Team Selections

Round 11 Statewide Super League Teams


Saturday June 22

Norwood v Eagles | Coopers Stadium | 2:40pm

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Norwood could take an unchanged line-up into its important contest against the Eagles on Saturday.

Possible RAA Rookie Cam Ball, from Golden Grove FC, and former North Adelaide defender Corey Grove (29, 196cm and 100kg) have been included in the 23-man squad.

Key-position utility Grove, originally from Port Adelaide’s SANFL team, last played a Statewide Super League game in Round 7 of 2017.


F: Bower, Shenton, Barry

HF: Hamilton, Dawe, Szust

C: A. Wilson, Gerloff, J. Richards

HB: B. Carroll, McKenzie, Forster

B: Z. Richards, Georgiou, Wilkins


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Bampton

INT: Talia, Grove, L. Johnston, Ball, Olsson

IN: Grove, Ball

Surman, Barnett, Pascoe, Coles, Di Stefano, D. Johnston, Spence, Olds, Fahlbusch-Moore, Buckham, Bristow, Millman, Martin, M. Carroll, Hay, Crauford, Saywell, Willhelm, Collins, Binder, Morris.

Casanova, Kent, Gal, Morris, Cavallaro, D. Trepka, Joseph, M. Trepka, Kudra, Minervini, Altomare, De Luca, Schwerdt, Lanzoni, Falco, Swanbury, Fairbrother, Warton, Carroll, Staritski, Carbone, Lake, Bartlett, Carey, Duke, Campbell, Hearing, Carbine.



Woodville-West Torrens will be without a key focal point when it tackles Norwood on Saturday.

Star forward Jack Hayes, who injured his knee in the last minute of the Round 10 win against West, is expected to only miss one match and will return for the Round 12 contest against Glenelg on July 7.

Hayes and small forward Jake Johansen (personal reasons) are the only certain exclusions from the 23-man squad.

Jake Comitogianni looms as a like-for-like replacement for Johansen while star recruit Jesse Lonergan, athletic forward Jake Weidemann and tall utility Tom Schmusch have also been called up.

Veteran midfielder James Boyd will play his 200th Statewide Super League game after making his debut in Round 7 of 2007.


F: N. Hayes, Guilhaus, Rowe

HF: Poole, Von Bertouch, Firns

C: Boyd, Foote, Hall

HB: Sinor, Thompson, J. Gaffney

B: Goldsworthy, Giuffreda, C. Gaffney


R: J. Redden, Petrenko, Sharrad

INT: Comitogianni, Lonergan, Weidemann, Moore, Schmusch

IN: Comitogianni, Lonergan, Weidemann, Schmusch

OUT: J. Hayes (knee), Johansen (personal reasons)

Haylock, Lee, Nason, Cook, E. Miller, X. Redden, Wehr, Brill, Bruce, Lewis, Morgan, McPherson, Michael, McLeod, Hoile, Heinjus, Westbrook, Armfield, Beecken, Williams, Pedler.

F: Schofield, Frederick, Azzolini
HF: Scott, R. Williams, Carter
C: Brownlie, Z. Williams, McCann
HB: Jackson, Francis, Jones
B: Gaze, McNeilly, Ueding

R: Phillips, Lock, Barnett
INT: Godden, Puzzuoli, Kennedy


Sunday June 23

Glenelg v Central District | ACH Group Stadium | 2:40pm

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Glenelg has regained two experienced campaigners for its home clash with Central on Sunday.

Utility Brad Agnew and defender Aaron Joseph – who were both late withdrawals in Round 10 – have been included in the Tigers’ starting 18.

They are among five inclusions to the extended 25-man squad, along with Michael Virgin, Josh Koster, and possible RAA Rookie Seb Kerrish.

Tall utility Tom Schott is the only certain exclusion at this stage with a leg injury.


F: Reynolds, McBean, Close

HF: Scharenberg, Scott, Agnew

C: Chalmers, Snook, Gregson

HB: Joseph, Curran, Motlop

B: McCarthy, Proud, Uebergang


R: White, Bradley, Partington

INT: Betterman, Virgin, Bailey, Yates, Koster, Kerrish, Sumner

IN: Virgin, Agnew, Koster, Joseph, Kerrish

OUT: Schott (leg)

Boyle, Carmody, Carnelly, Carney, Davis, Feely, Holyoak, Kluske, Le Cornu, Leck, Lovelock, Martini, McDermott, McPherson, Schreiber, Slade, Symonds, Wisdom.

Schreiber, Hawson, Jones, O’Loughlin, Strickland, Dowdell, Murphy, Weir, Beaumont, Wright, Thompson, McCarthy, McManus, Sigal, Slade, Grimes, Horsnell, Dean, O’Brien, Wanganeen, B. Edwards, Wilfred, Park, L. Edwards.


Central District has included a Cooper Dahms for his first game in more than a year to face Glenelg on Sunday.

Dahms, who has been named on the interchange bench, last played at League level in Round 6 of 2018 after injuring the ACL in his knee.

The 20-year-old has replaced utility Nick Gillard, who accepted a two-match ban from the SANFL Match Review Panel for engaging in rough conduct with Adelaide’s Will Hamill.


F: J. Schiller, Fort, Falkenberg

HF: Hoskin, McKenzie, Burton

C: Barreau, Jydon Neagle, Goodrem

HB: Payne, Patterson, Llewellyn

B: Jenner, Madden, Habel


R: Marsh, Menzel, T. Schiller

INT: Dahms, Jaxon Neagle, Weaver

IN: Dahms

OUT: Gillard (suspended)

Auckland, Cannizzaro, Carpenter, Cotgrove, Durdin, J. Furnell, S. Furnell, Haydon, McKelvie, Milera, Montgomerie, M. Neagle, Ortiz, D. Pisani, F. Pisani, Presbury, Richard, Rigney, Robinson, Shaw, Sheppard, Walter, White.

Grubb, Hughes, Welch, Tidswell, Fiebiger, Price, Sutton, Wall, Marsden, Carreno, Xanthopoulos, Ponton, Falland, Doowse, McBride, Kostano, Smith, Barilla, Wilkin, Evans, Cameron, Clayton, Arnold, Thomson.

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