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Partington wins Digital Pass Player of the Year


Glenelg midfielder Luke Partington has edged out Port Adelaide’s Jack Trengove by one vote to win the inaugural SANFL Digital Pass Player of the Year Award.

Leading by three votes heading into Round 18, Partington required one vote against Sturt to secure top billing.

But with the Bays succumbing to the Double Blues, the 22-year-old missed out, opening the door for Trengove to share first place.

The Magpies’ star polled two votes against Central – with team-mate Billy Frampton yielding three with his seven-goal haul – resulting in Trengove falling just one vote shy of Partington’s tally of 24.

Sturt ball magnet Sam Colquhoun and Adelaide’s clearance king Patrick Wilson each polled three votes in Round 18 to finish third and fourth respectively.

Norwood’s Lewis Johnston, who was leading the race early in the season with Trengove, was placed fifth with 15 votes, two ahead of South Adelaide pair Joel Cross and Joseph Haines on 13.

Votes for the SANFL Digital Pass Player of the Year were awarded by the Digital Pass commentators on a 3-2-1 basis throughout the minor round.

Partington will receive a $2000 prize courtesy of SANFL.

2019 Digital Pass Player of the Year Leaderboard

24 – Luke Partington (Glenelg)
23 – Jack Trengove (Port)
20 – Sam Colquhoun (Sturt)
16 – Patrick Wilson (Adelaide)
15 – Lewis Johnston (Norwood)
13 – Joel Cross (South), Joseph Haines (South)
12 – Zane Kirkwood (Sturt), Peter Ladhams (Port)
10 – Jarrod Schiller (Central)
9 – Jarred Allmond (North), Jordan Foote (Eagles)
8 – Kaine Stevens (West), Troy Menzel (Central), Tanner Smith (North)
7 – Will Snelling (West), Myles Poholke (Adelaide), Matthew Nunn (Norwood), Matthew Panos (Norwood), Billy Frampton (Port)
6 – Liam McBean (Glenelg), Jack Hayes (Eagles), Aidan Riley (Sturt)
5 – Chris Curran (Glenelg), Jared Petrenko (Eagles), Scott Lycett (Port), Abe Davis (South), Aidan Tropiano (North)

Round 18

West v Norwood – Votes by Wayne Weidemann
3) Dallas Willsmore (West)
2) Patrick Fairlie (West)
1) Matthew Panos (Norwood)

Sturt v Glenelg – Votes by Grant Coffee
3) Sam Colquhoun (Sturt)
2) Fraser Evans (Sturt)
1) Josh Patullo (Sturt)

Central v Port – Votes by Bernie Mahoney
3) Billy Frampton (Port)
2) Jack Trengove (Port)
1) Travis Schiller (Central)

South v Adelaide – Votes by Doug Robertson
3) Patrick Wilson (Adelaide)
2) Joseph Haines (South)
1) Reilly O’Brien (Adelaide)

North v Eagles – Votes by Robbie Neill
3) Tanner Smith (North)
2) Billy Laurie (North)
1) Alex Spina (North)

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