Women's Footy

Picket Pride for Glenelg’s Women


Glenelg’s Women’s players are set to join the men at the Bay in being honoured on the pickets surrounding ACH Group Stadium.

Currently, each of the Tigers’ men to don the black and gold at League level have their own individually numbered picket around the boundary line, numbered in order of their debut.

Now, just as Bays Women’s skipper Cassie Hartley sports club great Peter Carey’s No.5 jumper in line with new Men’s captain Chris Curran, the girls at Glenelg will also etch their names into club history.

As inaugural captain, Hartley will have the honour of the No.1 plaque to be placed on the pickets, with the rest to follow in alphabetical order in similar fashion to the men.

Club historian Peter Cornwall, instrumental in developing Glenelg’s Wall of Fame – honouring each male player to represent the club – is in the process of doing the same for the Bays’ Women’s players.

Glenelg Women’s captain Cassie Hartley will have the honour of being the No.1 picket holder for the Tigers’ Women’s players.
Above she is pictured with Glenelg President Nick Chigwidden.


Glenelg is continuing to make significant strides in its diversity at Brighton Road with newly-elected Holdfast Bay Council Mayor Amanda Wilson joining as Club Patron while Catherine Sayer is the first female elected to the club’s Board of Directors.

At least 10 other women are heavily invested at Glenelg, including 2018 Club Person of the Year Tina Donovan (GFCW Team Manager), Head Physiotherapist Sarah O’Donnell and Commercial Manager Kristin Jeffery.

”Women play a crucial role across the whole Glenelg Football Club,” GFC Board Member Catherine Sayer said.

”The strong emergence of women’s football at the club shows the interest women have in football both on and off the field.

”It is important to acknowledge the women involved at the club are the best people for the job they hold.”

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