Match Review Panel

Round 4 SANFL Match Review Panel

North Adelaide’s Nigel Lockyer has accepted a $125 fine and reprimand for engaging in rough conduct with Adelaide’s Hugh Bond at Prospect Oval on Saturday.

Nigel Lockyer (North) – Rough Conduct (Dangerous Tackle)

Conduct: Careless

Contact: High

Impact: Low

Penalty: $125 fine and reprimand (Accepted)

Two Port Adelaide players and two Norwood players have accepted reprimands for being involved in a Melee during the Round 4 match at Alberton Oval on Saturday night.

Port Adelaide
Jake Weidemann – Second low level offence. Should he be charged with a third low level offence within a 12 month period, he would be subject to an automatic 1 match suspension.
Hugh Ferrari

Tom Donnelly
Tom Graham


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