Team Selections

Round 14 Statewide Super League Teams

Compiled by Zac Milbank

Sturt v Glenelg | Unley Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass | 1629 SEN & SEN App


Sturt could field an unchanged line-up against unbeaten Glenelg at Unley Oval.

Coming off a stirring win against Norwood at The Parade, the Double Blues have added three players into a 25-man squad.

Wingman Josh Shute, first-year midfielder Mani Liddy and potential AAMI Rookie Anzac Lochowiak, from Payneham, have been added to the seven-man extended interchange.

Bigman Lachlan Burrows, named on the interchange, must prove his fitness after a heavy fall into the boundary fence last Friday night.


F: J. Hone, Davis, Fahey-Sparks

HF: Trenorden, Houlahan, Slimming

C: Parker, Thiele, Crocker

HB: Carey, Wundke, Voss

B: Page, Edmonds, Coomblas


R: Patullo, Lewis, Battersby

INT: Dakin, Illman, Penfold, Liddy, Shute, A. Lochowiak, Burrows

IN: Liddy, Shute A. Lochowiak

NEW: Anzac Lochowiak (Payneham)


T. Hone, Holland, Parker-Boers, Taylor, Doyle, DeZylva, M. Lochowiak, Sutcliffe, Spain, Becker, Grundy, J. Lochowiak, Richards, Emmett, Wingard, Walter, Manuell, Jefferies

F: Aish, Packer, Hortle
HF: J. Davies, Fidge, Slade
C: Thomas, Taylor, Tucker
HB: Hein, Fryer, Holt
B: Carruthers, Quartermaine, Gibson

R: Thredgold, Rawlinson, Sadler
INT: McEntee, Stagg, Pope, O’Callaghan, Jordans, Bishop



Glenelg has restocked its defence ahead of its contest against Sturt at Unley Oval.

Former North Melbourne backman Sam Durdin returns after being a late withdrawal with hamstring tightness in Round 13.

Premiership defender Michael Virgin is on the extended interchange after recovering from his hamstring strain suffered in Round 10.

Tall defender Brodie Newman has recovered from his minor ankle complaint while Roopena recruit Kyle Crompton has been recognised for his stunning form in the Reserves (averaging 27.5 disposals) with a place in the 25-man squad.

Callum Park was squeezed out of the side which defeated Adelaide in Round 13.


F: Motlop, McBean, Bailey

HF: Yates, Reynolds, B. Turner

C: Allen, Partington, Bradley

HB: Martini, Durdin, McCarthy

B: Landt, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Agnew

INT: Kuller, Wanganeen-Milera, Newman, Pink, Edwards, Virgin, Crompton

IN: Virgin, Durdin, Newman, Crompton

OUT: Park

NEW: Kyle Crompton (Roopena)


Scharenberg, Searle, Leck, Park, Weir, Horsnell, McRae, Minchin, Moore, McDonnell, Kitschke, Schott, Murphy, Chandler, G. Turner, Robins, Condon, Cole, Kluske, Symonds, Holder

Viska, Tunkin, Window, Lovelock, Stagg, Ridgway, Durant, Scannell, Owens, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Trevena, Brougham, Rayson, Beecken, Wiseman, Harding, McGary, Watts, Adams, Dewhirst, Kaeslar, Ryan, Gould, Parish

Woodville West Torrens v West Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


Woodville-West Torrens goalsneak Troy Menzel is in line to play his first League game since Round 7 against West at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

The former Central forward has recovered from his wrist injury to be one of three inclusions to the Eagles’ 25-man squad.

Menzel has been joined by fellow forward Zane Williams and possible AAMI Rookie Lachlan Hoile, a 20-year-old from Yorke Peninsula club Southern Eagles.


F: Stengle, Hayes, Haylock

HF: Poole, Von Bertouch, D. Menzel

C: McFarlane, Tsitas, Mutch

HB: Seymour, Giuffreda, Toumpas

B: Beecken, Thompson, Rowland


R: Redden, Sinor, Lonergan

INT: Pudney, Firns, Williams, Comitogianni, Jungfer, Hoile, T. Menzel

IN: T. Menzel, Williams, Hoile

NEW: Lachlan Hoile (Southern Eagles)


Mills, Moore, Kerrish, Lee, West, Schmusch, Mead, Hardie, Bruce, Gaffney, Dawkins, Pearce, Michael, Lehmann, McLeod, Buck, Burgoyne, Litster, Jackson, Wheare

F: Calvett, Lukac, Adams
HF: Launer, Cooke, Pearce
C: Watson, Phillipou, Hansen
HB: Thomson, Hunter-Price, Hawker
B: Neumann, Ueding, Wollogorang

R: Phillips, D’Aloia, Nicholls
INT: Barkla, Blair, Carter, Dosljak, J. Hendry, Menta, Murphy, C. Schwartz, Williams



West Adelaide will unveil another mature-aged recruit when it faces the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

PHOS Camden’s Hamish Gordon (26, 178cm and 76kg) will start across half-forward for the Bloods.

Originally from Millicent, Gordon is joined in the 25-man squad by Jye Sinderberry, who has been named at centre half-back.

Ed Allan, Joel Stevens, Lyndon Hupfeld and postential debutant Luke Redfern have all been listed on the seven-man extended interchange.

Forward Josh Gore and midfielder Lucas Meline have been sidelined by hamstring strains while Tom Morrish was sent back to the Reserves.


F: C. Fairlie, Ellem, Cleeland

HF: Gordon, Keough, Maguire

C: Boyle, Squire, Chamberlain

HB: Murphy, Sinderberry, Dunkin

B: Hill, Ryan, Duval


R: Taverner, Lovell, K. Stevens

INT: Redfern, E. Allan, J. Stevens, Haysman, P. Fairlie, Hupfeld, Elliot

IN: E. Allan, Gordon, Hupfeld, Redfern, Sinderberry, J. Stevens

OUT: Gore (hamstring), Meline (hamstring), Morrish

NEW: Hamish Gordon (PHOS Camden), Luke Redfern (Coolamon Rovers)


C. Allan, Babic, Batley, Bock, Couroupis, Davidson, Faulkner, Fejo, Gilbert, J. Johnson, Kelly, Laudato, Lemmey, Martin, Morrish, Rundle, Schiller, Sherlock, R. Stevens, Taylor, White, Wooldridge

F: Young, Tredwell, Scully
HF: McCormick, Minchella, Burbridge
C: J. White, Thackeray, Obst
HB: Pridham, Midwinter, K. Roberts
B: Patton, Satanek, Higham

R: Barnett, Ryan, Kennedy
INT: Byrne, Coe, Westdijk, Sullivan


South Adelaide v Adelaide | Victor Harbor Oval | 2:30pm | SANFL Digital Pass |


South Adelaide veteran Anthony Biemans will play his first League game since Round 4 against Adelaide at Victor Harbor.

The former Port Magpie has been elevated from the Reserves where he has played the past fortnight after a hamstring strain.

Ruckman Bailey Griffiths, defender Danny Juckers and pacy Luke Bogle, who racked up 42 disposals and 11 marks in the Reserves last round, have also been added to the 25-man squad.

Former West Coast Eagle Mitch O’Neill will miss the next fortnight with a hamstring strain.


F: Fitt, Skinner, Wilkinson

HF: Tucker, Overall, Biemans

C: H. Sampson, Cross, Milsom

HB: Gibbs, Haren, Broadbent

B: Haines, Summerton, Horne


R: Cailotto, Schwarz, Heaslip

INT: Griffiths, Kraemer, Tarca, Loneragan, Juckers, Kappler, Bogle

IN: Biemans, Griffiths, Juckers, Bogle

OUT: O’Neill (hamstring)

MILESTONE – Liam Fitt 50 games


Barrett, Brown, Coleman, Douglass, Dumesny, Elsworthy, Freitag, Hindes, Lovering, Machin, Martin, McCreery, McGree, McKinnon, Megins, Nye, C. Sampson, Sawford, Sladojevic, Turner, Whitbread, Williams

F: Delean, Schirmer, Cockshell
HF: Rodrigues, Hoeck, Rogers
C: D. Brown, Wheaton, Birt
HB: R. Brown, Marshall, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Schroder

R: Verall, Bradley, Mitton
INT: Welk, Pilmore, Hogg, Howes, Worthley, Amos, Galliford, Magor, Treloar



Adelaide has regained its skipper to confront South at Victor Harbor Oval.

Classy forward Matthew Wright returns to the line-up along with AAMI Rookie Sam Kennedy, from Myponga Sellicks FC

James Mathews and Mitch Marini have also been added to the interchange bench, along with the expected AFL emergencies.

Lachie Murphy and Ben Davis have been called up for AFL duty while Chris Hall and Tim Baccanello have strained hamstrings.


F: Newchurch, Gollant, Lynch

HF: Wright, Fogarty, McAdam

C: Kennedy, Boyle, B. Cook

HB: Parnell, Borlase, Worrell

B: Latchford, McAsey, McPherson


R: Strachan, O’Connor, O. Davis

INT: J. Mathews, Marini, AFL Emergencies

IN: Wright, J. Mathews, Kennedy, Marini

OUT: Murphy (AFL), B. Davis (AFL), Hall (hamstring), Baccanello (hamstring)

NEW: Sam Kennedy (Myponga Sellicks FC)

North Adelaide v Central District | Prospect Oval | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


North Adelaide’s former captain Mitch Clisby will be considered for inclusion against Central at Prospect Oval.

The former Melbourne Demon made a rare appearance in the Reserves last round, on his way back from a minor hamstring complaint.

Clisby, who racked up 30 disposals and six tackles, is one of three players included on the extended interchange with fellow inclusions Ben Jarman and Lachie Wilsdon.


F: Hender, Ramsey, R. Young

HF: Schwarz, Hilder, W. Combe

C: A. Young, C. Combe, Allmond

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: Finlay, C. Craig, Hewett


R: Harvey, Moore, Mercovich

INT: Chalmers, Clisby, Fahey, Jarman, McInerney, Minervini, Wilsdon

IN: Clisby, Jarman, Wilsdon


Neade, Bowman, Magor, Davis, Miller, Neagle, Langley, J. Craig, Murphy, Taylor, Ianniello, Byrne, Hann, Coates, Williams, Freer, Robinson, Davison, M. Borg, McCann, Flanagan

F: Tully, Keeler, Dignan
HF: Blacker, Heath, Harrison
C: Saint, Willis, McNamara
HB: O’Loughlin, Bennier, McAullife
B: Wilsdon, Jackson-Martin, Woodward

R: Moors, Santillo, Jackson
INT: White, A. Turner, Montgomery, Hodges, Wissman, Scadden, Sherman



Central District coach Paul Thomas will make no less than four changes ahead of his team’s game against North at Prospect Oval.

Former Redleg Corey Di Stefano (23, 189cm and 82kg) will make his League debut from a back pocket while Connor Mclean return to the forward structure.

Oliver Shaw will play his first League game of the season and first since Round 7 of last year when he lines up on a wing.

Rhys Cannizzaro, Brendan Dew, Ethan East and Billy Iles have all been added to the seven-man extended interchange.

Jackson Kelly, Cooper Dahms, David Haydon and Shay Linke were all omitted.


F: Mclean, Fort, Grace

HF: Presbury, Gillard, Barreau

C: Shaw, Hoskin, Grant

HB: Habel, Llewellyn, M. Neagle

B: Di Stefano, Alleer, Morton


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, T. Schiller

INT: Cannizzaro, Dew, East, Iles, Olsson, Pisani, Weaver

IN: Cannizzaro, Dew, East, Di Stefano, Iles, Mclean, Shaw

OUT: Dahms, J. Kelly, Haydon, S. Linke

NEW: Corey Di Stefano (Norwood/Golden Grove)


S. Linke, Templeton, Dudley, Graham, J. Neagle, Richard, Cannizzaro, Lange, East, D. McDonald, Patterson, Price, Dahms, O’Brien, Iles, Brown, Thomson, Grubb, H. McCabe, Haydon, Rigney, Kennedy, De Jonge

Grubb, Ross, Vidal, Wilson, Poulton, Tattoli, Ratcliff, Wall, Hahn, Kohlhagen, Kotsano, Clements, Reed, Krieg, Schmidtke, Copperstone, Pyman, McDonald, Haynes, Mondello, Carreno, E. McCabe, T. Linke, Matz, Evans, Deakin, Gilchrist, Tuck

Port Adelaide v Norwood | Alberton Oval | 2:35pm | Channel 7 and 7plus


Talented forward Xavier Duursma will make his SANFL League debut against Norwood at Alberton.

Having recovered from a knee hyperextension, Duursman will line up on a wing while donning the prison bard for the first time.

Zak Butters and Tom Clurey have been called up for AFL duty after helping the Magpies defeat Central in Round 13.


F: Lord, Williams, Weidemann

HF: McEntee, Samblich, Aldridge

C: Duursma, Wildman, Bonner

HB: Goldsack, Hartlett, Moore

B: Westbrook, Pasini, Corcoran


R: Hayes, Mead, Appleton

INT: Strange, Carter, plus AFL emergencies

IN: Duursma

OUT: Butters (AFL), Clurey (AFL)



Norwood will welcome back lead ruckman Michael Knoll for its crucial clash with Port at Alberton.

The Fos Williams Medallist returns for the first time since suffering a knee injury in Round 8.

Goalsneak Xavier Tranfa also comes in after overcoming knee soreness to be named at half-forward.

Tom Wagner and Zac Richards have also been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench.

Impressive midfielder Henry Nelligan is out with a hip complaint.


F: Hamilton, Knoll, Barry

HF: Tranfa, Shenton, Puopolo

C: Douglas, Nunn, Rokahr

HB: Saywell, Ball, McKenzie

B: Wilkins, Talia, Collins


R: Boyd, Kennerley, Grigg

INT: Z. Richards, Bower, Pascoe, J. Richards, Wagner, Gerloff, Binder

IN: Z. Richards, Knoll, Wagner, Tranfa

OUT: Nelligan (hip)

Z. Richards, Irra, Bampton, Book, Bower, Larkins, Vardenaga, Cotter, Pascoe, Kent, J. Richards, Wagner, Hearing, J. Heard, Gerloff, F. Heard, Cavallaro, Binder, Chandler, Schwerdt, Haebich, Trepka, Robinson, Roberts, Warton, Gal, M. Carroll

Murley, Bishop, Hyde, De Luca, Joseph, Walls, Pisani, Gal, Kelly, Rahui, Kent, Capurso, Trevor, Charlton, Verrall, Belperio, Minervini, Pratt, Perkin, Michalanney, Ianniello, Dobie, Stenchlik, Wright, Dnistrianski, Boxer, Bowman, Pitt, Carey, Lake, Dickeson

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