Team Selections

Round 7 Statewide Super League Teams

The teams have been revealed for Round 7 of the Statewide Super League, with one game to be played on Friday night and four on Saturday afternoon.

Friday May 17

West Adelaide v Sturt | City Mazda Stadium | 7:20pm

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West Adelaide has swung the changes ahead of its match against Sturt on Friday night.

Premiership captain Chris Schmidt will miss at least six weeks after injuring his knee against South in Round 6 while defender Lachlan Evans and forward Mason Middleton have been dropped to the Reserves.

Former Redleg Lyndon Hupfeld will be given an opportunity to fill Middleton’s absence while former Richmond rookie Gibson Turner returns to provide a spark inside 50m.

Journeyman Nigel Osborn will get his richly deserved Statewide Super League debut after being named on the wing.

The 28-year-old has played in various locations including the CMS Crows and Mallala while also representing the SA Country team on multiple occasions.

Key utility Chol Majok and speedster Murray Waite have also been named in the 23-man squad.



F: G. Turner, Beech, Wasley-Black

HF: Noble, Hupfeld, Karpany

C: Johnson, Snelling, Osborn

HB: P. Fairlie, Keough, Willsmore

B: Hill, Ryan, Dunkin


R: Parrella, H. Haysman, K. Stevens

INT: Waite, B. Turner, Majok, Batley, J. Evans

IN: Hupfeld, Waite, Osborn, G. Turner, Majok

OUT: Schmidt (knee), Middleton, L. Evans

Cleeland, Middleton, Anderson, Pillion, Inglis, Kirk, Gallaway, Lynch, Heitmann, L. Evans, Caruso, Laube, Noonan, Morrish, Gutsche, Rana, C. Fairlie, May, Moore, J. Bentley, G. Haysman.

Jolly, Ebert, O’Connor-Dawkins, Brauer, J. Westley, Iuliano, Stakic, Bailye, Rundle, Heitmann, Wooldridge, Morelli, Van den Berg, Nunan, Chamberlain, Nield, Laudato, Gilbert, Sareen, Henty-Smith, Groom, Pederick, Sinderberry, Anderson, Talbot, Boughen.



Sturt has called upon a developing key defender for its contest against West on Friday night.

Hahndorf FC product Luke Edmonds will play his first Statewide Super League game since last year’s First Semi-Final, the his fourth game in succession after making his debut in Round 18.

Edmonds has been joined in the Double Blues’ 23-man squad by possible RAA Rookie Mihail Lochowiak and premiership forward Ben Hansen, who has overcome a shoulder complaint.

Medium defender Henry Carey couldn’t be considered after injuring his hamstring at training on Monday night.


F: J. Hone, Sutcliffe, Riley

HF: M. Evans, Patullo, Battersby

C: Slimming, Colquhoun, Crocker

HB: Harms, Stephens, Sumner

B: F. Evans, Edmonds, Coomblas


R: Fahey-Sparks, Kirkwood, Pearce

INT: Hansen, Lochowiak, Condon, Greenslade, Munn

IN: Edmonds, Lochowiak, Hansen

OUT: Carey (hamstring)


McEntee, Allan, Samblich, Penfold, Shute, Stuart, Week, Parker-Boers, Illman, Thornton, Burrows, Trenorden, Wills, Gilfoy, Laycock, Voigt, Voss, Grivell, Mitchell, Thiele, Richards.

F: Howe, Ferres, J. Ferrari
HF: Henke, Durack, Crane
C: Laycock, Harradine, Holland
HB: Grieve, Matteucci, Z. Grivell
B: Berry, Paddick, Britten-Jones

R: Zevenboom, Fahey, Evans
INT: Bates, May, Starr, Z. Parker-Boers
EMG: Smith, Opperman, Swiderski


Saturday May 18

Port Adelaide v Adelaide | Alberton Oval | 1:40pm

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Port Adelaide’s attacking options have been boosted ahead of the SANFL Showdown on Saturday.

Key tall Todd Marshall and speedy goal sneak Aidyn Johnson have been sent back from AFL duty to line-up with the Magpies.

Matt Appleton, Dallas Hill, Simon Wong, Ben Edwards and Jack Strange have all been named as potential inclusions ahead of the AFL-listed emergencies returning.



F: Cox, Marshall, Hill

HF: Davidson, Mead, Woodcock

C: Pudney, Hewett, Wong

HB: Appleton, McKenzie, Frederick

B: Sutcliffe, Corcoran, Elsworthy


R: Grundy, Trengove, Johnson

INT: Edwards, Strange

IN: Appleton, Hill, Wong, Edwards, Marshall, Johnson

OUT: Atley (AFL), Mayes (AFL), Farrell (AFL), Garner (AFL), Broadbent (AFL), Motlop (AFL), Frampton (AFL), Ladhams (AFL)




F: Stengle, Jenkins, Wright

HF: McHenry, Davis, Sholl

C: Knight, Wilson, Douglas

HB: Seedsman, Fogarty, Butts

B: Hamill, Otten, Merrett


R: Hunter, Gibbs, Poholke

INT: Boyle, Latchford, Strachan, McAdam, McPherson

IN: Douglas, Gibbs, Knight, McPherson, Poholke, Seedsman

OUT: L. Brown (AFL), Jones (AFL), Hutchesson (suspended), Johnson


Central District v Glenelg | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm

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Central District has made three unforced changes for the its must-win match against Glenelg on Saturday.

Ruckman Jonathan Marsh, defender Murray Stephenson and wingman Sam Hanna have all been sent back to the Reserves.

Into the 23-man squad comes star midfielder Travis Schiller, who was a late withdrawal in Round 6 due to a calf injury.

Tall utility Tim Auckland, defenders Ryan Llewellyn and Dylan Weaver and possible RAA Rookie Flynn Pisani have also been included.


F: Menzel, Fort, D. Pisani

HF: Hoskin, Presbury, F. Pisani

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, Meatthew Neagle

HB: O’Gorman, Goodrem, Haydon

B: Jenner, Madden, Habel


R: Auckland, J. Schiller, T. Schiller

INT: Dew, Gillard, Llewellyn, McKenzie, Weaver

IN: Auckland, Llewellyn, F. Pisani, T. Schiller, Weaver

OUT: Hanna, Marsh, Stephenson


Burton, Cannizzaro, Cotgrove, Falkenberg, S. Furnell, Hanna, Marsh, McKelvie, McLean, Montgomerie, Jaxon Neagle, O’Brien, Ortiz, Payne, Rigney, Shaw, Slade, Smit, Spence, Stephenson, Theodorakopolous, White.

Grubb, Hughes, Welch, Durdin, McBride, Carreno, Odegaard, Dowse, Tidswell, Fiebiger, Smith, Fraser, Milera, Xanthopoulos, Tippins, Ponton, Falland, Cannizzaro, Richard, Arnold, Whitelum, Marsden, Thomson, Stevens.



Glenelg has regained two players with AFL experience for its trip to confront Central on Saturday.

Former Cat Cory Gregson has overcome a tight calf while ex-Carlton defender Aaron Joseph has recovered from his hamstring strain.

They have been joined in the Bays’ 23-man squad by developing defender Alex Martini, who has been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.

Wingman Carl Nicholson couldn’t be considered after injuring his calf against the Eagles in Round 6.


F: Hosie, McBean, Gregson

HF: Close, Reynolds, McCarthy

C: Betterman, Snook, Scharenberg

HB: Motlop, Curran, Agnew

B: Bradley, Proud, Chalmers


R: White, Gould, Partington

INT: Joseph, Schott, Bailey, Koster, Martini

IN: Joseph, Gregson, Martini

OUT: Nicholson (calf)


Boyle, Carmody, Carnelly, Carney, Davis, Holyoak, Kerrish, Le Cornu, Leck, Lovelock, McDermott, McPherson, Potter, Sawford, Schreiber, Searle, Slade, Sumner, Symonds, Virgin, Yates.

F: Woolford, Sigal, Slade
HF: Dean, Park, Wright
C: Weir, Kuller, Horsnell
HB: Liambis, Strickland, Dowdell
B: Beaumont, Hawson, W. Schreiber

R: Emmett, Edwards, O’Loughlin
INT: Murphy, McManus, Jones, O’Brien

Eagles v Norwood | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:10pm

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The Eagles have added four players to their extended bench for the encounter against Norwood on Saturday.

Led by veteran Matthew Goldsworthy who have overcome a quad strain, the Eagles have also included ruckman Seb Guilhaus, midfielder Jack Firns and possible RAA Rookie Nick Moore (20, 184cm and 80kg).

Experienced wingman Chris Hall has been sidelined by a foot complaint while Ethan Haylock has been sent back to the Reserves.


F: Von Bertouch, N. Hayes, Rowe

HF: Poole, J. Hayes, Johansen

C: Petrenko, Foote, Sinor

HB: Toumpas, Thompson, J. Gaffney

B: Rowland, Giuffreda, C. Gaffney


R: J. Redden, Lonergan, Sharrad

INT: Goldsworthy, Comitogianni, Firns, Giulhaus, Moore

IN: Goldsworthy, Moore, Firns, Guilhaus,

OUT: Hall (foot), Haylock


Boyd, Weidemann, Haylock, Nason, Cook, E. Miller, Schmusch, X. Redden, House, Brill, Bruce, Lewis, McPherson, Wehr, Michael, McLeod, Langcake, Westbrook, Mead, Armfield, Pedlar.

F: Schofield, Phillips, Pearce
HF: Jackson, Coff, Francis
C: Frederick, Beecken, Williams
HB: Hoile, Jones, Lock
B: C. Smith, McNeilly, Buck

R: H. Smith, Schoenberg, McNeil
INT: Arriola, Barnett, Carter, Dawkins, Dorian, Kennedy



Norwood is poised to include a Jack Oatey Medallist for its game against the Eagles on Saturday.

Star midfielder Matt Panos has recovered from the flu and a groin complaint to be named on the five-man extended interchange bench.

The former Western Bulldog has been joined in the 23-man squad by fellow inclusions Cody Szust, Mac Bower, Cameron Taheny and possible RAA Rookie Josh Richards (20, 175cm and 65kg).

The Redlegs’ midfield unit has been hit hard by the absences of Will Abbott (knee), Matt Nunn (hip) and Anthony Wilson (calf) who all couldn’t be considered due to injury.


F: Dawe, Shenton, Barry

HF: Hamilton, L. Johnston, Smart

C: Stephens, Gerloff, Z. Richards

HB: McKenzie, Talia, Forster

B: Bode, Georgiou, Wilkins


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Bampton

INT: Panos, Szust, Bower, Taheny, J. Richards

IN: Panos, Szust, Bower, Taheny, J. Richards

OUT: Abbott (knee), Nunn (hip), A. Wilson (calf)


D. Johnston, Hay, Barnett, Di Stefano, Waters, Ball, Grove, Buckham, Heard, Olsson, Crauford, J. Wilson, Spence, Bristow, Martin, Pascoe, Fahlbusch-Moore, Charlton, Saywell, Carroll, Willhelm, Millman.

Under- 18
Murley, Murphy, De Luca, Morris, Cavallaro, D. Trepka, M. Trepka, Kudra, Altomare, Murphy, Falco, Swanbury, Fairbrother, Carroll, Minervini, M. Roberts, Webb, Lake, Bartlett, Duke, Binder, Carbine, A. Roberts.


North Adelaide v South Adelaide | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm

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North Adelaide has significantly strengthened its line-up to face South on Saturday.

Captain Max Thring and former skipper Mitch Clisby return from hamstring strains while premiership defender Brock Castree has overcome an ankle injury.

Giant ruckman Jack Blair has also been included in the Roosters’ 23-man squad, named on the extended interchange bench.

Small forward Strato Agorastos and midfielder James Schwarz have been relegated to the Reserves.


F: Thring, Harvey, Szekely

HF: Hender, Ramsey, Miller

C: Spina, Tropiano, Allmond

HB: Laurie, Smith, Castree

B: Clisby, Hilder, C. Craig


R: A. Barns, Combe, T. Schwarz

INT: Blair, Kirk, Olekalns, Slee, Verity

IN: Blair, Castree, Clisby, Thring

OUT: J. Schwarz, Agorastos


Neade, Jarman, Chapman, Wharton, Driscoll, Aldridge, J.Schwarz, Deep, Minervini, C.Barns, J.Craig, Lower, Agorastos, Nixon, Tiggemann, Ginever, Rigney, Coleman-Oakes, Neagle, Bowman, Langley.

F: Newchurch, Marshall, L. Borg
HF: Antrobus, Scott, Byrne
C: Hill, Magor, Osborne
HB: Akker, Vasey, Nance
B: Daniell, Campbell, N. Santillo

R: Hart, Crompton, Dinning
INT: Robinson, M. Borg, Hem, Hodges, Tindale, Willis, Ok, Buck


South Adelaide will launch the career of a promising ruckman against North on Saturday.

Reynella FC giant Cam McGree (20, 198cm and 102kg) has been named to start at full forward as the Panthers continue to develop their youth from within.

McGree has been joined in the Panthers’ 23-man squad by small forward Darnell Tucker and speedy utility Hayden Sampson, who have been named on the extended interchange bench.

Experienced utility Ben Haren will miss six weeks with a fractured fibula while Emmanuel Irra is still a fortnight away due to a quad injury.


F: Noble, McGree, Emery

HF: Heaslip, Overall, Fitt

C: Kappler, Cross, Karpany

HB: Haines, Cailotto, Brown

B: Rose, Crabb, Summerton


R: Knoll, Davis, Liddle

INT: Sampson, Hoey, Tucker, Whittlesea

IN: McGree, Sampson, Tucker

OUT: Irra (thigh), Haren (fractured fibula)

Badger, Beeche, Bogle, Coleman, Colwell, Elmes, Freitag, Grimley,  Helyar, Illingworth, Juckers, Kennedy, Loneragan, Lovering, Manuel, McKinnon, Mills, Milsom, Sladojevic, Snelling,  Whitbread.

F: Riddle, Fitzgerald, Horne
HF: Oliver, Reed, Nye
C: Spicer, Clifton, McCreeery
HB: Spacie, Douglass, Kernahan
B: Austin, Hindes, Jones

R: Williams, Sampson, Kraemer
INT: Hamilton, Pettiford, Wilkinson, Strapps, Hay, Calyun, Rice, Copley



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