilly, Barnett, Jackson, Pearce, Peake


F: Scott, J. Hunter-Price, Neumann
HF: Beswick, Smith, Wheare
C: Godden, Poulter, Watson
HB: Burgoyne, Ueding, Branford
B: Williams, A. Hunter-Price, Launer

R: Phillips, Dawkins, Lister
INT: Calvett, Kasianowicz, Kennedy, Murphy, O’Neil, Pitman, Thomson


Norwood could have two AAMI Rookies make their debut against Glenelg at The Parade.

Jack Heard (20, 192cm and 84kg) and Chris Lodovici (23, 181cm and 71kg) are two of five inclusions named on the extended interchange bench.

They have been joined in the Redlegs’ 25-man squad by Jed Spence, Jacob Collins and key defender Michael Talia, who has overcome a hamstring strain.

Fellow backman Lewis Johnston has injured his quad while Declan Hamilton suffered an ankle ailment in the first term of the Round 7 clash with South.


F: Bampton, Ellison, Barry

HF: Douglas, Pinyon, Nunn

C: J. Richards, Panos, Wilson

HB: Z. Richards, Shenton, Wilkins

B: Rokahr, Ball, McKenzie


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Abbott

INT: Lodovici, Talia, Irra, Saywell, Collins, Spence, Heard

IN: Lodovici, Heard, Collins, Spence, Talia

OUT: Johnston (quad), Hamilton (ankle)


Binder, Szust, Webb, Staritski, Bristow, Ianniello, M. Carroll, Fairbrother, Murphy, Buckham, B. Carroll, Ficken, Saunders, Dowdell, Pascoe, Gill, Morris, Barnett, Grove, Gerloff, Martin

Murley, Rahui, Scali, De Luca, Nelligan, Cavallaro, Jones, Gal, Verrall, Trepka, Falco, Nettle, Roberts, Kent, Michalanney, Murphy, Fairbrother, Warrick, Joseph, Minervini, Warton, Carbine, Maunder, Hearing, J. McDonald, T. McDonald, Duke



Glenelg could only make one change to its starting line-up for the blockbuster against Norwood at The Parade.

AAMI Rookie Luke Edwards was unable to be considered to face the Redlegs after suffering concussion in the last minute of his debut in Round 7.

As a result, premiership defender Jonty Scharenberg looms as his likely replacement after recovering from knee soreness.

Utility Neil Vea Vea and possible debutants Brady Searle (Plympton) and Dylan Morton (Wagga Tigers) are the other additions to the Tigers’ 25-man squad.


F: Bailey, McBean, Reynolds

HF: Weir, Allen, Yates

C: Partington, Snook, Park

HB: Stretch, Parks, Bradley

B: Virgin, Proud, J. Edwards


R: Hannath, Agnew, Motlop

INT: Scharenberg, Kluske, Vea Vea, McCarthy, Nicholson, Searle, Morton

IN: Scharenberg, Vea Vea, Searle, Morton

OUT: L. Edwards (concussion)

NEW: Dylan Morton (Wagga Tigers), Brady Searle (Plympton)


Symonds, Condon, McRae, Leck, Moore, Horsnell, Kitschke, Slade, Kerrish, O’Loughlin, Cole, McPherson, Thompson, Martin, Wisdom, Martini, McDermott, Carter, Kuller, Kelly-Mansell

Brokensha, Window, R. Davis, Dean, Murphy, Boag, Kaesler, B. Edwards, Fitzgerald, VanShaik, Potter, J. Davis, Durant, Nicotra, C. Drum, Owen, Bradley, Moyle-Read, Watts, Dowdell, R. Drum, Sigal


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