Match Review Panel

Preliminary Final SANFL Match Review Panel

Adelaide’s Louis Sharrad has accepted a three-match ban with an early guilty plea for engaging in rough conduct with Sturt’s Luke Edmonds in the Preliminary Final at Adelaide Oval.

Louis Sharrad (Adelaide) – Rough Conduct (High Bump)

Conduct: Intentional

Contact: High

Impact: High

Base Sanction: 4 matches

Early Guilty Plea: 3 matches (Accepted)

Adelaide’s Lachlan Gollant has successfully challenged his charge for striking Sturt’s Rory Illman at Adelaide Oval in the Preliminary Final.

At the SANFL Tribunal on Wednesday night, Gollant successfully had his conduct downgraded from Intentional to Careless, therefore ensuring he would receive a $125 fine and reprimand.

Gollant will be available for selection in Round 1 of 2024.

Lachlan Gollant (Adelaide) – Striking

Conduct: Intentional

Contact: High

Impact: Low

Base Sanction: 2 matches

Early Guilty Plea: 1 match

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