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Round 3 Statewide Super League Teams

Norwood v North Adelaide | Coopers Stadium | 7:40pm | 1629 SEN SA & SEN App | SANFL Digital Pass


Norwood will keep its selection close to its chest in the lead up to the game against North at Coopers Stadium on Friday night.

Medium defender Jack Heard has been sent back to the Reserves, creating one opening against the Roosters.

Star veteran Richard Douglas, who missed last round due to personal reasons, heads the list of replacements along with Peter Bampton, Brad Carroll and Mac Bower.

Forward Declan Hamilton will play his 50th League game.



F: Nelligan, Boyd, Puopolo

HF: Hamilton, Callow, Wagner

C: McKenzie, Grigg, Rokahr

HB: Z. Richards, Ball, Pedro

B: Shenton, Collins, Saywell


R: Knoll, Spence, Nunn

INT: Barry, B. Carroll, Kennerley, Bower, Bampton, Gerloff, Douglas

IN: Bower, B. Carroll, Douglas, Bampton

OUT: J. Heard


Martin, Buckham, Vardenaga, Cotter, Pascoe, Wilkins, Barnett, J. Richards, Hearing, Fairbrother, J. Heard, F. Heard, Tranfa, Cavallaro, Binder, Chandler, Schwerdt, Murley, Trepka, Higgins, M. Carroll

Walls, Bishop, Hyde, Cristancig, Joseph, Jones-Bobridge, Gale, Gal, Lord, Rahui, Kent, Baldwin, Richardson, Charlton, Verrall, Capurso, Minervini, Pratt, Michalanney, Ianniello, Bordon, Dnistriansky, Boxer, Foster, Pitt, Bowman, Lake, Dickeson



North Adelaide has called upon three potential inclusions for its contest against Norwood at The Parade on Friday night.

Utility Lee Miniervini, forward Robbie Young and possible debutant Kaine Mercovich are in the queue to replace the injured Frank Szekely.

Mercovich (23, 179cm and 81kg) is a tough midfielder from Port Fairy while Young and Minervini are yet to feature at League level this year.



F: Hender, Hilder, Ramsey

HF: Jarman, Harvey, W. Combe

C: LeBois, C. Combe, Allmond

HB: Spina, Wilsdon, Wigg

B: Clisby, Smith, Miller


R: Barns, Moore, A. Young

INT: Chalmers, Hewett, Mercovich, Minervini, Schwarz, R. Young

IN: Mercovich, Minervini, R. Young

OUT: Szekely (ankle)

NEW: Kaine Mercovich (Port Fairy)


Neade, Bowman, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, Langley, Murphy, McInerney, Nixon, Byrne, Slee, Rusca, Eberhard, Coates, Freer, Robinson, Davison, Lockyer, Tindale

F: Dignan, Keeler, McNamara
HF: Rypstra, Froling, Wissman
C: Blacker, Jackson, Saint
HB: O’Loughlin, Bennier, Willis
B: Montgomery, Jackson-Martin, Woodward

R: Moors, Harrison, Santillo
INT: McTaggart, White, Turner, Cusack, Nolan, Heath, Serle, Mulady


South Adelaide v Port Adelaide | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


South Adelaide has listed a potential debutant in its 25-man squad to face Port at Flinders University Stadium.

Delisted Richmond utility Fraser Turner (20, 186cm and 76kg) has been named on a seven-man extended interchange bench.

Forward Luke Bogle and tall midfielder Jesse McKinnon have also been included as possible call ups for the Panthers.



F: Fitt, Nobes, Cross

HF: Wilkinson, Skinner, Schwarz

C: Haines, Gibbs, Milsom

HB: Rose, Haren, Broadbent

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Biemans


R: Freitag, Heaslip, H. Sampson

INT: Cailotto, Horne, O’Neill, Tarca, Bogle, McKinnon, Turner

IN: Bogle, McKinnon, Turner

NEW: Fraser Turner (Richmond/Clarence)


Barry, Coleman, Davies, Douglass, Dumesny, Elsworthy, Flett, Gaden, Hindes, Juckers, Kappler, Kraemer, Lippett, Lovering, Martin, Megins, McCreery, C. Sampson, Spacie, Tucker, Whitbread

F: Brown, Bottroff, Pilmore
HF: Scott, Cockshell, Hoeck
C: Kirkland, Rogers, Birt
HB: Bradley, Smith, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Daniell

R: Verrall, Draper, Mitton
INT: Barrett, Marshall, LeRaye, Treloar, Galliford, Roberts, Worthley, Duncan



Port’s midfield has been boosted for its encounter with South at Flinders University Stadium on Saturday.

AFL-listed pair Tom Rockliff and Sam Powell-Pepper have both been named to start in the centre square.

They will enjoy service from impressive Sam Hayes in the ruck while development players Sean Samblich and Matt Appleton are the other inclusions.

Sam Mayes, Boyd Woodcock, Martin Frederick, Miles Bergman, Kane Farrell and Trent McKenzie are out of last round’s line-up at this stage.



F: Lord, Williams, Weidemann

HF: Burgoyne, Surman, Schofield

C: Moore, Mead, Wildman

HB: Garner, Westbrook, Strange

B: Corcoran, Lienert, Sutcliffe


R: Hayes, Rockliff, Powell-Pepper

INT: Aldridge, Appleton, Edwards, Samblich

IN: Rockliff, Powell-Pepper, Samblich, Appleton

OUT: Mayes, Frederick, Woodcock, Bergman, Farrell, McKenzie



Sturt v West Adelaide | Unley Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass | The Advertiser live stream


Sturt will finally unveil star recruit Pat Wilson against West at Unley Oval on Saturday.

The dual Crows SANFL best-and-fairest has missed the opening two games with a shoulder complaint but has been named in the centre.

The 2016 premiership midfielder has been joined in the Double Blues’ 25-man squad by Adam Trenorden, Lachlan Burrows and a pair of potential Tasmanian debutants.

Hamish Allan (20, 205cm and 96kg) and Jared Dakin (20, 181cm and 80kg) could play their first League games for the club, with Allan the most likely given he’s named in the ruck.

Abe Davis has been sidelined by a hamstring strain while Ash Johnson is out.


F; Lewis, Fahey-Sparks, Patullo

HF: Slimming, Evans, Houlahan

C: Shute, Wilson, Crocker

HB: Page, Coomblas, Voss

B: Carey, Edmonds, Grivell


R: Allan, McEntee, Battersby

INT: Kirkwood, Trenorden, Thiele, Illman, Burrows, Penfold, Dakin

IN: Wilson, Trenorden, Dakin, Allan, Burrows

OUT: Davis (hamstring), Johnson

NEW: Hamish Allan (North Hobart), Jared Dakin (Launceston)


T. Hone, Wingard, Crane, DeZylva, How, Doyle, Taylor, Richards, Ferres, A. Lochowiak, Parker, Smith, Spain, Cock, Bristow, Armiento, Walter, Grieve, Liddy, Becker, J. Lochowiak

F: Lochowiak, Packer, Hortle
HF: Tucker, Read, Sadler
C: Thomas, Aish, Tidemann
HB: Hein, Fryer, Becker
B: Fidge, Torode, Bok

R: Kittel, Taylor, Jefferies
INT: J. Davies, O’Callaghan, Bishop, Gibson
EMG: Byun, Houston



West Adelaide star Kaine Stevens will play his first game for the season against Sturt at Unley Oval on Saturday.

The Neil Kerley Medallist has shrugged off injury to be named in the centre against the Double Blues.

Stevens has been joined in the Bloods’ 25-man squad by Bailey Chamberlain, Patrick Fairlie, Patrick Levicki, Sam May and Stuart Taverner.

Taverner will replace injured ruckman Angus Rana while fellow bigman Matt McKenzie and Murray Waite are also sidelined with injuries.



F: Gore, Ellem, I. Johnson

HF: Koster, Beech, J. Stevens

C: Boyle, J. Stevens, Haysman

HB: Murphy, Keough, Dunkin

B: Hill, Ryan, Duval


R: Taverner, Schiller, Lovell

INT: Karpany, Levicki, Chamberlain, May, P. Fairlie, Maguire, Sinderberry

IN: CHamberlain, P. Fairlie, Levicki, May, K. Stevens, Taverner

OUT: McKenzie (knee), Rana (knee), Waite (hip)


C. Allan, E. Allan, Anderson, Babic, Batley, Bock, Cleeland, Elliot, C. Fairlie, Faulkner, Fejo, Forbes, Kirk, Laudato, Meline, Morrish, Patterson, Redfern, Rundle, Sherlock, Steele, R. Stevens

F: Hahn, Young, Steene
HF: Watts, Lemmey, D. White
C: McCormick, Kennedy, Desira
HB: Pridham, Midwinter, Singleton
B: Higham, Satanek, Bunworth

R: Barnett, Thackeray, Ryan
INT: Coe, Kregar, Obst, Sgroi

Central District v Glenelg | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


A mature-age debutant could be selected for Central against Glenelg at X Convenience Oval on Saturday.

Billy Iles (26, 178cm and 77kg) is one of four inclusions to the Bulldogs’ 24-man squad, along with Marcus Barreau, Nick Gillard and potential debutant Rhys Cannizzaro.

From Nuriootpa FC, Cannizzaro (19, 188cm and 90kg) has been recruited from Central’s local zone.

Ben Nason and Brett Kennedy were sent back to the Reserves.



F: Grace, Graham, Gillard

HF: East, Olsson, Hoskin

C: Dew, J. Kelly, Barreau

HB: Morton, Montgomerie, Presbury

B: Weaver, Fort, M. Neagle


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, T. Schiller

INT: Cannizzaro, Grant, Habel, Iles, O’Brien, D. Pisani

IN: Barreau, Cannizzaro, Gillard, Iles

OUT: Kennedy, Nason

NEW: Billy Iles (Keilor)


Lellman, Nason, Sutton, Carpenter, Templeton, Tidswell, J. Neagle, Richard, Shaw, Cowham, Lange, Mclean, Hill, Patterson, Price, Dahms, Di Stefano, Thomson, Grubb, Haydon, Ryan, Rigney, Kennedy

Dudley, Kolhagen, Hahn, Wilson, Poulton, Ratcliff, Haynes, Clements, Reed, S. Linke, Penrose, Pyman, Kalleske, Mondello, Nelson, Carreno, Jones, T. Linke, Whitelum, Evans, Kalleske, Borlace, McDonald, Akur, Gilchrist, Tuck



Glenelg coach Brett Hand will be tempted to take an unchanged line-up into the clash with Central at X Convenience Oval.

Coming off two wins to start the season, the Tigers have added three players to their extended squad of 25.

Uncapped trio Brady Searle (Plympton), Brodie Newman (Wanderers) and Will Chandler (Corowa) have all had their strong Reserves form recognised with being named on the interchange.

Searle (19, 188cm and 88kg) is a versatile midfielder, Newman (20, 193cm and 88kg) a rebounding defender and Chandler (19, 183cm and 74kg) a crumbing half-forward.



F: Motlop, McBean, Hosie

HF: Reynolds, Pink, Bailey

C: Martini, B. Turner, Kuller

HB: Bradley, Durdin, Virgin

B: Park, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Allen

INT: Kluske, Partington, Chandler, Wisdom, Newman, Horsnell, Searle

IN: Searle, Newman, Chandler

NEW: Brady Searle (Plympton), Brodie Newman (Calder Cannons/Wanderers), Will Chandler (Corowa/Murray Bushrangers)


Crompton, Cole, Condon, Dowling, Edwards, G. Turner, Holder, Kitschke, Landt, McDonnell, Minchin, Moore, Murphy, Robins, Schott, Weir, Wanganeen, Yates, Uebergang, McCarthy

Viska, Tunkin, Window, Lovelock, Stagg, Nicotra, Durant, Scannell, Owens, Edwards, Trevena, McInnes, Brougham, Murdock, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Wiseman, Harding, McGary, Watts, Adams, Dewhirst, Kaeslar, Porter


Eagles v Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


The Eagles will welcome back Tyson Stengle for their match against Adelaide at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Yet to play a League game for his original SANFL club, the 22-year-old goalsneak is the ideal replacement for Troy Menzel, who will miss with concussion.

The former Richmond Tiger has been joined in the Eagles’ 25-man squad by veteran pair Patrick Giuffreda and Matt Goldsworthy while Sam Rowland and Nick Moore also return.

Key defender Rory Lehmann was squeezed out of the line-up.



F: Lonergan, D. Menzel, Poole

HF: Stengle, Von Bertouch, Cameron

C: Toumpas, Tsitas, Pudney

HB: Seymour, Thompson, Rowland

B: McFarlane, Giuffreda, Mead


R: Hayes, Sinor, Knight

INT: Firns, Jungfer, Hardie, Moore, Redden, Williams, Goldsworthy

IN: Giuffreda, Rowland, Stengle, Goldsworthy, Moore

OUT: T. Menzel (concussion), Lehmann

NEW: Tyson Stengle (Adelaide/returned)


Mills, Haylock, Kerrish, Beecken, R Mutch, Schmusch, Bruce, Gaffney, Sharman, Morgan, Dawkins, Pearce, Michael, Lehmann, McLeod, Asfaha, Hoile, Buck, Litster, Kasianowicz, Jackson, Wheare

F: Pitman, Lukac, Calvett
HF: Neumann, Cooke, Pearce
C: O’Reilly, Nicholls, Watson
HB: Thomson, Hunter-Price, Phillipou
B: Hansen, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, Burgoyne, D’Aloia
INT: Adams, Brnaford, Carter, Dwyer, Harnas, Hawker, Launer, Menta



South Adelaide draftee Brayden Cook will make his League debut against the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

The skilful wingman has been troubled by shoulder surgery but is set to be unleashed on a wing for the Crows.

Former Eagles Chris Hall will confront his ex-teammates when he lines up in his second League game for Adelaide after racking up 22 disposals against West in Round 2.


F: Davis, Hall, J. Mathews

HF: J. Cook, Thilthorpe, Clarke

C: Newchurch, Pedlar, B. Cook

HB: McAsey, Borlase, Wright

B: Latchford, Merrett, L. Mathews


R: Strachan, Boyle, O’Connor

INT: AFL Emergenices to be added

NEW: Brayden Cook (South Adelaide)

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