Match Review Panel

Round 4 SANFL Match Review Panel

North forward Keenan Ramsey has accepted a $125 fine and reprimand with an early guilty plea for engaging in rough conduct with South’s Lachlan Hayes at Prospect Oval on Saturday.

Keenan Ramsey (North) – Rough Conduct (Bump to Body)

Conduct: Careless

Contact: Body

Impact: Medium

Base Sanction: 1 match

Early Guilty Plea: $125 fine and reprimand (Accepted)

Five Central District players and three Adelaide players have accepted a reprimand for engaging in a melee at X Convenience Oval on Saturday.

Charge: Engaging in a Melee

Adelaide: Harry Schoenberg, Darcy Fogarty & Louis Sharrad

Central: Blake Launer, Matthew Neagle, Billy Illes, Ryan Llewellyn & Aiden Grace

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