Match Review Panel

Round 7 SANFL Match Review Panel

Port’s Hugh Ferrari has accepted a $125 fine and reprimand for engaging in rough conduct with South’s Hayden Sampson at Flinders University Stadium on Saturday.

Hugh Ferrari (Port) – Rough Conduct (Dangerous Tackle)

Conduct: Careless

Contact: High

Impact: Low

Penalty: $125 Fine & Reprimand (Accepted)

Adelaide’s Ned McHenry has accepted a $125 fine for striking Sturt’s Will Coomblas at Thomas Farms Oval on Saturday. 

Ned McHenry (Adelaide) – Striking

Conduct: Intentional

Contact: Body

Impact: Low

Penalty: $125 fine (Accepted)

Three South Adelaide players and two Port Adelaide players have accepted reprimands for engaging in a melee at Flinders University Stadium on Saturday.

Darnell Tucker
Liam Nye
Sam Skinner

Ollie Lord
Hugh Ferrari

Three Central District and two Norwood players have accepted a reprimand for engaging in a melee at X Convenience Oval on Saturday.

Jake Gasper
Brinn Little
Kade Dittmar

Xavier Tranfa
Harry Boyd


North Adelaide’s Dyson Hilder has accepted a reprimand for striking West’s Sam Frost at Hisense Stadium on Saturday.

Dyson Hilder (North) – Striking

Finding: The North Adelaide player Strikes the West Adelaide player. This is deemed as a low-level offence.

Penalty: Reprimand (Accepted)

This is Dyson Hilder’s 2nd Low Level Offence, (Dyson was charged with Striking | Low Level on July 7th).

Should Dyson be charged with a 3rd Low Level Offence within a 12 Month Period, he would be subject to a 1 Match suspension.

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