Team Selections

Round 10 Statewide Super League Teams

Compiled by Zac Milbank

Eagles v Port Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 2:35pm | Channel 7 and 7plus


Woodville-West Torrens will make at least two changes for its match against Port at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

Veteran playmaker Matt Goldsworthy is out with a shoulder injury while Cooper Sharman is headed to St Kilda after being selected in the AFL Mid Season Draft.

Former Power wingman Jimmy Toumpas makes a timely return from concussion while four players have been added to the 25-man squad.

Defender Pierce Seymour, recruit Mitch Hardie and loyal clubmen Jake Comitogianni and Jack Firns are all among the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: Stengle, Hayes, Williams

HF: Haylock, Von Bertouch, D. Menzel

C: McFarlane, Tsitas, K. Mutch

HB: Cameron, Giuffreda, Toumpas

B: Beecken, Thompson, Rowland


R: Redden, Sinor, Knight

INT: Lonergan, Seymour, Pudney, Comitogianni, Jungfer, Hardie, Firns

IN: Comitogianni, Firns, Seymour, Hardie, Toumpas

OUT: Goldsworthy (shoulder), Sharman (St Kilda)

MILESTONE: Jack Firns 50 games


Calvett, Mills, Moore, Lee, Neumann, West, Schmusch, Mead, Bruce, Morgan, Dawkins, Michael, Lehmann,  Asfaha, Hoile, Buck, Burgoyne, Litster, Kasianowicz, Wheare

F: Dwyer, Lukac, Adams
HF: J. Hendry, B. Schwartz, Pearce
C: Watson, Launer, O’Reilly
HB: Thomson, Hunter-Price, L. Hendry
B: Barkla, Ueding, Day

R: Phillips, Blair, Nicholls
INT: Arthur, Dosljak, Goldie, Hawker, Menta, Murphy, Siney



Port Adelaide will welcome Sturt draftee Jed McEntee for its game against the Eagles at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval.

The 20-year-old will don the prison bars for the first time since being selected in the AFL Mid Season Draft last week.

He will be joined in the Magpies’ squad by veteran Jace Bode at half-back and Trent Burgoyne, who has recovered from a hamstring strain.

Burgoyne’s younger brother Jase will return to Woodville-West Torrens after his month-long stint at Alberton, under the NGA Academy program.

Captain Cam Sutcliffe has been sidelined by a shoulder injury.


F: Weidemann, Edwards, Williams

HF; Aldridge, Moore, McEntee

C: Frederick, Appleton, Wildman

HB: Bode, Strange, Lienert

B: Hartlett, Goldsack, Garner


R: Hayes, Schofield, Samblich

INT: T. Burgoyne, Westbrook, Woodcock, Lord, Carter, Corcoran, Wong

IN: Bode, T. Burgoyne, McEntee

OUT: Sutcliffe (shoulder), J. Burgoyne (Eagles)

Sturt v Adelaide | Unley Oval | 2:35pm | Channel 7 and 7plus | 1629 SEN & SEN App


Sturt has regained reliable defender Sam Wundke for its clash with Adelaide at Unley Oval.

Last year’s runner-up best-and-fairest, struck down by a rib complaint, slots into centre half-back as a replacement for fellow backman Sam Smith, who is sidelined by a knee injury.

Impressive mature-age recruit Charlie Parker has recovered from a foot concern while utility Joel Thiele and talls Riley Grundy and Lachlan Burrows have also been added to the seven-man extended interchange.

Midfielder Jed McEntee has shifted to Alberton after being selected by Port Adelaide in the AFL Mid Season Draft.

Dual premiership wingman Matt Crocker will play his 150th League game.


F: J. Hone, Davis, Fahey-Sparks

HF: Dakin, Patullo, Shute

C: Slimming, Liddy, Crocker

HB: Carey, Wundke, Voss

B: Page, Edmonds, Coomblas


R: Allan, Lewis, Battersby

INT: Parker, Illman, Penfold, Houlahan, Burrows, Grundy, Thiele

IN: Wundke, Parker, Burrows, Grundy, Thiele

OUT: Smith (knee), McEntee (Port Adelaide)

MILESTONE: Matt Crocker 150 games


T. Hone, Holland, Armiento, Parker-Boers, Taylor, Doyle, Cock, M. Lochowiak, Richards, Spain, Becker, Grieve, Trenorden, Bristow, Braidwood, Emmett, Wingard, Walter, How, A. Lochowiak

F: Lochowiak, Stagg, Hortle
HF: Davies, Ferres, O’Callaghan
C: Thomas, Aish, Tucker
HB: Hein, Fryer, Carruthers
B: Felton, Quartermaine, Holt

R: Thredgold, Taylor, Jeffries
INT: Houston, Pope, Fidge, Maloney, Dwyer, Gibson



Adelaide has named a couple of fresh faces for its encounter with Sturt at Unley Oval.

AFL-listed Lachlan Gollant has been installed at full forward for his SANFL debut while possible debutant Sam Renney (20 from Willunga) is listed on the interchange bench.

Defender Nick Murray also returns to SANFL ranks as a replacement for the elevated Josh Worrell, who will make his AFL debut this weekend.

Lachlan Mathews couldn’t be considered due to an ankle complaint.


F: Newchurch, Gollant, Baccanello

HF: Wright, Frampton, B. Cook

C: J. Mathews, Pedlar, Marini

HB: Parnell, Borlase, Murray

B: Latchford, McAsey, B. Davis


R: Strachan, Boyle, O. Davis

INT: Clamp, Clarke, Renney, AFL Emergencies

IN: Gollant, Murray, Renney

OUT: Worrell (AFL), L. Mathews (ankle)

NEW: Sam Renney (Willunga)

South Adelaide v Norwood | Flinders University Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass


South Adelaide will make at least three adjustments for Joel Cross’ milestone match against Norwood at Flinders University Stadium.

Ball-carrying pair Tyson Brown and Luke Bogle have been forced out with injuries while big man Daniel Nobes was omitted.

Ruck Damon Freitag, utilities Danny Juckers and Jesse McKinnon, defender Jaidan Kappler, forward Darnell Tucker and possible debutant Jake McCreery were all named on the extended interchange bench.

McCreery (23, 174cm and 80kg), from Hallett Cove, is the older brother of former Panther Beau McCreery, who is now playing with AFL club Collingwood.

Dual Magarey Medallist Cross will play his 200th League game after making his debut in Round 1 of 2011.


F: Heaslip, Skinner, Schwarz

HF: O’Neill, Overall, Cross

C: Turner, Sampson, Milsom

HB: Broadbent, Haren, Gibbs

B: Haines, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Cailotto, Horne, Sawford

INT: Tarca, Juckers, McKinnon, Freitag, J. McCreery, Tucker, Kappler

IN: McKinnon, Juckers, Freitag, J. McCreery, Tucker, Kappler

OUT: Brown (ankle), Bogle (finger), Nobes

NEW: Jake McCreery (Cove)

MILESTONE: Joel Cross 200 games

Coleman, Douglass, Draper, Dumesny, Flett, Gaden, Griffiths, Hamilton, Hindes, Kraemer, Little, Lovering, Machin, Martins, Megins, Nobes, Nye, C. Sampson, Spacie, Whitbread

F: K. Smith, Rogers, Barrett
HF: Rodrigues, Hoeck, Hogg
C: D. Brown, Worthley, Birt
HB: R. Brown, Galliford, Jones
B: Hayes, Miller, Schroder

R: Treloar, Bradley, Mitton
INT: Amos, Walton, Welk, Howes, Kirkland, Pilmore, Inthavong



Norwood could unveil another AAMI Rookie against South at Flinders University Stadium.

Payneham Norwood Union product Sam Morris (19, 181cm and 78kg) is one of three inclusions listed on the seven-man interchange bench.

Wingman Dom Barry could return after kicking three goals in the Reserves last round while Lachlan Pascoe provides height coverage at either end of the ground.


F: Hamilton, Binder, Tranfa

HF: Nelligan, Shenton, Puopolo

C: McKenzie, Nunn, Rokhar

HB: Saywell, Ball, Douglas

B: Collins, Talia, Bower


R: Boyd, Kennerley, Grigg

INT: Barry, B. Carroll, Pascoe, J. Richards, J. Heard, Gerloff, Morris

IN: Barry, Pascoe, Morris

NEW: Sam Morris (Payneham)


Z. Richards, Irra, Bampton, Barry, B. Carroll, Buckham, Larkins, Vardenaga, Cotter, Pascoe, Wilkins, J. Richards, Wagner, Hearing, J. Heard, Gerloff, F. Heard, Cavallaro, Chandler, Spence, Schwerdt, Morris, Murley, Haebich, Trepka, Robinson, Warton, Patrick, M. Carroll

Murley, Bishop, Tape, De Luca, Joseph, Mead, Gale, Gal, Kelly, Jones, Kent, McShane, Barton, Chalrton, Baldwin, Belperio, Minervini, Kemp, Dobie, Ianniello, Stenchlik, Wright, Boxer, Foster, Bowman, Krollig, Lake, Dickeson

Glenelg v North Adelaide | ACH Group Stadium | 2:10pm | SANFL Digital Pass |


Glenelg has named a 26-man squad for its blockbuster against North Adelaide at ACH Group Stadium.

Left-footers Brad McCarthy and Jackson Edwards join goalsneaks Tom Condon and Jack Kluske in the extended list, which will be trimmed and placed on Saturday.


F: Motlop, McBean, Bailey

HF: Yates, Reynolds, Partington

C: Allen, B. Turner, Bradley

HB: Martini, Durdin, Virgin

B: Pink, Proud, Curran


R: Hannath, Snook, Agnew

INT: Kuller, Edwards, Newman, Landt, McCarthy, G. Turner, Kluske

IN: Edwards, McCarthy, Kluske

Crompton, Park, Leck, Stagg, Dowling, Holder, Searle, Minchin, Moore, Murphy, LeCornu, Wright, Wanganeen-Milera, Schreiber, Horsnell, McDonnell, McRae, Symonds, Schott, Chandler

Window, Gluyas, Nicotra, Durant, Ridgway, Edwards, Brokensha, Wolfenden, Brougham, Murdock, Burtt, Rayson, Beecken, Charlick, Harding, Thomson, Virtanen, Sims, McGary, Adams, Kaeslar, Porter, Shanks



North Adelaide has looked to maintain its pace in its line-up to confront Glenelg at ACH Group Stadium.

Premiership forward Robbie Young has been listed in the forward pocket, replacing the hamstrung Billy Hartung, who is set to miss 3-4 weeks.

Alex Barns couldn’t be considered due to a knee ailment, paving the way for James Craig to replace him in the ruck while Elliot Chalmers, Keanu Miller and Ben Jarman have been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench.


F: A. Young, Hilder, R. Young

HF: Hender, Ramsey, W. Combe

C: Schwarz, C. Combe, Allmond

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: Finlay, C. Craig, Clisby


R: Harvey, Moore, Mercovich

INT: Chalmers, J. Craig, Hewett, Jarman, LeBois, Miller, Minervini

IN: Chalmers, J. Craig, Miller, Jarman, R. Young

OUT: Barns (knee), Hartung (hamstring)


Neade, Wilsdon, Bowman, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Langley, Murphy, McInerney, Taylor, Ianniello, Byrne, Simon, Hann, Fahey, Davison, M. Borg, Lockyer, McCann, Flanagan

F: Wissman, McNamara, Dignan
HF: Dowling, Heath, Santillo
C: McTaggart, Willis, Francou
HB: O’Loughlin, Mulady, White
B: A. Turner, Froling, Scadden

R: Tindale, Harrison, Jackson
INT: Woodward, Montgomery, Saint, Hodges, Mulheron, Sherman, T. Turner, Nolan


West U18

F: Hahn, Sgroi, Tredwell
HF: Baltagie, Young, D. White
C: J. White, McCormick, Obst
HB: J. Roberts, Satanek, K. Roberts
B: Bunworth, Still, Pridham

R: Steene, Thackeray, Kennedy
INT: Higham, Westdijk, Minchella, Sullivan

Central U18

Grubb, Dudley, Ross, Vidal, Wilson, Poulton, Ratcliff, Wall, Hahn, Kohlhagen, Kotsano, Clements, McCabe, Scholz, Pyman, A. McDonald, Haynes, Mondello, Carreno, Thorp, Riggs, Evans, Deakin, Giles, D. McDonald, Gilchrist

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