Team Selections

Round 7 Statewide Super League Teams

Compiled by Zac Milbank

Sturt v Central District | Unley Oval | 1:10pm |SANFL Digital Pass


Sturt has named a possible AAMI Rookie for its game against Central at Unley Oval.

Kersbrook junior Mani Liddy (19, 183cm and 80kg) is one of three players list on the five-man extended interchange bench.

The midfielder is joined by Tasmanian recruit Jared Dakin and utility Joel Thiele in the Double Blues’ 25-man squad.


F: Kirkwood, Davis, Patullo

HF: J. Hone, Evans, Slimming

C: Parker, Lewis, Crocker

HB: Carey, Smith, Voss

B: Illman, Edmonds, Coomblas


R: Allan, McEntee, Battersby

INT: Johnson, Shute, Liddy, Page, Burrows, Dakin, Thiele

IN: Liddy, Dakin, Thiele

NEW: Mani Liddy (Kersbrook)


Trenorden, Wingard, Crane, DeZylva, Parker-Boers, Doyle, Fryer, Braidwood, Houlahan, A. Lochowiak, Grieve, Grundy, T. Hone, Armiento, Penfold, How, Walter, Taylor, Spain

F: Houston, Stagg, Turner
HF: Tucker, Torode, Hein
C: L. Thomas, Aish, Tidemann
HB: Harvey, Mantjaris, Felton
B: Tragakis, Quartermaine, Fidge

R: Thredgold, Taylor, Pope
INT: Gladigau, Baulderstone, McEntee, McCourt, Bawden, Bosence



Central District will unveil another exciting youngster when it clashes with Sturt at Unley Oval.

Athletic utility Leek Alleer (19, 190cm and 82kg) has been named to make his League debut at centre-half back.

The Angle Vale product has been joined in the 23-man squad by fellow potential debutant Billy Iles (26, 178cm and 77kg), Nick Lange and Jordan O’Brien.

Star veteran Justin Hoskin has been suspended for two matches for engaging in rough conduct while talls Wyatt Patterson and Tom Graham were relegated.


F: Grace, Mclean, Dahms

HF: Lange, J. Kelly, Presbury

C: Dew, J. Schiller, Barreau

HB: Neagle, Alleer, Weaver

B: Habel, Fort, Morton


R: Marsh, Grant, T. Schiller

INT: East, Iles, O’Brien, Olsson, D. Pisani

IN: Alleer, Iles, Lange, O’Brien

OUT: Hoskin (suspended), Graham, Patterson


S. Linke, Nason, Sutton, Templeton, Graham, Gillard, Richard, Cannizzaro, Llewellyn, Shaw, Cowham, Patterson, McKelvie, O’Brien, Phelps, Di Stefano, Thomson, Grubb, McCabe, Haydon, Fraser, Kennedy, De Jonge

Dudley, Ross, Vidal, Wilson, Poulton, Ratcliff, Haynes, Wall, Hahn, Kohlhagen, Copperstone, Clements, Reed, Balkwill, Krieg, Pyman, A. McDonald, Nelson, Thomas, Riggs, Matz, Evans, Borlace, D. McDonald, Akur, Tuck

West Adelaide v Eagles | Hisense Stadium | 1:10pm | 1629 SEN SA & SEN App | SANFL Digital Pass


West Adelaide has regained a premiership forward for its clash with Woodville-West Torrens at Hisense Stadium.

Former Crow Jono Beech has recovered from hamstring tightness to be named at centre-half forward.

Beech has been joined in the Bloods’ 25-man squad by wingman Nathan Batley, forward Kenny Karpany and emerging midfielder Lachie Squire.

Midfielder Patrick Fairlie was squeezed out of the League squad for Round 7.


F: Gore, Keough, Ellem

HF: Haysman, Beech, I. Johnson

C: Boyle, Allan, Dunkin

HB: Murphy, Levicki, Anderson

B: Hill, Ryan, Duval


R: Cleeland, Meline, K. Stevens

INT: Squire, Batley, Schiller, Karpany, Steele, Sinderberry, C. Fairlie

IN: Batley, Beech, Karpany, Squire

OUT: P. Fairlie


C. Allan, Bock, Chamberlain, Davidson, Elliot, P. Fairlie, Faulkner, Hupfeld, J.Johnson, Kelly, Kirk, Laudato, Maguire, May, McKenzie, Morrish, Redfern, Sherlock, J. Stevens, R. Stevens, Taverner, Taylor

F: Hahn, Kovacic, D. White
HF: Young, Steene, Burbridge
C: Desira, Kennedy, Baker
HB: Pridham, Midwinter, Singleton
B: Harkins, Satanek, J. Roberts

R: Barnett, Thackeray, McCormick
INT: Martin, Westdijk, Baltagie, Whitbourne



Woodville-West Torrens coach Jade Sheedy has included three players to his squad to play West at Hisense Stadium.

Defender Ben Jungfer and midfielders Dane McFarlane and Kobe Mutch have all recovered from injury to be named in the Eagles’ 25-man squad.

All three have been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by three before the bounce.

Premiership defender Patrick Giuffreda will play his 200th League game after making his debut in 2007.


F: Stengle, J. Hayes, Williams

HF: Lonergan, Von Bertouch, Poole

C: Toumpas, Tsitas, T. Menzel

HB: Goldsworthy, Cameron, Rowland

B: Beecken, Thompson, Giuffreda


R: Redden, Sinor, Knight

INT: Jungfer, K. Mutch, Pudney, Mead, McFarlane, D. Menzel, Kerrish

IN: Jungfer, K. Mutch, McFarlane

MILESTONE: Patrick Giuffreda 200 games


Mills, Haylock, Moore, R. Mutch, Schmusch, Seymour, Hardie, Bruce, Gaffney, Sharman, Morgan, Dawkins, Firns, Pearce, Michael, Asfaha, Hoile, Buck, Litster, Kasianowicz, Jackson, Lukac, Wheare

F: Pitman, Harnas, Carter
HF: Murphy, B. Schwartz, Pearce
C: Launer, Nicholls, Watson
HB: Thomson, Goldie, Battle
B: Hansen, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, Phillipou, Neumann
INT: Barkla, Calvett, Day, Dosljak, Fry, Williams



Norwood will be without its skipper for the encounter against Adelaide at The Parade.

Midfielder Matthew Nunn hurt his hamstring during the first term of the West End State Game on Saturday, ensuring he would be sidelined for the Redlegs.

Dual Magarey Medallist Mitch Grigg is among his potential replacements, with Zac Richards, Paul Puopolo, Finn Heard and Mac Bower also added to the extended interchange bench.

Nick Pedro (concussion) and Mitch Wilkins (back) were both deemed unfit to play.


F: Hamilton, Callow, Tranfa

HF: Shenton, Boyd, Nelligan

C: McKenzie, Douglas, Rokahr

HB: Saywell, Ball, B. Carroll

B: J. Heard, Collins, Vardenaga


R: Knoll, Kennerley, Gerloff

INT: Z. Richards, Grigg, Puopolo, Spence, Talia, F. Heard, Bower

IN: Z. Richards, Talia, Grigg, Puopolo, F. Heard

OUT: Wilkins (back), Pedro (concussion), Nunn (hamstring)


Z. Richards, Irra, Bampton, Talia, Grigg, Martin, Bower, Larkins, Puopolo, Cotter, Pascoe, Barnett, J. Richards, Wagner, Hearing, Fairbrother, F. Heard, Cavallaro, Binder, Chandler, Spence, Schwerdt, Morris, Trepka, Robinson, Warton, Boxer

Catalano, Nayda, Tape, Zappia, Joseph, Jones-Bobridge, Barton, Jones, Welsh, Kent, McShane, Stevens, Verrall, Kiesau, Minervini, Dobie, Ianniello, Stenchlik, Stathoris, Dnistriansky, Boxer, Kortesis, Pitt, Bowman, Perkin, Wood, Occhiuto, Llewelyn, McNeeley



Adelaide has included marking power and experience for its trip to face Norwood at The Parade.

Key forward Elliott Himmelberg has been listed at half-forward while former Eagles wing Chris Hall and ex-Tiger Daniel Jackson have also been recalled.

Promising midfielder Luke Pedlar also returns to the midfield rotation.

Midfielder Ronin O’Connor made his AFL debut last weekend alongside Shane McAdam and Chayce Jones while Jake Cook and Mitch Marini were omitted.


F: Newchurch, B. Davis, Pedlar

HF: Himmelberg, B. Cook, Hall

C: O. Davis, Latchford, Wright

HB: McAsey, Borlase, Worrell

B: Jackson, Merrett, L. Mathews


R: Strachan, Boyle, Hately

INT: J. Mathews and AFL Emergencies to be added

IN: Himmelberg, Hall, Jackson, Pedlar

OUT: O’Connor (AFL), McAdam (AFL), Jones (AFL), Marini, J. Cook

MILESTONE – Matthew Wright 100 games

Port Adelaide v North Adelaide | Alberton Oval | 2:30pm | SANFL Digital Pass


Port Adelaide has injected some pace to its line-up to host North at Alberton Oval.

Half-back Marty Frederick returns from the Power’s AFL line-up to be one of four inclusions for the Magpies.

Matt Appleton and Simon Wong and possible debutant Nick Hooker, from Gawler Central, have also been listed on the interchange bench.


F: Weidemann, Edwards, Aldridge

HF: Corcoran, Schofield, Carter

C: Moore, Williams, Wildman

HB: Westbrook, Frederick, J. Burgoyne

B: Strange, Goldsack, Garner


R: Hayes, Sutcliffe, Samblich

INT: Wong, Appleton, Hooker

IN: Frederick, Appleton, Wong, Hooker

NEW: Nick Hooker (Gawler Central)



North Adelaide has called upon three players for its match against Port at Alberton Oval.

Veteran bigman James Craig small forward Kym LeBois and former Glenelg defender Elliot Chalmers have been included in the Roosters’ 25-man squad.

LeBois and Chalmers have recovered from hamstring strains while Craig could play his first League game of the season.


F: A. Young, Hilder, Minervini

HF: McInerney, Harvey, W. Combe

C: Hartung, C. Combe, Allmond

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: C. Craig, Ramsey, Clisby


R: Barns, Moore, Schwarz

INT: Chalmers, J. Craig, Jarman, Hender, Hewett, LeBois, Miller

IN: Chalmers, J. Craig, LeBois

MILESTONE: Alex Barns 100 games


R. Young, Wilsdon, Bowman, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Langley, Murphy, Goodfellow, Taylor, Byrne, Simon, Mercovich, Hann, Coates, Fahey, Davison, Lockyer, McCann

F: McNamara, Keeler, Dignan
HF: Rypstra, Heath, Santillo
C: McTaggart, Willis, Saint
HB: O’Loughlin, Bennier, Wilsdon
B: Woodward, Froling, Scadden

R: Moors, Harrison, Jackson
INT: White, Mulheron, Tully, T. Turner, Sherman, Tindale, A. Turner, Mulady

South Adelaide v Glenelg | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass |


South Adelaide has added four players to its squad to host Glenelg at Flinders University Stadium.

Mature-age forward Daniel Nobes, utility Jesse McKinnon, forward Luke Bogle and and recruit Fraser Turner have all been named on the extended interchange bench.

The Panthers must trim their squad by four players before the bounce.


F: Fitt, Overall, Wilkinson

HF: Tarca, Skinner, Cross

C: Horne, Gibbs, Haines

HB: Rose, Haren, Broadbent

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Sampson


R: Cailotto, Heaslip, O’Neill

INT: Milsom, Schwarz, Kappler, Nobes, McKinnon, Bogle, Roberts, Turner

IN: Nobes, McKinnon, Bogle, Turner


Barry, Brown, Coleman, Douglass, Dumesny, Elsworthy, Flett, Freitag, Gaden, Griffiths, Hindes, Juckers, Kraemer, Lovering, Machin, Martin, Megins, McCreery, Nye, Sawford, Tucker, Williams

F: Hicks, Rogers, Schirmer
HF: Delean, Cockshell, Duncan
C: Hoeck, Worthley, Birt
HB: R. Brown, Walton, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Schroder

R: Verrall, D. Brown, Mitton
INT: Daniell, Morton, Smith, Scott, Daris, Treloar, Amos



Glenelg will welcome back a valuable premiership utility for its contest against South at Flinders University Stadium.

Veteran Brad Agnew will play his first League game of the season after slowly building his fitness with three games in the Reserves after an ankle injury.

Uncapped trio Brady Searle (Plympton), Paddy Dowling (Geelong VFL) and Brodie Newman (Wanderers) have had their strong Reserves form recognised with being named on the extended interchange.

Searle (19, 188cm and 88kg) is a versatile midfielder, while Newman (20, 193cm and 88kg) and Dowling (22, 187cm and 82kg) are flexible defenders.

Brad McCarthy and Jack Yates have also been named on the seven-man bench while Jack Kluske returns to the forward pocket after a minor adductor injury.

Dylan Landt (calf) and Reid Kuller (two-match suspension for rough conduct) couldn’t be considered while Will Chandler and Liam Wisdom were omitted.


F: Motlop, McBean, Kluske

HF: Reynolds, Hosie, Partington

C: Allen, B. Turner, Bradley

HB: Park, Durdin, Virgin

B: Pink, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Agnew

INT: Searle, Bailey, Newman, Martini, Dowling, McCarthy, Yates

IN: Newman, Searle, Kluske, McCarthy, Dowling, Yates, Agnew

OUT: Landt (calf), Kuller (suspension), Chandler, Wisdom

NEW: Brodie Newman (Wanderers/Calder Cannons), Brady Searle (Plympton), Paddy Dowling (Geelong VFL)


Crompton, Cole, Condon, Wisdom, Edwards, G. Turner, Holder, McRae, McDonnell, Minchin, Moore, Murphy, Chandler, Schott, LeCornu, Wright, Leck, Wanganeen-Milera, Scharenberg, Horsnell

Viska, Window, Stagg, Gluyas, Ridgway, Nicotra, Durant, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Murdock, Brougham, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Dunn, Harding, Thomson, Virtanen, Adams, Kaeslar, Porter, Shanks

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