Team Selections

Round 6 Statewide Super League Teams

Compiled by Zac Milbank

Eagles v South Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


The Eagles potency has been boosted ahead of its game against South at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Star forward Jack Hayes (calf) has recovered while Clay Cameron returns to the half-forward line with Daniel Menzel on the extended bench.

Experienced midfielder Jesse Lonergan is in the squad of 25 along with possible AAMI Rookie Luke Beecken (20, 185cm and 74kg).

Nick Moore and Mitch Hardie were omitted from the side which lost to Port in Round 5.


F: Stengle, Hayes, Williams

HF: T. Menzel, Von Bertouch, Cameron

C: Toumpas, Tsitas, Pudney

HB: Goldsworthy, Thompson, Rowland

B: Jungfer, Giuffreda, Mead


R: Redden, Sinor, Knight

INT: Seymour, Poole, Sharman, Firns, Lonergan, D. Menzel, Beecken

IN: Beecken, Cameron, Hayes, Lonergan, D. Menzel

OUT: Moore, Hardie

NEW: Luke Beecken (SMOSH West Lakes)

MILESTONE: Riley Knight 50 games, Jack Firns 50 games


Mills, Haylock, Moore, Kerrish, Lee, Schmusch, Hardie, Bruce, Gaffney, Morgan, Dawkins, Michael, Asfaha, Hoile, Buck, Litster, Kasianowicz, Jackson, Lukac, Wheare

F: Pitman, Harnas, Carter
HF: Murphy, B. Schwartz, Pearce
C: Launer, Nicholls, Watson
HB: Thomson, Hunter-Price, Battle
B: Hansen, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, Phillipou, Neumann
INT: Barkla, Calvett, Day, Dosljak, Goldie, Mitzithras



South Adelaide coach Jarrad Wright has made at least three change for the encounter with the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Reigning Knuckey Cup winner Matthew Broadbent returns to half-back, Liam Fitt is in the the forward pocket while emerging teenager Matthew Roberts will make his League debut.

Named at half-forward, Roberts (17, 183cm and 81kg) was rewarded for his outstanding U18 display last round where he racked up 34 disposals and kicked three goals.

Mature-age forward Daniel Nobes, utility Jesse McKinnon and defender Jaidan Kappler have also been included in the 25-man squad.

Damon Freitag, Tyson Brown and Fraser Turner have been sent back to the Reserves.


F: Fitt, Overall, Wilkinson

HF: Roberts, Skinner, Cross

C: Horne, Gibbs, Haines

HB: Rose, Haren, Broadbent

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Sampson


R: Cailotto, Heaslip, Milsom

INT: Tarca, O’Neill, Schwarz, Nobes, McKinnon, Bogle, Kappler

IN: Broadbent, Fitt, Roberts, Nobes, McKinnon, Kappler

OUT: Freitag, Brown, Turner

NEW: Matthew Roberts (Langhorne Creek)

MILESTONE – Ben Haren 100 games


Brown, Coleman, Douglass, Dumesny, Elsworthy, Freitag, Gaden, Griffiths, Hamilton, Hindes, Juckers, Kraemer, Lovering, Machin, Martin, Megins, McCreery, Sawford, Spacie, Tucker, Turner, Whitbread, Williams

F: D. Brown, Pilmore, T. Schirmer
HF: Delean, Cockshell, Rogers
C: Hoeck, Scott, Birt
HB: R. Brown, Daniell, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Marshall

R: Verrall, Draper, Mitton
INT: Schroder, Walton, Hogg, Duncan, Hicks, J. Schirmer

Central District v Norwood | X Convenience Oval | 3:05pm | Channel 7 & 7Plus


Central will make at least one change for its vital contest against Norwood at X Convenience Oval.

Key forward Connor Mclean has been named in the forward pocket as the Dogs look to stretch the Redlegs’ defence.

Mclean replaces Rhys Cannizzaro, who has been relegated to the Reserves.

Experienced pair Ben Nason and David Haydon have been included on the six-man extended interchange bench.


F: Graham, Hoskin, Mclean

HF: Dahms, Grace, Olsson

C: East, J. Schiller, Barreau

HB: Morton, Presbury, Weaver

B: Fort, Patterson, Neagle


R: Marsh, J. Kelly, T. Schiller

INT: Dew, Grant, Habel, Haydon, Nason, D. Pisani

IN: Haydon, Mclean, Nason

OUT: Cannizzaro


Nason, Sutton, Price, Gillard, Richard, Cannizzaro, Shaw, Cowham, Lange, S. Linke, McKelvie, O’Brien, Iles, Tidswell, Di Stefano, Alleer, Thomson, Grubb, McCabe, Haydon, Tippins, Kennedy, De Jonge

Ross, Dudley, Vidal, Wilson, Poulton, Haynes, Wall, Hahn, Kohlhagen, Copperstone, Clements, Reed, Balkwill, Krieg, Pyman, Nelson, Carreno, T. Linke, Matz, Evans, Borlace, McDonald, Akur, Tuck



Norwood’s Magarey Medallist Mitch Grigg has been named on the extended interchange for the clash with Central at X Convenience Oval.

Collecting 20 disposals and a goal in the Reserves last round, the former Crow is one of three inclusions on the seven-man extended bench.

Defender Mac Bower and possible debutant Matt Vardanega (22, 186cm and 83kg) are also in the mix to be selected in the final 22 to face the Bulldogs.


F: Hamilton, Callow, Tranfa

HF: Shenton, Boyd, Nelligan

C: McKenzie, Douglas, Rokahr

HB: Saywell, Ball, B. Carroll

B: J. Heard, Collins, Pedro


R: Knoll, Kennerley, Nunn

INT: Wilkins, Grigg, Puopolo, Vardanega, Gerloff, Spence, Bower

IN: Vardanega, Grigg, Bower

NEW: Matt Vardenaga (Canberra Demons)


Z. Richards, Bampton, Talia, Grigg, Martin, Bower, Larkins, Puopolo, Vardanega, Cotter, Pascoe, Wilkins, Barnett, Wagner, Hearing, Fairbrother, Gerloff, F. Heard, Cavallaro, Binder, Chandler, Spence, Schwerdt, Morris, Trepka, Roberts, M. Carroll

Jones, Nayda, Tape, Zappia, Joseph, Jones-Bobridge, Barton, Kelly, Rahui, Kent, McShane, Minervini, Mercurio, Stathoris, Stenchlik, Dnistriansky, Boxer, Pitt, Bowman, Wood, Occhiuto, Emerson, Lake, Llewelyn, McNeeley, Black


Port Adelaide v Adelaide | Adelaide Oval | 3:35pm | SANFL Digital Pass |


Port Adelaide has included a pair of new faces for its blockbuster SANFL Showdown against Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.

Collingwood premiership defender Tyson Goldsack and Woodville-West Torrens teenager Jase Burgoyne will both make their League debut against the Crows.

Goldsack has recovered from a knee injury while father-son prospect Burgoyne is spending the next month with Port as part of his involvement in the club’s Next Generation Academy.

The son of Peter Burgoyne will then return to Woodville-West Torrens for the remainder of the season ahead of the AFL Draft.

Miller Carter (20, 188cm and 86kg), the son of Magpies premiership defender Stephen Carter, could also make his debut.


F: Aldridge, Weidemann, Schofield

HF:  Samblich, Edwards, Williams

C: Wong, Moore, Wildman

HB: Westbrook, Garner, J. Burgoyne

B: Strange, Goldsack, Carter


R: Hayes, Sutcliffe, Corcoran

INT: AFL Emergencies to be added

IN: Goldsack, Carter, J. Burgoyne

NEW: Tyson Goldsack (Collingwood), Jase Burgoyne (Woodville-West Torrens), Miller Carter (Port District)



Adelaide will unleash its latest recruit against Port Adelaide in the SANFL Showdown at Adelaide Oval.

Tasmanian Oliver Davis (19, 182cm and 75kg) will make his League debut on the wing after being signed up as a development player for the rest of the season.

The ball-winning midfielder will be joined by the Crows’ AFL emergencies who are yet to be names in the SANFL squad.


F: Newchurch, B. Davis, J. Mathews

HF: J. Cook, B. Cook, Hall

C: O. Davis, Jackson, Marini

HB: McAsey, Borlase, Wright

B: Latchford, Merrett, L. Mathews


R: Strachan, Boyle, O’Connor

INT: AFL Emergencies to be added

IN: O. Davis (Clarence)

OUT: Salt

North Adelaide v West Adelaide | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


North Adelaide is set to welcome back a premiership player for his first game in nearly two years against West at Prospect.

Utility Sam McInerney, who hasn’t played a League game since Round 18 of 2019, has been selected at half-forward after shrugging off a series of back ailments.

The 25-year-old has been joined in the Roosters’ extended squad by former Hawk Billy Hartung, who has been named to play his first League game of the year on a wing.

Midfielder Dakota Nixon and forward Robbie Young have been added to the extended interchange bench.

Defender Elliot Chalmers and goalsneak Kym LeBois have been sidelined by hamstring strains.


F: A. Young, Hilder, Minervini

HF: McInerney, Harvey, W. Combe

C: Hartung, C. Combe, Allmond

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: C. Craig, Ramsey, Clisby


R: Barns, Moore, Schwarz

INT: Jarman, Hender, Hewett, Miller, Nixon, R. Young

IN: Hartung, McInerney, Nixon, R. Young

OUT: Chalmers (hamstring), LeBois (hamstring)


Wilsdon, Bowman, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, Langley, J.Craig, Murphy, Goodfellow, Taylor, Byrne, O’Loughlin, Eberhard, Mercovich, Hann, Coates, Davison, McNamara

F: Cusack, Keeler, Dignan
HF: Rypstra, Heath, Santillo
C: McTaggart, Willis, Tully
HB: Woodward, Bennier, Wilsdon
B: Sherman, Froling, Scadden

R: Moors, Harrison, Jackson
INT: White, T. Turner, Saint, Pitt, Tape-McGlashan, Tindale, Slade, Mulheron, Collins



West Adelaide will unveil a mature-age debutant against North at Prospect Oval.

Port Noarlunga’s Nick Steele (22, 186cm and 89kg) has been named to start in attack in his first League game.

Steele will effectively play the role of veteran premiership forward Jono Beech, who has been sidelined by a hamstring strain.

Wingman Nathan Batley, utility Tom Morrish and Coolamon recruit Luke Redfern (22, 175cm and 80kg) have also been named on the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Gore, Keough, Haysman

HF: C. Fairlie, Steele, I. Johnson

C: Boyle, Schiller, Dunkin

HB: Murphy, Levicki, Anderson

B: Hill, Ryan, Duval


R: Cleeland, P. Fairlie, K. Stevens

INT: Batley, Meline, Sinderberry, E. Allan, Redfern, Ellem, Morrish

IN: Batley, Morrish, Redfern, Steele

OUT: Beech (hamstring)

NEW: Nick Steele (Port Noarlunga), Luke Redfern (Coolamon Rovers)


Babic, Bock, Chamberlain, Elliot, Faulkner, Fejo, Hupfeld, J. Johnson, Karpany, Kelly, Kirk, Koster, Laudato, Maguire, Martin, Rundle, Sherlock, Squire, J. Stevens, R. Stevens, Taverner, Taylor

F: Hahn, Young, Kovacic
HF: Watts, D. White, Westdijk
C: Desira, Kennedy, Whitbourne
HB: Pridham, Midwinter, Singleton
B: Martin, Satanek, J. Roberts

R: Steene, Thackeray, McCormick
INT: Harkins, Burbridge, Baltagie, Baker


Glenelg v Sturt | ACH Group Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass | 1629 SEN SA & SEN App


A settled Glenelg side is preparing to face Sturt at ACH Group Stadium in a blockbuster Mother’s Day clash.

The unbeaten Tigers have included two possible debutants in their extended squad – Plympton’s Brady Searle and Wanderers defender Brodie Newman.

Searle (19, 188cm and 88kg) and Newman (20, 193cm and 88kg) are joined by versatile Jack Yates on the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Motlop, McBean, Kuller

HF: Reynolds, Hosie, Partington

C: Wisdom, B. Turner, Park

HB: Bradley, Durdin, Virgin

B: Pink, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Allen

INT: Searle, Bailey, Chandler, Martini, Newman, Landt, Yates

IN: Searle, Newman, Yates

NEW: Brodie Newman (Wanderers), Brady Searle (Plympton)


Crompton, Cole, Condon, Dowling, Edwards, G. Turner, Holder, McCarthy, McDonnell, Minchin, Moore, Murphy, Agnew, Schott, LeCornu, Wright, Leck, Wanganeen-Milera, Scharenberg, Horsnell

Viska, Window, Stagg, Gluyas, Ridgway, Nicotra, Durant, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Brougham, Murdock, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Harding, Thomson, Virtanen, Sims, Watts, Adams, Kaselar, Porter



Sturt has called upon defensive reinforcements for its match against Glenelg at ACH Group Stadium.

Key backs Will Coomblas and Riley Grundy have been included in the Double Blues’ 25-man squad.

Grundy, delisted by the Power, could play his first League game for Sturt with talls Oliver Grivell (knee) and Daniel Fahey-Sparks (hamstring) out with injury.

Veteran wing Matt Crocker and young midfielder Adam Trenorden are on the extended bench while Lachlan Burrows has been named in the forward pocket.


F: Kirkwood, Patullo, Burrows

HF: J. Hone, Evans, Davis

C: Parker, Lewis, Slimming

HB: Illman, Smith, Voss

B: Page, Edmonds, Carey


R: Allan, McEntee, Battersby

INT: Johnson, Shute, Thiele, Crocker, Coomblas, Trenorden, Grundy

IN: Coomblas, Crocker, Trenorden, Grundy, Burrows

OUT: Grivell (knee), Fahey-Sparks (hamstring)

NEW: Riley Grundy (returned/Port Adelaide)


T. Hone, Wingard, Crane, DeZylva, Parker-Boers, Braidwood, Hein, Richards, Armiento, Spain, Grieve, Fryer, Penfold, A. Lochowiak, Thomas, How, Walter, Taylor, Dakin

F: Houston, Wilden, Turner
HF: J. Davies, Torode, Tragakis
C: Reilly, Aish, Tidemann
HB: Harvey, McCourt, Felton
B: T. Davies, Quartermaine, Maloney

R: Thredgold, Fidge, Pope
INT: Gladigau, Baulderstone, Harlow, Bosence, C. Thomas, J. Greaves


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