Mark Mickan’s Makeover

An inspired group of SANFL and Crows legends have rallied to support their former teammate and friend Mark Mickan, through fundraising for his family and Parkinson’s SA.

Mickan, who won coached West Adelaide to its drought-breaking SANFL premiership in 2015, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2016 and recently travelled to Melbourne for ground-breaking brain surgery to reduce his tremors.

During his time away, a large group of former teammates, along with other volunteers from the football community, completed a backyard blitz to help Mark and his family.

Driven by a desire to do more to help, the group decided to band together and fundraise to support both Mickan and Parkinson’s South Australia.

Rod Jameson, Chair of the Adelaide Football Club Past Players and Officials and Mickan’s former teammate, said the offers of support have been overwhelming.

“The football community is renown at rallying to support one of our own and we have seen that here, with people in every corner of the community reaching out to offer their support,” Jameson said.

“Mark has been supported by the Adelaide Football Club Past Players and Officials and the AFLPA following his diagnosis, but we felt like this was an opportunity to not only help Mark and his family, but also Parkinson’s South Australia.

“Mark has been completely blown away by the support he received from Parkinson’s South Australia, who supported his whole family through the tough few months after diagnosis and have connected him with information and support.

“He is now an ambassador and it is great that we can now help him build their profile and raise some much-needed funds.”

You can donate now along with other fundraising initiatives to come with Mickan’s 24-hour Ride for Parkinson’s, which will involve teams representing all of Mickan’s former football clubs riding stationary bikes on Telstra Plaza for 24 hours at Adelaide Oval on 18 July 2019.

The riders will be responsible for raising money ahead of the event.

“One of the best ways to manage Parkinson’s Disease is exercise and for those with profound tremors, the stationary bike plays a major role,” Jameson said.

Further events, including a Gala Dinner, will be held on Friday August 9.

One of the key fundraising goals is to support Brain x Body Fitness Studio, which Parkinson’s SA hope to open in Adelaide later this year.

The gym allows participants to mix traditional and non-traditional cardio, strength and flexibility-based exercise with brain exercise for better neuroplasticity, which is ideal for those with Parkinson’s disease or needing brain rehabilitation.

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