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Round 18 Statewide Super League Teams – Week 1

Central District v Adelaide | X Convenience Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass |


Central District will make at least two changes for its final home game of the season against Adelaide at X Convenience Oval.

Ethan East and Justin Hoskin are confirmed exclusions, with East unavailable due to a hamstring strain and Hoskin battling a sore Achilles.

Prolific midfielder Travis Schiller is among the inclusions, named on the extended interchange which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.

Brendan Dew returns to a wing, Wyatt Patterson will line up at full back and Nick Lange will start in a forward pocket.

Eastern Park product Kyle Presbury will play his 100th League game.


F: Lange, Fort, Graham

HF: O’Brien, Grace, Barreau

C: Shaw, Presbury, Dew

HB: M. Neagle, Weaver, Alleer

B: Llewellyn, Patterson, Habel


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, Grant

INT: Cannizzaro, S. Linke, Grubb, Morton, Olsson, T. Schiller

IN: T. Schiller, Dew, Lange, Patterson

OUT: East (hamstring), Hoskin (Achilles)

MILESTONE – Kyle Presbury 100 games, Marcus Barreau 50 games


Dorizzi, Gant, Templeton, Dudley, Reed, J. Neagle, Richard, Cowham, Mclean, Montgomerie, A. McDonald, Pyman, Iles, Brown, Di Stefano, Thomson, McCabe, Rigney, Tippins, Kennedy, De Jonge

Grubb, Ross, Vidal, Wilson, Ratcliff, Dew, Vandenberg, Wall, Tattoli, Kohlhagen, Copperstone, Clements, Krieg, Balkwill, Tappert, Penrose, Mondello, Haynes, Nelson, Thomas, T. Linke, Matz, Evans, Deakin, Riggs, Gilchrist, Tuck



Adelaide has been forced into an attacking reshuffle for its clash with Central at X Convenience Oval.

Impressive young forward Lachlan Gollant, who has booted seven goals in his past two outings, is set to make his AFL debut with the Crows in Round 23.

James Rowe is also out of the side and while the Eagles premiership forward has been spending more time in the midfield, he still has a penchant for kicking a goal.

Strathalbyn spearhead Riley Clamp comes in to centre half-forward while dynamic James Mathews looms as a replacement for Rowe.

Will Hamill will resume in a back pocket while Willunga’s Sam Renney is set to make his SANFL League debut from the interchange bench.


F: Salt, McAsey, Clarke

HF: Wright, Clamp, J. Mathews

C: Newchurch, Berry, Marini

HB: Hodges, Kernahan, Boyle

B: Parnell, Tharaldsen, Hamill


R: Borlase, O’Connor, O. Davis

INT: Renney, Kennedy, Lewis, AFL Emergencies

IN: Clamp, Renney, Hamill, J. Mathews

OUT: Hall (injured), Rowe (AFL), Gollant (AFL), Marshman

NEW – Sam Renney (Willunga)

Port Adelaide v South Adelaide | Alberton Oval | 2:05pm | Channel 7 and 7Plus | SEN SA


Port Adelaide forward John Butcher will make his return to Alberton when he faces South Adelaide.

The former Power forward will again don the prison bars, for the first time since Round 21 2016.

This season, the former Central District playing assistant coach has been playing with Hamley Bridge and his junior Victorian club of Maffra.

Butcher has been joined in the Magpies line-up by veteran defender Tyson Goldsack and former Sturt junior Oliver Cheesman.

Steven Motlop, Sam Powell-Pepper and Jarrod Lienert have all been called up to the AFL squad.


F: Lord, Garner, Moore

HF: Williams, Aldridge, Weidemann

C: Frederick, Sutcliffe, Wildman

HB: Strange, Mead, Westbrook

B: Pasini, Goldsack, Corcoran


R: Hayes, Woodcock, McEntee

INT: Carter, Cheesman, Butcher

IN: Butcher, Cheesman, Goldsack

OUT: Motlop (AFL), Lienert (AFL), Powell-Pepper (AFL), Appleton



South Adelaide has loaded up its experience for its must-win contest against Port at Alberton.

Captain Matthew Rose will play League for the first time since injuring his shoulder in Round 8 while Magarey Medallist Joel Cross returns after recovering from his ankle ailment in Round 14.

Reece Milsom will line up on the wing after recovering from concussion while Kangaroo Island bigman Damon Freitag replaces Bailey Griffiths (concussion) in the ruck.

Jesse McKinnon, Fraser Turner and Jack Elsworthy have been added to the extended interchange bench.

Exciting teenager Matthew Roberts will play for St Peter’s College while Jake Tarca and Ben Haren were squeezed out of the line-up.


F: Heaslip, Cailotto, Draper

HF: Horne-Francis, Overall, Wilkinson

C: H. Sampson, Cross, Milsom

HB: Rose, Skinner, Haines

B: Loneragan, Summerton, Brown


R: Freitag, Broadbent, Gibbs

INT: McKinnon, Bogle, Biemans, Elsworthy, Fitt, Juckers, Turner

IN: Rose, Freitag, Turner, McKinnon, Cross, Elsworthy, Milsom

OUT: Roberts (school), Griffiths (concussion), Tarca, Haren

MILESTONE – Hayden Sampson 50 games


Birt, Brown, Coleman, Coulthard, Dumesny, Gaden, Haren, Hindes, Kappler, Kraemer, Lovering, Martin, McCreery, McGree, Nobes, Nye, C. Sampson, Sladojevic, Tarca, Williams

F: Delean, Cockshell, Pilmore
HF: Inthavong, Schirmer, Pearsons
C: Hoeck, Rodrigues, D. Brown
HB: Hayes, Marshall, Jones
B: Daniell, Miller, Schroder

R: Verrall, Rogers, Mitton
INT: Amos, Treloar, Bottroff, R. Brown, Howes, Hogg, Duncan

Catalano, Cristancig, De Luca, Joseph, Jones-Bobridge, Mead, Gal, Welsh, Rahui, Kent, Nayda, Jones, Verrall, Belperio, Minervini, Kiseau, Perkin, Dobie, Stenchlik, Kortesis, Dnistrianski, Boxer, Bowman, Wood, Occhiuto, Carey, Lake, Dickeson


F: Smith, Keeler, A. Turner
HF: Rypstra, Heath, Mulheron
C: Tully, Jackson, McTaggart
HB: O’Loughlin, Bennier, Woodward
B: McKenzie, Mulady, Sherman

R: Moors, Santillo, Harrison
INT: White, Froling, Wilsdon, Saint, Nolan, Tape-McGlashan, McNamara

F: Watson, B. Schwartz, Blair
HF: Phillipou, Lukac, Pearce
C: Barkla, Launer, Calvett
HB: Mair, Hunter-Price, Thomson
B: Goldie, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, Neumann, Nicholls
INT: Blackborough, D’Aloia, Mansell, Papanotis, Siney, Williams


F: Houston, Wilden, Turner
HF: Gladigau, Torode, Hein
C: Reilly, Taylor, L. Thomas
HB: Bawden, Fryer, Bosence
B: McCourt, Quartermaine, Jordans

R: Thredgold, Aish, Field
INT: Tragakis, Harvey, Pope, Felton, C. Thomas, Mantjaris

Window, Stagg, Gluyas, Nicotra, Ridgway, Durant, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Brougham, Murdock, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Harding, Virtanen, McGary, Watts, Adams, Kaeslar, Kean, Porter, Gould, Parish


F: Westdijk, Watts, Scully
HF: Barker, Young, McCormick
C: J. White, Thackeray, Baker
HB: Pridham, Midwinter, Sullivan
B: Roberts K, Satanek, Martin

R: Steene, D. White, Kennedy
INT: Desira, Harkins, Baltagie, Higham

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