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Round 13 SANFL Footy Fix


Welcome to the Round 13 SANFL Footy Fix, find out all of the latest from the Statewide Super League and U18 Torrens University Cup.

Round 13 SANFL Match Review Panel

Port Adelaide forward Billy Frampton has accepted a two-match ban with an early guilty plea for engaging in rough conduct with Adelaide’s Patrick Wilson at Port Pirie on Saturday.

Billy Frampton (Port) – Rough Conduct (High Bump)

Conduct: Careless

Impact: High

Contact: High

Base Sanction: 3 Matches

Early Guilty Plea: 2 Matches (Accepted)

Eagles forward Jack Hayes has accepted a $200 fine and reprimand with an early guilty plea for striking South Adelaide’s James Loneragan at Flinders University Stadium on Saturday.

Jack Hayes (Eagles) – Striking

Conduct: Intentional

Impact: Low

Contact: Body

Base Sanction: 1 Match

Early Guilty Plea: $200 fine and reprimand (Accepted)


Central District’s Troy Menzel has accepted a reprimand with an early guilty plea for directing abusive, insulting or obscene language towards an umpire in the match against Sturt at X Convenience Oval on Saturday.

Troy Menzel (Central) – Abusive, insulting or obscene language towards an umpire

Base Sanction: $200 fine

Early Guilty Plea: Reprimand (Accepted)

Round 13 Powerade Breakthrough Player

Glenelg’s Brad Close is the Round 13 Powerade Breakthrough Player. This Round’s three nominees were:

Brad Close (Glenelg) – Produced a complete performance against Norwood which included 25 disposals, four goals, three goal assists and eight marks.

Lee Minervini (North) – Collected 11 disposals, five marks and seven tackles in North’s narrow loss to West Adelaide.

Riley Thilthorpe (West) – Aged just 17, Thilthorpe had eight disposals and seven marks in his first Statewide Super League match.




Round 13 Torrens University Cup MVP Nominee

The Round 13 Torrens University Cup MVP nominee is Norwood’s Henry Nelligan. Originally from the Cummins Kapinnie Football Club, Nelligan gained a good mix of inside and outside possessions to finish with 31 disposals, 10 marks, two tackles and four clearances, playing mainly as an inside midfielder.

Round 13 RAA Rookies

There were three RAA Rookies in Round 13 of the Statewide Super League.

Corey Durdin (Central) – Golden Grove FC

Riley Thilthorpe (West) – Goodwood Saints FC

Pierce Seymour (Adelaide) – Payneham Norwood Union FC

2019 SANFL Digital Pass Player of the Year Award

Round 13

Central v Sturt – Votes by Peter Argent
3) Danyle Pearce (Sturt)
2) Steven Slimming (Sturt)
1) Jarrod Schiller (Central)

West v North –Votes by Bernie Mahoney
3) Kaine Stevens (West)
2) Tanner Smith (North)
1) Andre Parrella (West)

Glenelg v Norwood – Votes by Wayne Weidemann
3) Luke Partington (Glenelg)
2) Andrew Bradley (Glenelg)
1) Matthew Nunn (Norwood)

South v Eagles – Votes by Rachael Killian
3) Jordan Foote (Eagles)
2) Jared Petrenko (Eagles)
1) Jack Firns (Eagles)


18 – Luke Partington (Glenelg)
15 – Jack Trengove (Port)
14 – Sam Colquhoun (Sturt)
13 – Lewis Johnston (Norwood), Patrick Wilson (Adelaide)
12 – Zane Kirkwood (Sturt)
10 – Joel Cross (South)
9 – Jarred Allmond (North), Peter Ladhams (Port)
8 – Joseph Haines (South)
7 – Will Snelling (West), Jordan Foote (Eagles)
6 – Liam McBean (Glenelg), Jack Hayes (Eagles), Kaine Stevens (West)
5 – Chris Curran (Glenelg), Jarrod Schiller (Central), Jared Petrenko (Eagles)

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