Hard running Redleg set to reach 50 SANFLW games

Norwood's Tahlita Buethke will reach her 50th Hostplus SANFLW League game in Round 9. Picture - Cory Sutton


Norwood’s eye-catching utility Tahlita Buethke can certainly run.

But as she approaches her 50th Hostplus SANFLW League game this Saturday against North at the Parade, Buethke made a surprise revelation.

Speaking on SANFL Radio, the 22-year-old still doesn’t know her best spot on the football field.

Tearing up the wing for Norwood, and previously South Adelaide, has become a common occurrence but a recent shift to half-back has also been well received by Buethke.

Originally a netballer, the SANFLW State player revealed she combined both sports throughout her entire three seasons with the Panthers from 2020 to 2022.

This meant regularly playing two games in one day or backing up day-to-day which certainly didn’t faze Buethke.

Now enjoying her time with Norwood, flagging former coach Brad Snell as a key mentor, she is eager to earn victory in her milestone match with her side sitting on a 4-4 win-loss record.

Currently studying to be a primary school teacher specialising in Physical Education, Buethke also spends her time working as a disability support worker, caring for people living with Autism.

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