Match Review Panel

Round 4 SANFL Match Review Panel

Glenelg’s Brady Searle has unsuccessfully appealed his six-match suspension for making forceful front-on contact with Norwood’s Jack Saunders at Stratarama Stadium on Sunday.

Searle’s appeal was heard by SANFL Appeals Commissioner, Justice Michael David, at Adelaide Oval on Thursday night.

Justice David was forthright in his response, dismissing Searle’s appeal within 15 minutes and ensuring Searle would miss the next six matches.

Facing the SANFL Tribunal on Tuesday night, Searle pleaded not guilty to the grading of severe impact, arguing that the impact was high.

However, Tribunal Chairman Ian White deemed the impact was severe as his panel handed down a six-match suspension for the Tigers’ utility.


Brady Searle (Glenelg) -Forceful front-on contact

Conduct: Careless

Contact: High

Impact: Severe

Penalty: Direct to Tribunal


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