Team Selections

Round 10 Statewide Super League Teams

By Zac Milbank


West Adelaide forward Riley Thilthorpe will be rested for the clash against Sturt at Hisense Stadium.

The teenage AFL Draft prospect has carried a heavy load for the Bloods in his first full season of senior football this year.

Tall forwards Jade Cleeland and Hamish Ellem are in the mix to replace Thilthorpe after being named on the extended interchange bench.

Lyndon Hupfeld, who has spent the past couple of games in defence, has also been named at full forward.

William Mead and possible debutant Reed Stevens (20, 182cm and 80kg), the younger brother of premiership midfielder Kaine Stevens, have also been added to the 25-man squad.


F: Johnson, Hupfeld, Waite

HF: B. Turner, Keough, C. Fairlie

C: Haysman, Squire, Dunkin

HB: May, Levicki, Duval

B: Anderson, Ryan, Hill


R: Parrella, K. Stevens, Boyle

INT: Mead, P. Fairlie, Morrish, Cleeland, Koster, Ellem, R. Stevens

IN: Cleeland, Ellem, R. Stevens, Mead

OUT: Thilthorpe (Managed)

NEW: Reed Stevens (Canberra)


Agostino, Caruso, Chamberlain, Couroupis, Elliot, Faulkner, Forbes, Gilbert, Groom, Harris, Kirk, Martin, McKenzie, Nield, Pearce, Rana, Sareen, Sherlock, J.Stevens, Taylor, White, Wooldridge


F: Zinndorf, Heitmann, Aldridge
HF: Richardson, Young, Iuliano
C: O’Connor-Dawkins, Burbridge, Long
HB: Griffiths, Sinderberry, Venning
B: Van den Berg, Midwinter, Baltagie

R: T. Faulkner, Virgo, Kennedy
INT: Desira, Pridham, Baker, Courtney



Sturt coach Nathan Grima will invest in youth as promising defender James Borlase prepares to make his debut against West at Hisense Stadium.

Borlase, the son of Port Adelaide premiership captain Darryl, has been named to start at half-back against the Bloods.

The Crows’ Next Generation Academy member (18, 194cm and 94kg) has been joined in the 25-man squad by fellow tall Oliver Grivell, who is set to start at centre-half forward.

Premiership wingman Matt Crocker has recovered from a quad strain while the Lochowiak brothers – Mihail and Anzac – together with Jordan Houlahan and Dean Gore, have been added to the extended interchange bench.

Premiership forward Jake Sutcliffe will miss the rest of the season after scans revealed he torn the ACL in his knee against the Eagles in Round 9.

Defender Rory Illman (ankle) has been ruled unfit while Darcy Bennett and Joel Parker-Boers were sent back to the Reserves.


F: Kirkwood, Davis, Evans

HF: Morrison, Grivell, Henderson

C: Crocker, Colquhoun, Slimming

HB: Borlase, Edmonds, Voss

B: Harms, Wundke, Page


R: Fahey-Sparks, Battersby, McEntee

INT: Lewis, Carey, A. Lochowiak, Aidyn Johnson, M. Lochowiak, Houlahan, Gore

IN: Crocker, Borlase, M. Lochowiak, A. Lochowiak, Grivell, Gore, Houlahan

OUT: Illman (ankle), Sutcliffe (knee), Bennett, Parker-Boers

NEW: James Borlase (Unley), Anzac Lochowiak (Payneham)


T. Hone, Parker-Boers, Penfold, Richards, Weeks, Schwarze, Thiele, Shute, Sumner, Bennett, Jones, Burrows, Ash Johnson, Allan, Mitchell, Coomblas, Lines, How, Trenorden, Crane, Kennett, Ferrari.

F: Tucker, Emmett, D. Thredgold
HF: Britten-Jones, Opperman, Field
C: Higgins, Liddy, Tidemann
HB: Grieve, Fryer, Grivell
B: Hein, Berry, Swiderski

R: Ferrari, Powell, Spain
INT: Holland, Rigney, J. Taylor, Jordans
EMG: J. Davies, Goodwin, Cass


Norwood has added another player to its lengthy injury list with Zac Richards out of the encounter against the Eagles at The Parade.

Joining his brother Josh on the sidelines, Zac Richards is expected to miss 1-2 weeks with his knee injury.

At this stage, he is the only exclusion for the Redlegs, who have brought two possible AAMI Rookies into their 25-man squad.

Daniel Fairbrother (Hectorville) and Jack Heard (Walkerville) could play their first League games while former Panther Cody Szust and Reserves Magarey Medallist Jed Spence are also on the extended interchange bench.


F: Bampton, Ellison, Gerloff

HF: Douglas, Pinyon, Nunn

C: Bastinac, Panos, Barry

HB: Irra, Shenton, Wilkins

B: Rokahr, Ball, McKenzie


R: Baulderstone, Grigg, Abbott

INT: Szust, Saywell, Wilson, Fairbrother, Collins, Spence, Heard

IN: Fairbrother, Szust, Heard, Spence

OUT: Z. Richards (knee)

NEW: Daniel Fairbrother (Hectorville), Jack Heard (Walkerville)


Cavallaro, Nelligan, M. Carroll, Lodovici, Binder, Gill, Bell, Wagner, Staritski, B. Carroll, Ianniello, Ficken, Bristow, Dowdell, Barnett, Pascoe, Surman, Saunders, Martin, Murphy

Murley, De Luca, Nelligan, Jones, Gal, Verrall, Trepka, Falco, Nettle, Kent, Pitt, Murphy, Dobie, Warrick, Joseph, McNeeley, Schell, Warton, Carbine, Maunder, Hearing, Webb, J. McDonald, T. McDonald, Duke



Woodville-West Torrens expect to only be without star forward Jack Hayes for the clash with Norwood at The Parade.

Hayes, who injured the AC-joint in his shoulder in Round 9, is expected to push hard for selection in Round 11.

The talented tall has been joined on the outs list by last week’s AAMI Rookie Zane Williams, who has a wrist complaint.

Coburg recruit Sam Lowson is among five additions to the Eagles’ 25-man squad, with Mitchell Mead – returned from the Magpies – Angus Poole and Jake Westbrook all named on the extended interchange bench.

First ruck Jarrad Redden returns to the centre square after being rested for the past fortnight.


F: Rowe, Carcuro, N. Hayes

HF: Comitogianni, Von Bertouch, Foote

C: McNeil, Toumpas, Hall

HB: Jones, Giuffreda, Wehr

B: Rowland, Thompson, Mansell


R: Redden, Sinor, Tsitas

INT: West, Firns, Poole, Mead, Lowson, Seymour, Westbrook

IN: Lowson, Mead, Poole, Redden, Westbrook

OUT: J. Hayes (shoulder), Williams (wrist)

NEW: Sam Lowson (Coburg), Mitchell Mead (Port Adelaide SANFL)


Weidemann, Moore, Sharrad, Lee, Beecken, Schmusch, Brill, Bruce, Poulter, Morgan, Pudney, McPherson, Michael, Armfield, McLeod, Asfaha, Jungfer, Hoile, McNeilly, Barnett, Jackson, Pearce, Peake


F: Kasianowicz, J. Hunter-Price, Neumann
HF: Nicholls, Smith, Wheare
C: Schofield, Scott, Watson
HB: Burgoyne, Ueding, Branford
B: Thomson, Williams, Launer

R: Phillips, Dawkins, Lister
INT: Calvett, Errington, Beswick, Fry, Murphy, Mullins, Pitman


South Adelaide will unleash another local AAMI Rookie against Central at Flinders University Stadium.

McLaren product Sam Whitbread has been named to start in a forward pocket against the Bulldogs.

The 20-year-old has been joined in the Panthers’ 25-man squad by ruckman Cam McGree and former Tiger Ben Sawford.

McGree and Sawford have been added to the seven-man extended interchange bench which must be trimmed by three before the bounce.


F: Whitbread, Cailotto, McCreery

HF: Cross, Overall, Fitt

C: Sampson, Broadbent, Milsom

HB: Brown, Loneragan, Haines

B: Juckers, Summerton, Elsworthy


R: Hunter, Heaslip, Schwarz

INT: Horne, Andrews, Wilkinson, Whittlesea, McKinnon, McGree, Sawford

IN: Whitbread, McGree, Sawford

NEW: Sam Whitbread (McLaren)


Beenham, Bogle, Cameron, Davies, Douglass, Elmes, Hoffmann, Holberton, Illingworth, Kappler, Lippett, Machin, J McCreery, Noble, Oliver, Potter, Spacie, Spicer, Williams

F: Snelling, Verrall, Draper
HF: Hamilton, Hoeck, Nye
C: Cook, Mitton, Birt
HB: Flett, Smith, Copley
B: Little, Hindes, Brown

R: Treloar, Clifton, Scott
INT: Zimmer, Bell, Duncan, Christophers, Botfroff, Morton, Sweeney



Central District is likely to take an unchanged line-up into its contest against South at Flinders University Stadium.

Coming off their first win for the season against West, the Bulldogs have a settled side with no serious injury concerns.

Should there be a late change, Brendan Dew, Nick Gillard or Sam Milne could be among the late inclusions.


F: Boyd, Bucther, McLean

HF: O’Brien, Stephenson, Hoskin

C: Toner, T. Schiller, Nason

HB: Presbury, Patterson, Fort

B: Weaver, Montgomerie, Habel


R: Marsh, J. Schiller, Barreau

INT: J. Kelly, D. Pisani, Olsson, Goodrem


Brown, Burton, Cannizzaro, Dahms, Dew, East, Falkenberg, J. Furnell, Gillard, Graham, Grubb, Haydon, Jenner, B. Kelly, Madden, McKelvie, Milne, O’Gorman, F. Pisani, Rigney, Robinson, Ryan, Shaw, Smit, Thomson

Alleer, Borlace, Carreno, Deakin, De Jonge, Dowse, Fiebiger, Fraser, Gilchrist, Hahn, Kalleske, Lake, T. Linke, A. McDonald, Nelson, Pain, Patrick, Pyman, Ratcliff, Reed, Ross, Ryan, Smith, Tappert, Tidswell, Tuck, Wall, Wilson


North Adelaide has rushed AAMI Rookie Patrick Davies into its midfield to face Glenelg at Prospect Oval.

Originally from Kalangadoo in the south-east, the 22-year-old has spent time with the Bays’ juniors before playing for Yorke Peninsula side Bute in 2018 and 2019.

Measuring in at 186cm and 80kg, Davies has been joined by ruckman Alex Barns and defender Damon Hill in the Roosters’ 24-man squad.

Former captain Mitch Clisby couldn’t be considered for selection due to personal reasons.


F: Young, Harvey, Hender

HF: Szekely, Ramsey, Schwarz

C: Allmond, Moore, LeBois

HB: Spina, Smith, Wigg

B: Jarman, C. Craig, Chalmers


R: J. Craig, Davies, C. Combe

INT: A. Barns, W. Combe, Finlay, Hill, Minervini, Miller

IN: A. Barns, Hill, Davies

OUT: Clisby (personal)


Neade, Kirk, Wharton, Aldridge, Magor, Davis, Parsons, Neagle, Rigney, C.Barns, Hilder, Parnell, Nixon, Slee, Hann, Dowling, Fahey, Bowman, Langley, Goudman-Glasson, Byrne

F: Newchurch, Heath, Harrison
HF: Santillo, Coates, Stuart
C: McTaggart, Willis, Brazell
HB: O’Loughlin, Simon, McKenzie
B: Woodward, Leese, Flanagan

R: Tindale, Borg, Davison
INT: Millar, White, James, Scadden, Rogers, Pitt, Turner, Mulady



Glenelg is set to hand a club debut to mature-age recruit Tom Condon against North at Prospect Oval.

Recruited from SANFL rival Sturt, Condon is a 23-year-old Victorian originally from Strathmore.

He has been named to start in the centre square after booting a haul of eight goals in the Reserves last round.

Premiership captain Chris Curran has been listed on the extended interchange bench together with fellow inclusions Todd Slade, Neil Vea Vea, Reid Kuller and Brady Searle.

Searle, from Plympton FC, will be making his League debut if selected.

Jack Kluske was ruled out with a knee injury while Jackson Edwards and Jack Yates were squeezed out to the Reserves.


F: Motlop, McBean, Reynolds

HF: Park, Allen, Bailey

C: Nicholson, Snook, Scharenberg

HB: Bradley, Parks, Stretch

B: Virgin, Proud, Agnew


R: Hannath, Partington, Condon

INT: Curran, McCarthy, Kuller, Slade, Vea Vea, Searle, Weir

IN: Condon, Slade, Vea Vea, Searle, Kuller, Curran

OUT: Kluske (knee), J. Edwards, Yates,

NEW: Tom Condon (Sturt)


Symonds, Yates, McRae, Leck, Wisdom, Russo, Kitschke, Sigal, Murphy, Morton, Cole, McPherson, Thompson, Martin, Carter, Kelly-Mansell, VanShaik, J. Edwards, Betterman

Brokensha, Window, R. Davis, J. Walker, Wright, Dean, Boag, Kaesler, B. Edwards, Fitzgerald, Robbie, Potter, J. Davis, Durant, Nicotra, Owen, C. Drum, Bradley, Moyle-Read, Virtanen, W. Walker, Watts, Dowdell, R. Drum, Perks

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