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Round 2 Statewide Super League Teams

The Round 2 Statewide Super League, Reserves and Torrens Uni Cup U18 Teams are in, check them out below.

Friday April 5
Glenelg v Adelaide| ACH Group Stadium | 7.20pm


Glenelg has been dealt a major blow for its midfield battle against Adelaide on Friday night.

Delisted West Coast Eagle Luke Partington tweaked his hamstring at training earlier in the week, with club medicos not prepared to risk further damage against the Crows.

Tall midfielder Tom Schott, goalsneak Josh Koster and defenders Alex Martini and Rulla Kelly-Mansell have been included in the 23-man squad.

Recruited from Launceston FC, Kelly-Mansell (26, 187cm and 76kg) finished with 21 disposals and seven marks in the Reserves last Friday night.



F: McCarthy, McBean, Reynolds

HF: Hosie, Scott, Gregson

C: Betterman, Motlop, Nicholson

HB: Joseph, Gould, Agnew

B: Currsn, Proud, Chalmers


R: White, Bradley, Scharenberg

INT: Kelly-Mansell, Close, Schott, Martini, Koster

IN: Schott, Martini, Kelly-Mansell, Koster

OUT: Partington (hamstring), Virgin


Bailey, Boyle, Carmody, Carney, Davis, DiSotto, Emmett, Feely, Gamble, Holyoak, Kerrish, Leck, LeCornu, Lovelock, McDermott, Milera, Searle, Snook, Yates, Virgin.

F: Bonutto, Thompson, H. McRae
HF: Weir, Kitschke, Symonds
C: Park, Liambis, Wilfred
HB: B. McRae, W. Schreiber, O’Loughlin-Johncock
B: Boag, Drum, Wilsdon

R: Holder, Carter, Kuller
INT: Wright, Harry, Moore, Bruhn, Chalmers, Horsnell



Adelaide has lost lead ruckman Reilly O’Brien for its Friday night clash with Glenelg.

Called up to replace Sam Jacobs in the Crows’ AFL line-up, O’Brien will have his role taken by Paul Hunter, who will spend most of his time starting in the centre square.

Development players Jordan Boyle, Mitch Johnson and Michael McMahon have been added to the 23-man squad, with all three named on the extended interchange bench.


F: Stengle, Strachan, Wright

HF: McHenry, Himmelberg, Gallucci

C: Davis, Greenwood, Wilson

HB: Butts, Sholl, Fogarty

B: Hamill, Otten, McPherson


R: Hunter, Ellis-Yolmen, Poholke

INT: Boyle, Hutchesson, Johnson, Latchford, McMahon

IN: Boyle, Johnson, McMahon

OUT: O’Brien (AFL)

Saturday April 6
North Adelaide v West Adelaide |Prospect Oval | 1.10pm


North Adelaide will do a sibling swap as it looks to unfurl its premiership flag against West at Prospect.

RAA Rookie James Schwarz will replace his older brother Tom Schwarz in the Roosters’ 21, with the latter accepting a one-match suspension at the SANFL Match Review Panel.

Also originally from the Eagles, James Schwarz (23, 184cm and 82kg) has been named to start on the interchange bench.


F: A. Barns, Harvey, Thring

HF: Hender, Ramsey, Spina

C: Olekalns, Tropiano, Jarman

HB: Castree, Smith, Allmond

B: Laurie, C. Craig, Clisby


R: Blair, Combe, Neade

INT: Miller, J. Schwarz, Wohling

IN: J. Schwarz

OUT: T. Schwarz (suspended)


F: Rigney, Tiggemann, Agorastos
HF: Szekely, Verity, Chapman
C: Kirk, Lower, Neagle
HB: Wharton, C. Barns, Driscoll
B: Maroney, Keller, Harrington

R: Hart, Hilder, Deep
INT: Bowman, Coleman-Oakes, Minervini

F: Newchurch, Robinson, Manning
HF: Hill, Dowling, Byrne
C: Antrobus, Magor, Scott
HB: Flanagan, K. Finlay, Osborne
B: Akker, T. Finlay, Coates

R: Tindale, L. Borg, Bernadi
INT: Dinning, Freer, Marshall, Hodges, Borg, Daniell, Stroud, Vasey, Campbell


A settled West Adelaide line-up will confront North Adelaide at Prospect Oval on Saturday.

Despite being overrun in the fourth term against Port in Round 1, the Bloods are yet to make any unforced changes to the 21 which lost to the Magpies.

Reliable defender Jack Agostino and utility Tom Pillion have been added to the five-man extended interchange bench.

League regulars Zac Bates, Errin Wasley-Black and Nathan Batley will all look to push their cause for elevation when they play in the Reserves.



F: G. Turner, Middleton, Karpany

HF: Snelling, Cleeland, Beech

C: Willsmore, B. Turner, Waite

HB: L. Evans, Levicki, J. Evans

B: Dunkin, Keough, J. Ryan


R: Parrella, Schiller, Noble

INT: K. Stevens, Pillion, Hill, Agostino, Schmidt

IN: Pillion, Agostino


Hupfeld, Batley, Wasley-Black, Anderson, Fairlie, R. Stevens, Bates, Kirk, Gallaway, Lynch, Johnson, Majok, S. Bentley, Laube, Noonan, Osborn, Morrish, Gutsche, Patterson, May, J. Bentley.

Jolly, Day, Ebert, Pearce, Brauer, Westley, Couroupis, Stakic, Bailye, Kelly, Fielke, Rundle, Woolridge, Nunan, Chamberlain, Nield, Laudato, De Cesare, Sareen, Groom, Bock, Sinderberry, Anderson, Coulthard, Smith, Gilbert, Hannagan.



Central District v Norwood | X Convenience Oval | 1.10pm


Central has added height and leg speed for its contest against Norwood on Saturday.

Towering ruckman Jonathan Marsh (21, 200cm and 103kg) could add some valuable back-up to developing bigman Tim Auckland, who has been listed to start in the centre square.

Hard-running wingman Sam Hanna has also been added to the Bulldogs’ 23-man squad, also listed on the extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.


F: Menzel, Fort, Stephenson

HF: Hoskin, D. Pisani, Dew

C: Gillard, Jydon Neagle, Jenner

HB: J. Schiller, Goodrem, Jaxon Neagle

B: Haydon, Madden, Habel


R: Auckland, Presbury, T. Schiller

INT: East, J. Furnell, Hanna, Marsh, Weaver

IN: Marsh, Hanna

Antonie, Barreau, Burton, Claughton, Cotgrove, S. Furnell, Llewellyn, Mahoney, McKenzie, Montgomerie, Matt Neagle, O’Gorman, Ortiz, Payne, F. Pisani, Rigney, Robinson, Shaw, Smit, Sheppard, M. White.

Grubb, Hughes, Odeggard, Ponton, Durdin, Tidswell, Price, Fiebiger, Docherty, Cowham, McCabe, Milera, Xanthopoulos, Alleer, Arnold, Carpenter, Cannizzaro, Combe, Richard, Marsden, Lehman, Thomson, Stevens.


Norwood has included two key bigmen at the bookends for the match against Central on Saturday.

Key forward Luke Surman has recovered from a hamstring to be named at full forward while Michael Talia (back), is named in defence after collecting 26 disposals in the Reserves in Round 1.

Crafty forward Chris Olsson has been named on the five-man extended interchange bench along with possible RAA Rookie Dylan Stephens.

Stephens, 18, is a highly-rated midfielder who has been a member of the AFL Academy. He racked up 35 disposals in the Redlegs’ Reserves last Friday night.

Captain Jace Bode could miss as many as three weeks after dislocating his shoulder against the Bays while utility Ed Smart has been sidelined by a foot complaint.


F: Gerloff, Surman, Barry

HF: Shenton, Dawe, Abbott

C: A. Wilson, Panos, L. Johnston

HB: McKenzie, Talia, Hamilton

B: Forster, Georgiou, Wilkins


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Nunn

INT: Olsson, Stephens, Z. Richards, Szust, Bampton

IN: Surman, Talia, Stephens, Olsson

OUT: Bode (shoulder), Smart (foot)


Heard, Taheny, J. Richards, Carroll, Fahlbusch-Moore, Bower, Willhelm, Martin, D. Johnston, J. Wilson, L. Charlton, Di Stefano, Spence, Barnett, Ball, Grove, Pascoe, Hay, Crauford, Saywell, Millman, Binder, Coles.

Cassanova, J. Murphy, Nelligan, Morris, Trepka, Foale, Altomare, Schwerdt, Saunders, Lanzoni, J. Murphy, Tranfa, Fairbrother, van Doorn, Warton, Carroll, Higgins, Tacono, Ianniello, Carbone, Porter, Bartlett, Carey, Hearing, Roberts.



Port Adelaide v South Adelaide | Alberton Oval | 2.10pm


Port Adelaide has included two key defenders as it prepares to host South at Alberton on Saturday.

Former Sturt pair Riley Grundy and Jarrod Lienert have been named in the starting 18, with the latter likely to drift further up the ground off a wing.

Left-footed Kane Farrell and SANFL-contracted Mitch Mead have also been named in the 21-man team, which is minus the AFL emergencies at this stage.

Five players have been called into the Power squad, including ball magnet Sam Gray, who racked up 34 disposals and kicked four goals against West in Round 1.



F: Cox, Frampton, Hill

HF: Sutcliffe, Farrell, Woodcock

C: Pudney, Atley, Lienert

HB: Frederick, Hartlett, Broadbent

B: McKenzie, Grundy, Corcoran


R: Ladhams, Trengove, Hewett

INT: M. Mead, Elsworthy, Appleton

IN: Lienert, Grundy, Farrell, M. Mead

OUT: Garner (AFL), Howard (AFL), S. Gray (AFL), Johnson (AFL), Mayes (AFL)



South Adelaide will unveil its star recruit against Port Adelaide at Alberton.

Former West Coast Eagle Malcolm Karpany (23, 177cm and 79kg) has been named to start on the wing for his return to the Statewide Super League.

Originally from Woodville-West Torrens, Karpany was a late withdrawal for the Round 1 win against Central due to the birth of his child on the morning of the match.

Victor Harbor utility Jesse McKinnon has also been included in the 23-man squad, listed on the extended interchange bench.


F: Heaslip, Overall, Sampson

HF: Fitt, Whittlesea, Schwarz

C: Irra, Cross, Karpany

HB: Haines, Cailotto, Brown

B: Rose, Crabb, Summerton


R: Knoll, Davis, Liddle

INT: Kappler, Haren, Noble, McKinnon, Tucker

IN: Karpany, McKinnon

Baker, Beenham, Carcuro, Colwell, Elmes, Emery, Fairlie, Freitag, Hoey, Illingworth, Juckers, Kennedy, Lovering, Manuel, McGree, Mills, Milsom, Sladojevic, Snelling, Whitbread.

F: Riddle, Hindes, Grimley
HF: Oliver, Reed, Nye
C: Spicer, Clifton, Coulthard
HB: Spacie, Douglass, Dumesny
B: Austin, Bastian, Jones

R: Williams, McCreery, Lippett
INT: Hamilton, Kraemer, Sampson, Kernahan, Barter, Ryan, Stapps



Sturt v Woodville West Torrens | Peter Motley Oval | 2.40pm

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Sturt has elevated two premiership forwards for its contest against the Eagles on Saturday.

Jack Sutcliffe (Achilles) and Ben Hansen (back) both got through the Double Blues’ Reserves clash unscathed last weekend to put their hands up for selection.

Hansen’s potential presence will be welcome in the absence of John Greenslade, who couldn’t be considered due to a groin complaint.

Hahndorf FC product Adam Trenorden (177cm and 70kg) could be another RAA Rookie for Sturt, with the 19-year-old named on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: Condon, Sutcliffe, J. Hone

HF: Gilfoy, Riley, Patullo

C: Colquhoun, Kirkwood, Crocker

HB: Harms, Stephens, Sumner

B: Grivell, F. Evans, Page


R: Read, Battersby, Pearce

INT: Penfold, Trenorden, Slimming, Hansen, M. Evans

IN: Trenorden, Hansen, Sutcliffe

OUT: Greenslade (groin)

Dodd, Munn, T. Hone, M. Lochowiak, Shute, Voigt, Voss, Wildman, Richards, Carey, Coombe, Allan, Wills, A. Lochwiak, Illman, Coomblas, Clifford, Edmonds, McEntee, Thiele, Thornton.

F: Holland, Kitto, Ferres
HF: Fahey, Durack, Staples
C: Laycock, Kennett, Hough
HB: Parker-Boers, Borlase, How
B: Carruthers, Paddick, Weeks

R: Zevenboom, Allan, Liddy
INT: Hugh Ferrari, Sims, Crane, Starr
EMG: Walter, Harradine, Adams, May


Woodville-West Torrens could have two exciting debutants against Sturt on Saturday.

Highly-rated SA AFL Academy pair Jackson Mead and Kysaiah Pickett have been included on a five-man extended interchange bench to face the Double Blues.

Mead, a Power Next Generation Academy player, is the son of Port club champion Darren Mead while Pickett is the nephew of Norm Smith Medallist Byron Pickett.

They have been joined in the Eagles squad by ruckman Jordan West, defender Joe Heinjus and forward Cooper Gaffney.

Midfielder Jesse Lonergan, forward Nick Hayes and debutant Tom Schmusch couldn’t be considered due to injury.

Scott Lewis will join the SANFL 200 Club when he lines up in his 200th Statewide Super League match.



F: Johansen, Weidemann, Boyd

HF: Poole, J. Hayes, Haylock

C: Hall, Lewis, Petrenko

HB: Foote, Thompson, Goldsworthy

B: Sinor, Von Bertouch, J. Gaffney


R: J. Redden, Rowe, Rowland

INT: C. Gaffney, Heinjus, Mead, Pickett, Westbrook, West

IN: C. Gaffney, Heinjus, Mead, Pickett, Westbrook, West

OUT: Lonergan (groin), N. Hayes (finger), Schmusch (AC-Joint)

Comitogianni, Lee, Michael, Cook, Moore, X. Redden, Wehr, House, Brill, Bruce, Morgan, McPherson, McLeod, Davis, Langcake, Armfield, Pratico, Pedler.

F: Barnett, Morris, Beecken
HF: Jackson, Arriola, Dawkins
C: Frederick, Schoenberg, Poulter
HB: Hoile, Jones, Lock
B: C. Smith, McNeilly, Buck

R: Coff, McNeil, Williams
INT: Dorian, Carter, Godden, Kennedy, McCann, Scott



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