Team Selections

Round 7 Statewide Super League Teams

By Zac Milbank


Central has named its most settled line-up for the season as it prepares to host Glenelg at X Convenience Oval.

The Bulldogs have made just one change, with playing assistant coach John Butcher taking his place at full forward.

The former Power bigman, who has recovered from a hamstring strain, replaces utility Marcus Barreau, who was sent back to the Reserves.


F: Durdin, Butcher, T. Menzel

HF: O’Brien, Stephenson, Lange

C: Gillard, T. Schiller, J. Kelly

HB: Weaver, Patterson, Montgomerie

B: Toner, Madden, Habel


R: Thompson, Boyd, Hoskin

INT: Grubb, Olsson, J. Schiller, Shaw

IN: Butcher

OUT: Barreau


Barreau, Brown, Burton, Cannizzaro, Carnelly, Dew, Falkenberg, Fort, J. Furnell, Graham, Haydon, B. Kelly, Kennedy, Marsh, McKelvie, McLean, Milne, Nason, O’Gorman, D. Pisani, F. Pisani, Presbury, Robinson, Smit, Thomson.

Alleer, Borlace, Carreno, Cowham, De Jonge, Dowse, Evans, Falland, Fiebiger, Fraser, Gilchrist, Kalleske, A. McDonald, Mudge, Nelson, Pain, Pyman, Reed Ryan, Smith, Tappert, Tidswell, Tippins, Tuck, Wall, Welch, Wilson



Glenelg has named a wildcard in its squad as it travels north to play Central at X Convenience Oval.

Tall utility Neil Vea Vea, who played 7 League games for the Tigers in 2018, is one of four inclusions to the 25-man squad.

Originally from the Northern Territory, Vea Vea, has been named on the extended interchange bench with premiership defender Brad McCarthy.

Potential AAMI Rookies Luke Edwards (18, 187cm and 83kg) and Brady Searle (18, 186cm and 82kg) have also been listed to play their first League games if selected.

Defender Jonty Scharenberg will miss a match after landing awkwardly on his knee against Sturt in Round 6.


F: Bailey, McBean, Reynolds

HF: Weir, Allen, Kluske

C: Partington, Snook, Curran

HB: Stretch, Parks, Bradley

B: Virgin, Proud, J. Edwards


R: Hannath, Agnew, Motlop

INT: Yates, Vea Vea, L. Edwards, Nicholson, Park, Searle, McCarthy

IN: McCarthy, Vea Vea, Searle, L. Edwards

OUT; Scharenberg (knee)


Symonds, Condon, McRae Leck, Moore, Horsnell, Kitschke, Liambis, Morton, Betterman, Carter, Cole, McPherson, Thompson, Martin, Kerrish, Martini, McDermott, Slade, Kuller, Wisdom

Tunkin, Wanganeen, Window, R. Davis, Wright, Dean, Murphy, McInnes, Kaesler, B. Edwards, Pedlar, Fitzgerald, VanShaik, Potter, J. Davis, Durant, Nicotra, C. Drum, Owen, Stoddard, Virtanen, Watts, R. Drum, Dowdell, Sigal



Woodville-West Torrens could boost its midfield with a VFL Team of the Year star set to make his debut against West at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Former Geelong VFL co-captain James Tsitas has been named on the extended interchange bench after not being able to line up with Williamstown in the VFL.

Measuring in at 181cm and 85kg, the 25-year-old has been joined in the Eagles squad by forward Nick Moore, defender Jake Westbrook and goalsneak Tom Gray, who could play his 50th League match.

Joint vice-captain Jesse Lonergan couldn’t be considered due to a quad injury.


F: Rowe, Von Bertouch, N. Hayes

HF: Hall, J. Hayes, McNeil

C: Comitogianni, Toumpas, Pudney

HB: Rowland, Giuffreda, Jones

B: Sinor, Seymour, Mansell


R: Redden, Firns, Poole

INT: Carcuro, Wehr, Moore, Tsitas, Lee, Gray, Westbrook

IN: Gray, Moore, Tsitas, Westbrook

OUT: Lonergan (quad)


Weidemann, Beecken, West, Schmusch, Mead, Williams, Brill, Bruce, Morgan, McPherson, Michael, Armfield, McLeod, Asfaha, Jungfer, Hoile, McNeilly, Barnett, Jackson, Pearce, Peake

F: Scott, J. Hunter-Price, Neumann
HF: Beswick, Smith, Wheare
C: Godden, Poulter, Watson
HB: Burgoyne, Ueding, Branford
B: Williams, A. Hunter-Price, Launer

R: Phillips, Dawkins, Lister
INT: Fry, Kasianowicz, Kennedy, Murphy, O’Neil, Pitman, Stevens



West Adelaide will make at least two changes to face the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Hard-running pair Nathan Batley and Dallas Wilsmore have both succumbed to hamstring strains, forcing them out of the line-up.

Former Glenelg goalsneak Josh Koster, who injured his hamstring in Round 1, is among the potential replacements after being named on the extended interchange bench.

Will Mead (Rostrevor), Reed Stevens (Canberra), Tom Morrish (Ouyen United) and Lachie Squire (GWS Academy) loom as potential debutants.


F: Karpany, Thilthorpe, P. Fairlie

HF: Johnson, Ellem, K. Stevens

C: Haysman, Allan, Boyle

HB: Duval, Keough, Hupfeld

B: Anderson, Levicki, Hill


R: Cleeland, B. Turner, Waite

INT: Kirk, May, Mead, Koster, Squire, R. Stevens, Morrish

IN: Koster, Mead, Morrish, Squire, R. Stevens

OUT: Batley (hamstring), Willsmore (hamstring)

NEW: Will Mead (Rostrevor), Reed Stevens (Canberra), Tom Morrish (Ouyen United), Lachie Squire (GWS Academy)


Caruso, Elliot, C. Fairlie, Forbes, Grant, Groom, Harris, Kelsh, Majok, Martin, McKenzie, Nield, Patterson, Pearce, Rundle, Sareen, J. Stevens, Taverner, Taylor, G. Turner, Wooldridge

F: T. Faulkner, Sgroi, Clark Jnr
HF: Baker, Young, White
C: Henty-Smith, Couroupis, Kennedy
HB: Van den Berg, Kelly, Venning
B: Gilbert, Sherlock, Midwinter

R: Heitmann, Chamberlain, Hodge
INT: Burbridge, Richardson, McArdle, Temme


North Adelaide has called upon a former Adelaide development player for its clash with Sturt at Prospect.

Medium-sized defender Damon Hill, who played 25 League games for the SANFL Crows in 2017 and 2018 – has been named at half-back.

The former Torrens Valley and Gaza defender has replaced ex-Glenelg backman Elliot Chalmers, who has been sidelined with a hip injury.

Midfielder Dakota Nixon and defender Mason Neagle have also been included in the Roosters’ 24-man squad.


F: Lebois, Harvey, Hender

HF: Szekely, Ramsey, Young

C: Allmond, Moore, Wigg

HB: Spina, Smith, D. Hill

B: Jarman, C. Craig, Hilder


R: J. Craig, Schwarz, C. Combe

INT: W. Combe, Magor, Miller, Minervini, Neagle, Nixon

IN: D. Hill, Neagle, Nixon

OUT: Chalmers (hip)


Neade, Kirk, Wharton, Aldridge, Davis, Rigney, C.Barns, Finlay, Parnell, Tiggemann, Slee, T.Hill, Hart, Davies, Dowling, Bowman, Langley, Robinson, Goudman-Glasson, McKenzie, Byrne

F: Freer, Keeler, Bennier
HF: Santillo, Coates, Newchurch
C: Manning, Willis, Brazell
HB: O’Loughlin, Simon, Murphy
B: Millar, Leese, Flanagan

R: Heath, Borg, Davison
INT: Harrison, McTaggart, White, Saint, Rogers, Woodward, Rypstra



Sturt coach Nathan Grima has made significant changes to the side to confront North at Prospect.

Eight new players have been included in the extended 25-man squad, including potential AAMI Rookies Anzac Lochowiak (Payneham) and Adam Trenorden (Hahndorf).

VFL recruit Jack Henderson will join his Werribee teammate Darcy Bennett in the final 22 after being named at half-forward while premiership defender Guy Page has recovered from a hamstring strain.

Oliver Grivell, Joel Parker-Boers and ruckman Tom Read have been added, with the latter playing his 50th League game after being named at full forward.

Defender Rory Illman and goalsneak Jack Penfold couldn’t be considered due to hamstring complaints while Dean Gore, Hamish Latchford and Joel Thiele were sent back to the Reserves.


F: McEntee, Read, J. Hone

HF: Aidyn Johnson, Fahey-Sparks, Henderson

C: Morrison, Kirkwood, Slimming

HB: Colquhoun, Edmonds, Voss

B: Harms, Wundke, Page


R: Bennett, Battersby, Davis

INT: Evans, Grivell, A. Lochowiak, Parker-Boers, Lewis, Sutcliffe, Trenorden

IN: Grivell, Parker-Boers, Read, Trenorden, Page, Henderson, A. Lochowiak, Lewis

OUT: Illman (hamstring), Penfold (hamstring), Gore, Latchford, Thiele

NEW: Anzac Lochowiak (Payneham Norwood Union), Adam Trenorden (Hahndorf), Jack Henderson (Werribee VFL)

MILESTONE – Tom Read 50 games


T. Hone, Jones, Carey, Armiento, Latchford, Shute, Coomblas, Thiele, Sumner, Houlahan, Doyle, Gore, Mitchell, M. Lochowiak, Crane, Richards, Allan, Borlase, Lines, DeZylva, Weeks

F: Parker-Boers, Emmett, Hortle
HF: Garrels, Opperman, Staples
C: Higgins, Liddy, Thomas
HB: Taylor, Swiderski, Grivell
B: Hein, Berry, Fryer

R: Ferrari, Powell, Spain
INT: Holland, Willsmore, Field, Lines
EMG: Cass, Goodwin, Aish, Smith


Norwood will be without a star midfielder for its encounter with South at The Parade.

Former North Melbourne onballer Ryan Bastinac has been sidelined by a calf injury to be the Redlegs’ certain omission against the Panthers.

Potential AAMI Rookie Jack Heard (20, 192cm and 84kg) from Walkerville is one of four inclusions to the 25-man squad.

Heard has been joined by Jed Spence, Jacob Collins and Isaac Saywell on the extended interchange bench.


F: Hamilton, Ellison, Barry

HF: Douglas, Pinyon, Nunn

C: Wilson, Panos, Johnston

HB: Z. Richards, Shenton, Wilkins

B: Rokahr, Ball, McKenzie


R; Baulderstone, Grigg, Abbott

INT: J. Richards, Collins, Irra, Saywell, Bampton, Spence, Heard

IN: Saywell, Spence, Heard, Collins

OUT: Bastinac (calf)

NEW: Jack Heard (Walkerville)


Binder, Szust, Webb, Staritski, Bristow, Ianniello, M. Carroll, Falco, Barnett, Murphy, Buckham, B. Carroll, Ficken, Lodovici, Dowdell, Pascoe, Gill, Morris, Bell, Grove, Michalanney, Martin

Murley, Rahui, Haebich, De Luca, Nelligan, Cavallaro, Gal, Verrall, Trepka, Falco, Nettle, Roberts, Kent, Chandler, Murphy, Fairbrother, Warrick, Joseph, Saunders, Minervini, Warton, Carbine, Hearing, Heard, Duke



Former Adelaide ruckman Paul Hunter is poised to play his first League game for South Adelaide against Norwood at Flinders University Stadium.

Having served his Covid-19 quarantine period, Hunter has been named on the extended interchange bench after initially planning to play with VFL club Williamstown this year.

The 27-year-old – who has played 63 SANFL League games – has been joined in the squad by Jack Elsworthy, who will line up in a back pocket.

The former Eagle will replace Jaidan Kappler, who has been sidelined with a leg injury while Malcolm Karpany will miss up to a month with a calf complaint.

Forwards Liam Fitt, who suffered a minor workplace injury to his shoulder, and Tom Whittlesea have been named as has Lee Hoey and Ben Sawford, the latter potentially playing his first League game for South after crossing from Glenelg.


F: Wilkinson, Overall, B. McCreery

HF: Cross, Cailotto, Bogle

C: Sampson, Broadbent, Milsom

HB: Haines, Summerton, Brown

B: Highmore, Loneragan, Elsworthy


R: McGree, Heaslip, Schwarz

INT: Dumesny, Noble, Hunter, Fitt, Haren, Whittlesea, Hoey, Sawford

IN: Elsworthy, Fitt, Hoey, Hunter, Whittlesea, Sawford

OUT: Kappler (leg), Karpany (calf)

NEW – Paul Hunter (Williamstown/Adelaide)


Andrews, Cameron, Davies, Douglass, Elmes, Evans, Hamilton, Hoffmann, Illingworth, Juckers, Lippett, Machin, J. McCreery, McKinnon, Oliver, Potter, Whitbread, Williams


F: Cook, Verrall, Barrett
HF: Diack, Cockshell, Nye
C: Spicer, Mitton, Birt
HB: Flett, Spacie, Copley
B: Little, Hindes, Brown

R: Treloar, Horne, Hoack
INT: Clifton, Grayson, Zimmer, Hicks, Snelling, Ball, Smith

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