Team Selections

Round 14 Statewide Super League Teams


Norwood coach Jarrod Cotton could unleash as many as three AAMI Rookies for its final match of the season at The Parade.

Sam Barnett (Payneham), Jack Heard (Walkerville) and Tyler Martin (Tea Tree Gully) have all been included in the Redlegs’ 25-man squad.

Midfielder Will Abbott has recovered from a minor hip complaint while Codey Ellison is also on the extended interchange bench.

Declan Hamilton returns to the forward pocket after playing in the Reserves last round.

Impressive AAMI Rookie Daniel Fairbrother is out due to personal reasons while Emmanuel Irra (hamstring) and Luke Surman (knee) were ruled out with injury.

Dual premiership ruckman Sam Baulderstone will play his 137th and final League match for the Redlegs after announcing his retirement.


F: Hamilton, Pinyon, Gerloff

HF: Douglas, Ball, Spence

C: Saywell, Bastinac, Barry

HB: Z. Richards, Shenton, B. Carroll

B: Wilkins, McKenzie, Rokahr


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Nunn

INT: Heard, Abbott, Wilson, Barnett, Martin, Bampton, Ellison

IN: Abbott, Ellison, Heard, Barnett, Hamilton, Martin

OUT: Fairbrother (personal), Irra (hamstring), Surman (knee)

NEW – Jack Heard (Walkerville), Sam Barnett (Payneham), Tyler Martin (Tea Tree Gully)


J. McDonald, Szust, Pedro, Ficken, T. McDonald, Scali, Schell, Wagner, Binder, Morris, Bristow, Crabtree, Carbine, Pascoe, Maunder, Lodovici, Falco, M. Carroll, McCarthy. EMG – Murphy, Staritski, Kudra

Murley, Bishop, Walls, Nelligan, Schwerdt, Cavallaro, Jones, Gal, Lord, Trepka, Tranfa, Belperio, Roberts, Kent, Murphy, Fairbrother, Warrick, Kemp, Joseph, Saunders, Warton, Hearing, Ianniello, Webb, Heard, Duke, Lake



West Adelaide will give its fans a taste of the future in its last game of the season against Norwood at The Parade.

Highly-rated teenagers Bailey Chamberlain and Jye Sinderberry have been named to make their League debuts in the starting 18.

Chamberlain (18, 179cm and 70kg) has been named on the wing while Sinderberry (18, 188cm and 82kg) has been named at half-back.

They have been joined in the Bloods’ 25-man squad by forward Lyndon Hupfeld, goalsneak Connor Fairlie and premiership wingman Hugh Haysman.

Key defender Pat Levicki was unfit to play but has been cleared of any serious damage to his knee while Josh Koster is out with a hamstring strain.


F: B. Turner, Cleeland, Karpany

HF: Morrish, Ellem, Johnson

C: Willsmore, Schiller, Chamberlain

HB: Sinderberry, Keough, Duval

B: Squire, Ryan, Hill


R: Taverner, K. Stevens, Boyle

INT: Batley, R. Stevens, May, P. Fairlie, C. Fairlie, Haysman, Hupfeld

IN: Chamberlain, C. Fairlie, Haysman, Hupfeld, Sinderberry

OUT: Koster (hamstring), Levicki (knee)

NEW: Bailey Chamberlain (Roxby Downs), Jye Sinderberry (Goodwood Saints)


Couroupis, Elliot, Forbes, Gilbert, Groom, Harris, Kelly, Kelsh, Kirk, Laudato, Martin, McKenzie, Mead, Morelli, Nield, Pearce, Rana, Sareen, Sherlock, J.Stevens, White, Wooldridge


F: Warde, Obst, Blackwell
HF: Talbot, Young, Clark Jnr
C: Henty-Smith, White, E. Faulkner
HB: Van den Berg, Midwinter, Pridham
B: Hodge, Sherlock, Courtney

R: Heitmann, Desira, Kennedy
INT: T. Faulkner, Dunkin, Burbridge, Venning


Central District will bid farewell to a pair of retiring premiership greats against the Eagles at X Convenience Oval.

Former captain Trent Goodrem and vice-captain Kyle Jenner will play their final games in the red, blue and white after spending more than a decade at Elizabeth.

The Dogs will be aiming to continue their impressive late-season form by maintaining a settled line-up, with only one change required at selection.

Former Redleg Darcy Pisani returns to be named at half-forward in place of the injured Sam Milne (thigh).


F: Olsson, Stephenson, Hoskin

HF: D. Pisani, Jenner, O’Brien

C: Barreau, J. Schiller, Nason

HB: Weaver, Montgomerie, Habel

B: Haydon, Fort, Goodrem


R: Marsh, J. Kelly, T. Schiller

INT: Boyd, Butcher, Mclean, Toner

IN: D. Pisani

OUT: Milne (thigh)


Brown, Burton, Cannizzaro, Carnelly, Dahms, Dew, East, Falkenberg, J. Furnell, Gillard, Graham, Grubb, Hanna, Kennedy, Lange, Madden, O’Gorman, Patterson, F. Pisani, Presbury, Rigney, Robinson, Ryan, Shaw, Smit, Thomson, Thompson

Balkwill, Borlace, Carreno, Deakin, De Jonge, Falland, Fiebiger, Fraser, Gilchrist, Hahn, Kotsano, E. Lane, T. Linke, McDonald, Mondello, Mudge, Ratcliff, Reed, Ross, Ryan, Thorp, Tidswell, Tuck, Whitelum, Wilson



Woodville-West Torrens has opted not to risk a star pair in its final minor round match against Central at X Convenience Oval.

Key forward Jack Hayes and exciting defender Lachie Jones both slightly tweaked their ankles against West on Friday night but are expected to be fit for the Second Semi-Final.

Midfielder Jimmy Toumpas heads a list of high-profile inclusions, together with forward Jake Von Bertouch.

Jake Comitogianni, Tristan Carcuro and Jake Westbrook have all been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Rowe, N. Hayes, Poole

HF: Lowson, Von Bertouch, Foote

C: Toumpas, McNeil, Pudney

HB: Jungfer, Giuffreda, Wehr

B: Rowland, Thompson, Seymour


R: Redden, Sinor, Tsitas

INT: Comitogianni, Lee, Hall, Carcuro, West, Westbrook, Firns

IN: Carcuro, Comitogianni, Toumpas, Von Bertouch, Westbrook

OUT: J. Hayes (ankle), Jones (ankle)



Weidemann, Haylock, Moore, Sharrad, Beecken, Coff, Schmusch, Mead, Brill, Bruce, Morgan, McPherson, Michael, Armfield, McLeod, Asfaha, Hoile, McNeilly, Barnett, Jackson, Pearce, Peake

F: Schofield, J. Hunter-Price, Scott
HF: Godden, Smith, Wheare
C: Kasianowicz, Poulter, Launer
HB: Redden, Dawkins, Thomson
B: Buck, Williams, Mitzithras

R: Phillips, Litster, Burgoyne
INT: Adams, Fry, Kennedy, Neumann, O’Reilly, Sheldon



Sturt has injected youth into its line-up to play Glenelg at Peter Motley Oval.

Potential AAMI Rookie Josh Shute (19, 187cm and 76kg) could play his first League game while athletic bigman Lachlan Burrows has been named at full forward.

Defender Rory Illman will replace premiership backman Guy Page (hamstring)  in the back pocket.

Loyal clubmen Joel Thiele and Jack Penfold have also been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench.

AFL Draft prospect James Borlase has been rested.


F: Morrison, Burrows, Evans

HF: Henderson, Grivell, Houlahan

C: Crocker, Colquhoun, Slimming

HB: Sumner, Edmonds, Voss

B: Harms, Wundke, Illman


R: Fahey-Sparks, Battersby, Davis

INT: McEntee, Penfold, Lewis, Shute, Bennett, Thiele, Aidyn Johnson

IN: Shute, Thiele, Penfold, Burrows, Illman

OUT: Page (hamstring), Borlase (rested)

NEW: Josh Shute (Walkerville)


T. Hone, M. Lochowiak, Armiento, Schwarze, Latchford, Wingard, Weeks, Matteucci, Parker-Boers, How, Doyle, A. Lochowiak, Ferrari, Emmett, Richards, Allan, Coomblas, Mitchell, Trenorden, Kennett, Kitto, Jones

F: Lochowiak, Holland, Ferrari
HF: Higgins, Ferres, Staples
C: Cock, Liddy, Thomas
HB: Walter, Grieve, Carruthers
B: W. Taylor, Manuell, Fryer

R: Hortle, Jefferies, Spain
INT: Opperman, Rigney, Garrels, Hein
EMG: Swiderski, Tucker, Field, Grivell



Glenelg will be without three of its stars for the encounter against Sturt at Peter Motley Oval.

Captain Max Proud and classy forward Luke Reynolds have been managed while Magarey Medallist Luke Partington is out with a minor knee injury.

All three are expected to be fit to face South in the the First Semi-Final with the Tigers’ position secured in the top four.

Premiership skipper Chris Curran is among the potential inclusions as he looks to gain match fitness after battling a back complaint.

Tough midfielder Brad Agnew returns to the centre square along with AAMI Rookie Reid Kuller.

Finn Betterman will get an opportunity on the wing while Tom Condon and Jackson Edwards have been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Bailey, McBean, Yates

HF: Motlop, Schott, Kluske

C: Nicholson, Snook, Betterman

HB: Stretch, Allen, Park

B: Virgin, Merrett, Parks


R: Hannath, Agnew, Kuller

INT: Slade, Weir, Scharenberg, Condon, Curran, J. Edwards, McCarthy

IN: Kuller, Agnew, Curran, Betterman, Condon, J. Edwards

OUT: Partington (knee), Proud (managed), Reynolds (managed)


Cole, Holyoak, McRae, Leck, Wisdom, Russo, Kitschke, Morton, L. Edwards, Wright, McPherson, Holder, Martin, Carter, Kelly-Mansell, Murphy, Horsnell, Robins

Tunkin, Wanganeen, Window, McAuliffe, Clark, McInnes, Boag, Grosser, B. Edwards, Fitzgerald, Beecken, Potter, J. Davis, Durant, Nicotra, Owen, C. Drum, Wiseman, Schultz, Stagg, Brougham, Watts, R. Drum, Parish, Sigal


South Adelaide coach Jarrad Wright will need to make at least one change when his side hosts North at Flinders University Stadium.

Exciting teenager Jason Horne is sidelined by a calf injury, ensuring he is the Panthers’ certain exclusion.

Impressive defender Tom Highmore is among the inclusions to the extended interchange bench after recovering from a thigh complaint.

Tall utility Cam McGree and midfielders Ben Sawford, Anthony Biemans and Mark Noble have also been named in the squad.


F: Whittlesea, Cailotto, Wilkinson

HF: Cross, Overall, Schwarz

C: Sampson, Karpany, Milsom

HB: Andrews, Haren, Haines

B: Kappler, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Hunter, Broadbent, Heaslip

INT: B. McCreery, McKinnon, Bogle, Sawford, Highmore, Biemans, McGree, Noble

IN: Highmore, Biemans, Sawford, McGree, Noble

OUT: Horne (calf)


Cameron, Davies, Douglass, Evans, Freitag, Hoey, Hoffmann, Illingworth, Juckers, Kernahan, Lewis, Lippett, J McCreery, Oliver, Parry, Potter, C. Sampson, Sladojevic, Snelling, Williams

F: Mitton, Brown, Hoeck
HF: Hamilton, Bottroff, Nye
C: Cook, Clifton, Birt
HB: Little, Hindes, Copley
B: Spacie, LeRaye, Flett

R: Verrall, Draper, Roberts
INT: Smith, Treloar, Marshall, Dumesny, Hayes, Kraemer, Rogers



North has regained tall premiership utility Alex Barns for its contest against South at Flinders University Stadium.

Suffering a gash to his leg in Round 12, Barns has recovered to be named on a five-man extended interchange bench with fellow inclusion Mackenzie Slee.

Former Hawthorn speedster Billy Hartung is expected to miss a couple of weeks after hurting his ankle against Sturt in Round 13.

This will place North’s star recruit in doubt for the Second Semi-Final on October 4.


F: Lebois, Harvey, Hender

HF: W. Combe, Ramsey, Szekely

C: Young, Wigg, Allmond

HB: Clisby, Hilder, Miller

B: Chalmers, C. Craig, Jarman


R: J. Craig, Hewett, C. Combe

INT: A. Barns, Davies, Finlay, Minervini, Slee

IN: A. Barns, Slee

OUT: Hartung (ankle)


Neade, Kirk, Wharton, Aldridge, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, C.Barns, Parnell, Nixon, T.Hill, Jaensch, Marini, Hart, Hann, Dowling, Fahey, Bowman, Langley, Byrne

F: Newchurch, Bennier, Freer
HF: Santillo, Coates, Jackson
C: McTaggart, Willis, Brazell
HB: O’Loughlin, Simon, McKenzie
B: Saint, Millar, Flanagan

R: Heath, Borg, Davison
INT: Keeler, Harrison, W. Dowling, White, Turner, Rypstra


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