Team Selections

Round 14 Statewide Super League Teams


Saturday July 20

North Adelaide v Adelaide | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm

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North Adelaide has included an exciting young defender for his debut against Adelaide on Saturday.

Torrens University SAU18 backman Karl Finlay (18, 192cm and 88kg) will become the Roosters’ latest RAA Rookie after being named at half-back.

Another potential RAA Rookie in Max Lower (21, 185cm and 85kg) has been named on the five-man extended interchange bench with fellow inclusions Keanu Miller and Jake Wohling.

Former captain Mitch Clisby has recovered from a hamstring strain to return to the back pocket.

Premiership forward Keenan Ramsey has reinjured his hamstring while Chris Barns and James Schwarz were sent back to the Reserves.


F: Szekely, Harvey, Hender

HF: T. Schwarz, Laurie, Jarman

C: Allmond, Tropiano, Neagle

HB: Minervini, Smith, Finlay

B: Slee, C. Craig, Clisby


R: A. Barns, Spina, Thring

INT: Combe, Lower, Miller, Olekalns, Wohling

IN: Finlay, Wohling, Miller, Clisby, Lower

OUT: Ramsey (hamstring), C. Barns, J. Schwarz

Neade, Kirk, Wharton, Aldridge, Verity, J.Schwarz, Deep, C.Barns, J.Craig, Blair, Agorastos, Keller, Ginever, Hilder, Rigney, Coleman-Oakes, Magor, Bowman, Langley, Flanagan.

F: Marshall, Robinson, Newchurch
HF: Antrobus, Dowling, Byrne
C: Crompton, Murphy, Hill
HB: Nance, Coates, Scott
B: Akker, Leese, Santillo

R: Hart, L. Borg, Dinning
INT: Hodges, Freer, Vasey, Manning, Butterworth, Hem


Adelaide’s potency and running power has been strengthened for its match against North on Saturday.

Speedy Tyson Stengle and experienced Richard Douglas return to line up on the wings while high-flying Ben Davis will be deep in attack.

Promising defender Andrew McPherson also will be welcomed back into the 23-man squad to take his place in the back pocket.

Consistent midfielder Patrick Wilson, ruled out at quarter-time in Round 13 with concussion, has been named to start in the centre square.

Four development players have been forced out of the side with Matt Merrett unavailable while Jy Farrer, James Mathews and Jordan Boyle were omitted.


F: Hunter, Fogarty, Davis

HF: Wright, Himmelberg, Jones

C: Stengle, Gallucci, Douglas

HB: Sholl, Butts, Latchford

B: Hamill, Otten, McPherson


R: Jacobs, Gibbs, Wilson

INT: Davey, Hutchesson, Ryan, Seymour, Strachan

IN: Davey, Davis, Douglas, McPherson, Ryan, Stengle

OUT: Merrett (unavailable), Boyle, Farrer, Mathews


Norwood v South Adelaide | Coopers Stadium | 2:10pm

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Norwood has instantly recalled a triple premiership forward for its must-win contest against South on Saturday.

After playing his first Reserves game since Round 18 2009, Dawe has earned his spot back inside attacking 50m for the Redlegs.

Dawe has been joined in the 23-man squad by utility Josh Richards and possible RAA Rookies in 19-year-old Cameron Ball from Golden Grove FC and 19-year-old Sam Buckham from Wudinna.

Josh Richards has recovered from concussion to be listed on the five-man extended interchange bench.

Former Panther Cody Szust was squeezed back to the Reserves after playing both senior matches last week in the wake of Ed Smart hurting his quad in the warm-up of the League game.

Norwood captain Jace Bode, in consultation with coach Jarrod Cotton, has put the team first by opting to play in the Reserves to regain match fitness after feeling underdone in his comeback from a long-term ankle injury last round.


F: Taheny, L. Johnston, Gerloff

HF: Bampton, Dawe, Nunn

C: A. Wilson, Panos, Stephens

HB: J. Richards, Talia, Wilkins

B: Hamilton, Georgiou, Shenton


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Barry

INT: McKenzie, Ball, Surman, Z. Richards, Buckham

IN: Dawe, Ball, Buckham, J. Richards

OUT: Bode, Szust

D. Johnston, Olsson, Crauford, Pedro, Szust, Martin, Collins, Olds, Hay, Charlton, Pascoe, Bristow, Bode, Heard, Waters, Barnett, Coles, Saywell, Spence, Di Stefano, Bower, Fahlbusch-Moore.



South Adelaide will unleash an RAA Rookie in its crunch match against Norwood on Saturday.

Wingman Reece Milsom (18, 186cm and 73kg) has been called up from the Reserves after originally being recruited from Flagstaff Hill FC.

Milsom has been joined in the Panthers’ 23-man squad by forwards Liam Fitt and Luke Bogle, who have been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.

Luckless utility Nic Scwharz will be sidelined for a month with a hand injury.


F: Biemans, Overall, Haren

HF: Heaslip, Whittlesea, Liddle

C: Milsom, Cross, Noble

HB: Haines, Summerton, Brown

B: Irra, Crabb, Rose


R: Cailotto, Davis, Karpany

INT: Sampson, Hoey, Fitt, Bogle, Loneragan

IN: Milsom, Bogle, Fitt

OUT: Schwarz (hand)

Badger, Baker, Beenham, Coleman, Colwell, Davies, Elmes, Emery, Juckers, Kappler, Kennedy, Lovering, McGree, McKinnon, Moffa, Snelling, Tucker, Whitbread, Wilkinson.

F: McCreery, Sladojevic, Roberts
HF: Hamilton, Oliver, Nye
C: Riddle, Clifton, Sampson
HB: Kernahan, Douglass, Lippett
B: Little, Hindes, Dumesny

R: Freitag, Sweetman, Horne
INT: Brown, Rogerson, Ryan, Kraemer, Williams, Draper, Copley, Strapps


Sunday July 21

Eagles v Central District | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:10pm

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Woodville-West Torrens could unveil a prized teenager for its encounter against Central on Sunday.

Torrens University SA U18 midfielder Jackson Mead (17, 184cm and 83kg) has been included in the Eagles’ 23-man squad along with utility Sam Rowland.

Both inclusions have been listed on the five-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by two before the bounce.

Ruckman Jarrad Redden will play his 100th Statewide Super League game after making his debut in Round 16 of 2008.


F: N. Hayes, Guilhaus, Rowe

HF: Poole, J. Hayes, Lonergan

C: Boyd, Foote, Firns

HB: Sinor, Von Bertouch, Hall

B: Goldsworthy, Thompson, Giuffreda


R: J. Redden, Petrenko, Sharrad

INT: J. Gaffney, C. Gaffney, Moore, Rowland, Mead

IN: Mead, Rowland

Comitogianni, Weidemann, Lee, Nason, Cook, West, E. Miller, Schmusch, X. Redden, Wehr, Brill, Bruce, Lewis, Morgan, Walker, McLeod, Morris, Schoenberg, Westbrook, McNeil, Armfield, Pickett.

F: Schofield, H. Smith, Barnett
HF: Dawkins, Coff, Carter
C: Frederick, Beecken, McCann
HB: McNeilly, Jones, Gaze
B: Buck, Francis, Lock

R: Phillips, Hoile, Z. Williams
INT: Burgoyne, Brownlie, Hayes, Kasianowicz, Pearce, Poulter, Scott, Watson


Central coach Roy Laird is continuing his push to play youth ahead of confronting the Eagles on Sunday.

Second-gamer Ethan East, who made his League debut in Round 1, and promising utility Cooper Dahms have been included in the Bulldogs’ 23-man squad.

Veteran defender Nick Madden returns to the back pocket while last round’s RAA Rookie Corey Durdin has been ruled out with concussion.


F: Menzel, Fort, Jenner

HF: Hoskin, McKenzie, Burton

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, East

HB: Goodrem, Patterson, Matthew Neagle

B: Madden, Llewellyn, Habel


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, T. Schiller

INT: Dahms, J. Furnell, Gillard, Robinson, Payne

IN: East, Dahms, Madden

OUT: Durdin (concussion)

Auckland, Barilla, Billing, Cannizzaro, Cotgrove, S. Furnell, Haydon, John, Mahoney, McCabe, McLean, Montgomerie, Jaxon Neagle, O’Brien, O’Gorman, D. Pisani, Presbury, Rigney, Shaw, Sheppard, Stephenson, Weaver, White.

Grubb, Hughes, Barilla, Tidswell, Fiebiger, Carreno, Xanthopoulos, Ponton, Dowse, Wilkin, Thomson, DeJonge, Whitelum, Stevens, Milera, Cowham, Evans, Linke, Falland, Kirk, Helmers, Docherty, Welch, McBride.


Port Adelaide v Glenelg | Alberton Oval | 2:10pm

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Port Adelaide has been bolstered by the return of a star midfielder for its clash against Glenelg on Sunday.

Former Melbourne captain Jack Trengove, who last played against the Bays in Round 8, has recovered from a leg infection to be named on the wing.

The polished on-baller has been joined in the Mapgies 25-man squad by veteran ruckman Paddy Ryder and Power rookie Kai Pudney.

Former Woodville-West Torrens junior Lachlan Smith and Henley Sharks’ Charlie Morrison are among several SANFL-contracted Magpies added to the extended interchange.

Rebounding defender Matthew Broadbent was fittingly awarded a call up to AFL ranks after 38 disposals last round while key forward Billy Frampton accepted a two-match ban for engaging in rough conduct with Adelaide’s Pat Wilson in Round 13.

Former Tiger Jack Strange couldn’t be considered due to concussion.


F: Farrell, Ryder, Hayes

HF: Davidson, Woodcock, Johnson

C: Pudney, Atley, Trengove

HB: Hewett, Frederick, Lienert

B: Garner, McKenzie, Corcoran


R: Ladhams, Mayes, Appleton

INT: Marshall, Elsworthy, Drew, Edwards, Smith, Hill, Morrison

IN: Ryder, Trengove, Pudney, Edwards, Smith, Morrison, Hill

OUT: Broadbent (AFL), Frampton (suspended), Strange (concussion)


Glenelg appears set to play the same 21 which defeated Norwood last Sunday when it tackles Port in Round 14.

With no omissions at this stage, the Bays have added four players to their 25-man squad, including possible debutants Rulla Kelly-Mansell and Darcy LeCornu.

Key defender Todd Slade and emerging midfielder Finn Betterman have also been listed on the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Reynolds, McBean, Close

HF: Scharenberg, Schott, Partington

C: Virgin, Snook, Bradley

HB: Joseph, Curran, Motlop

B: Gould, Proud, Uebergang


R: White, Agnew, Gregson

INT: McCarthy, Slade, Bailey, Chalmers, Kelly-Mansell, Betterman, LeCornu

IN: Slade, Betterman, Kelly-Mansell, LeCornu

Boyle, Carmody, Carney, Davis, Feely, Holyoak, Kerrish, Koster, Kuller, Leck, Lovelock, Martini, McPherson, Moore, Sawford, Schreiber, Searle, Wisdom, Yates.

B. McRae, Ross, Robins, Symonds, Hawson, Carmody, Carter, Edwards, Park, Murphy, Dowdell, Horsnell, Weir, Kitschke, Grosser, Emmett, Liambis, Pedlar, Bonutto, McManus, Chalmers, Drum, O’Loughlin, Wilsdom.


Sturt v West Adelaide | Peter Motley Oval | 2:10pm

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Sturt has called upon a premiership bigman for its contest against West on Sunday.

Former Geelong rookie Tom Read has been rewarded for his strong form in the Reserves last week after playing his return game from a serious calf injury.

Read had 16 disposals, seven marks, six tackles and four clearances to suggest he is ready for elevation.

Utility Joel Thiele, who had 26 disposals, eight tackles and a goal in the Reserves, has been included on the five-man extended interchange bench.


F: M. Evans, Patullo, Riley

HF: J. Hone, Sutcliffe, Greenslade

C: Pearce, Colquhoun, Crocker

HB: Sumner, Stephens, Carey

B: Illman, F. Evans, Edmonds


R: Read, Kirkwood, Battersby

INT: Slimming, Fahey-Sparks, Munn, Thiele, Penfold

IN: Read, Thiele

M. Lochowiak, T. Hone, Condon, A. Lochowiak, Shute, Trenorden, Parker-Boers, Grivell, How, McEntee, Voss, Burrows, Wills, Borlase, Coomblas, Weeks, Mitchell, Allan, Coombe, Thornton, Richards.

F: H. Ferrari, Holland, Doyle
HF: Fahey, Howe, Crane
C: Laycock, Liddy, Wingard
HB: Carruthers, Matteucci, Thiele
B: Starr, Paddick, Britten-Jones

R: Zevenboom, Kennett, Allan
INT: Bilsborow, Sims, Staples, Bawden
EMG: Adams, J. Ferrari, Field, Becker.


A settled West Adelaide side could name an unchanged line-up to face Sturt on Sunday.

Coming off a stirring two-point win, the Bloods have added four players to their 25-man squad including possible RAA Rookie Sam May, a 19-year-old from Mitcham FC.

May has been joined on the extended interchange bench by Conor Noonan, Kyle Kirk and Connor Fairlie, the latter aiming to play his his first League game for West since crossing from South Adelaide.


F: G. Turner, Cleeland, Schmidt

HF: Karpany, Willsmore, J. Evans

C: Batley, P. Fairlie, Waite

HB: Hill, Keough, Levicki

B: Agostino, Hupfeld, Dunkin


R: Parrella, H. Haysman, K. Stevens

INT: Noonan, Thilthorpe, Laube, Wasley-Black, C. Fairlie, May, Kirk

IN: Kirk, Noonan, May, C. Fairlie

Anderson, Pillion, R. Stevens, Inglis, Gallaway, Lynch, Wooldridge, L. Evans, Majok, Caruso, S. Bentley, Kelsh, Morrish, Gutsche, Rana, Day, Chamberlain, Sinderberry, Moore, G. Haysman.

Pearce, Harkins, Ebert, O’Connor-Dawkins, Boughen, Westley, Iuliano, Bailye, Kelly, Kelsh, Fielke, Sherlock, Morelli, Van den Berg, Nield, Laudato, Gilbert, Stakic, Sareen, Henty-Smith, Groom, Pederick, Bock, Forbes, Nunan, Chamberlain.


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