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Round 16 SANFL Footy Fix

Welcome to the Round 16 SANFL Footy Fix, find out all of the latest from the Statewide Super League and U18 Torrens University Cup.

Round 16 SANFL Match Review Panel

There were no incidents cited by the SANFL Match Review Panel for Week 2 of Round 16.

Round 16 Powerade Breakthrough Player Nominees

James Schwarz (North Adelaide) – The emerging midfielder collected 19 disposals, four marks, four inside 50s and laid four tackles against Glenelg.

Hayden Sampson (South Adelaide) – The 19-year-old chalked up 20 disposals, three clearances and six tackles in the Panthers’ win against Central.

Josh Richards (Norwood) – Richards played his part in the Redlegs’ big win, kicking a goal to go with his 11 disposals and nine tackles against the Double Blues.

The Round 16 Powerade Breakthrough Player will be announced during Channel 7’s telecast of the Glenelg v West Adelaide match on Saturday from 1pm.

Round 16 Torrens University MVP Nominee

The Round 16 Torrens University MVP nominee is Woodville-West Torrens midfielder Zane Williams. Originally from Woodville South FC, Williams racked up 33 disposals, seven marks, seven tackles and three goals in the Eagles’ big win against West Adelaide.

Round 16 RAA Rookie

There was one RAA Rookie in Round 16 of the Statewide Super League.

Eamon Wilkinson (South Adelaide) – Meadows FC

2019 SANFL Digital Pass Player of the Year Award

Round 16

North v Glenelg – Votes by Bernie Mahoney
3) Luke Partington (Glenelg)
2) Tanner Smith (North)
1) Tom Schwarz (North)

Central v South – Votes by Robbie Neill
3) Joel Cross (South)
2) Abe Davis (South)
1) Malcolm Karpany (South)

Port v Eagles – Votes by Peter Argent
3) Scott Lycett (Port)
2) Willem Drew (Port)
1) Jack Trengove (Port)

West v Adelaide – Votes by Grant Coffee
3) Myles Poholke (Adelaide)
2) Kaine Stevens (West)
1) Jordan Butts (Adelaide)

24 – Luke Partington (Glenelg)
18 – Jack Trengove (Port)
17 – Sam Colquhoun (Sturt)
15 – Lewis Johnston (Norwood)
13 – Patrick Wilson (Adelaide), Joel Cross (South)
12 – Zane Kirkwood (Sturt), Peter Ladhams (Port)
10 – Jarrod Schiller (Central)
9 – Jarred Allmond (North)
8 – Joseph Haines (South), Kaine Stevens (West)
7 – Will Snelling (West), Jordan Foote (Eagles), Myles Poholke (Adelaide)
6 – Liam McBean (Glenelg), Jack Hayes (Eagles), Matthew Nunn (Norwood), Aidan Riley (Sturt), Matthew Panos (Norwood)
5 – Chris Curran (Glenelg), Jared Petrenko (Eagles), Troy Menzel (Central), Tanner Smith (North)

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