Team Selections

Elimination and Qualifying Final Teams


Saturday 31 August

Elimination Final

Sturt v Norwood | Adelaide Oval | 3:20pm

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Sturt has been boosted by the return of a premiership defender for its Elimination Final against Norwood on Saturday.

Long-kicking Tom Harms has recovered from concussion to be named in the back pocket to face the Redlegs.

Harms is the ideal replacement for emerging backman Rory Illman, who is sidelined by a hamstring strain.

Hahndorf FC teenagers Joel Parker-Boers and Adam Trenorden have been included in the 23-man squad, with both named on the five-man extended interchange bench to potentially make their League debut.

F: Riley, Fahey-Sparks, J. Hone

HF: Sutcliffe, Patullo, Greenslade

C: Crocker, Colquhoun, Slimming

HB: Pearce, Stephens, Sumner

B: Harms, F. Evans, Carey


R: Read, Kirkwood, Battersby

INT: Parker-Boers, Edmonds, Penfold, Trenorden, M. Evans

IN: Harms, Parker-Boers, Trenorden

OUT: Illman (hamstring)


Norwood has regained a triple premiership forward for its Elimination Final against Sturt on Saturday.

Brady Dawe has recovered from a quad strain his suffered at training to be named at centre-half forward.

Set to retire at season’s end, Dawe has missed the past two League matches.

The 31-year-old has been joined in the Redlegs’ squad by small forward Cody Szust, who is on the five-man interchange bench.


F: A. Wilson, Bampton, Gerloff

HF: Barry, Dawe, Hamilton

C: Stephens, Grigg, L. Johnston

HB: Z. Richards, Talia, Shenton

B: Forster, Georgiou, McKenzie


R: Baulderstone, Panos, Nunn

INT: Wilkins, Smart, Ball, J. Richards, Szust

IN: Dawe, Szust


Qualifying Final

Port Adelaide v Adelaide| Adelaide Oval | 7:05pm

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Port Adelaide has been strengthened by the inclusion of three key players in each sector of the ground for its Qualifying Final against Adelaide on Saturday night.

Tall forward Todd Marshall, midfielder Willem Drew and long-kicking defender Trent McKenzie all return after lining up in the Power’s final game against Fremantle.

They have been joined in the Magpies’ 23-man squad by SANFL-contracted trio Sam Davidson, Matt Appleton and Jack Elwsworthy.

Davidson will line-up at half-forward while the other pair have been named on the five-man extended interchange bench.

Pacy forward Aidyn Johnson couldn’t be considered due to a one-match suspension for striking from the SANFL Match Review Panel while Steven Motlop, Dougal Howard and Zak Butters aren’t qualified for the SANFL major round.

F: Frampton, Hayes, Cox

HF: Farrell, Marshall, Davidson

C: Drew, Atley, Mayes

HB: Hewett, Frederick, Lienert

B: Garner, McKenzie, Corcoran


R: Ladhams, Trengove, Sutcliffe

INT: Woodcock, Pudney, Strange, Appleton, Elsworthy

IN: McKenzie, Marshall, Drew, Elsworthy, Davidson, Appleton

OUT: Johnson (suspended), Grundy, Motlop, Howard, Butters


Adelaide has injected pace and goal kicking power to its line-up to confront Port Adelaide in the Qualifying Final on Saturday night.

First-year draftees Chayce Jones and Ned McHenry return to the Crows’ 23-man squad while Darcy Fogarty will be a key focal point in attack.

Experienced defender Andy Otten will be an important inclusion to potentially stand Port dangerman Billy Frampton.

Forward Ben Davis accepted a two-match ban for engaging in rough conduct from the SANFL Match review Panel while Jordan Butts couldn’t be considered due to concussion.

Rory Atkins, Kyle Hartigan, Lachlan Murphy and Reilly O’Brien were unable to be selected as they haven’t qualified for SANFL finals.


F: McAdam, Fogarty, Stengle

HF: Wright, Himmelberg, Gallucci

C: McHenry, Poholke, Hutchesson

HB: Seymour, Hamill, Ryan

B: Sholl, Otten, Merrett


R: Strachan, Wilson, Jones

INT: Boyle, Davey, Farrar, Mathews, Press

IN: Fogarty, Farrar, Hamill, Jones, Mathews, McHenry, Otten, Press

OUT: Butts (concussion), Davis (suspended), Atkins, Hartigan, Murphy, O’Brien



Saturday 31 August

Qualifying Final

Sturt v Woodville West Torrens | Peter Motley Oval | 11:00am

M. Lochowiak, Richards, Borlase, Condon, Allan, Shute, Grivell, Page, Mitchell, Coomblas, Thiele, Voss, T. Hone, Weeks, McEntee, How, Hough, Munn, Armiento, A. Lochowiak, Wills, Thornton.

Comitogianni, Weidemann, J. Gaffney, Lee, Nason, C. Gaffney, Cook, West, E. Miller, Schmusch, X. Redden, Wehr, Bruce, Morgan, McPherson, McLeod, Morris, Heinjus, Schoenberg, Westbrook, McNeil, Mead, Coff.



Elimination Final

Central District v Glenelg | Peter Motley Oval | 1:30pm

McKenzie, O’Gorman, Stephenson, F. Pisani, Walter, J. Furnell, Cannizzaro, Lange, Auckland, Durdin, Grubb, Robinson, O’Brien, McCabe, Billing, Shaw, S. Furnell, Cotgrove, White, Haydon, Weaver, Sheppard, Rigney, John.

Boyle, Carmody, Davis, Edwards, Holyoak, Kuller, Liambis, Lovelock, McDermott, McPherson, Moore, Park, Potter, Sawford, Schreiber, Searle, Sumner, Symonds, Weir, Wisdom, Yates.



Saturday 31 August

First Semi Final

South Adelaide v Glenelg | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 11:00am

F: McCreery, Williams, Roberts
HF: Hamilton, Sladojevic, Nye
C: Draper, Clifton, Riddle
HB: Kernahan, Douglass, Dumesny
B: Little, Spacie, Austin

R: Freitag, Horne, Sweetman
INT: Kraemer, Birt, Oliver, Sampson, Ryan, Cook, Flett, Copley, Fitzgerald

F: Schreiber, Holder, Pedlar
HF: Horsnell, Kitschke, Wright
C: Murphy, Liambis, Beaumont
HB: Dowdell, Strickland, B. McRae
B: O’Loughlin, Ross, Jones

R: Emmett, Dean, McCarthy
INT: Carmody, Slade, Bonutto, Castine
EMG: H. McRae, Sigal, Drum, Wanganeen


Second Semi Final

Woodville West Torrens v West Adelaide | Maughan Thiem Kia Oval | 1:30pm

F: Jackson, H. Smith, Schofield
HF: Beecken, Pearce, Poulter
C: Arriola, Z. Williams, Frederick
HB: Dawkins, Francis, Buck
B: Jungfer, McNeilly, Jones

R: Phillips, Hoile, Barnett
INT: J. Burgoyne, Carter, Godden, Hayes, Kasianowicz, Lock, McCann, Pickett

Pearce, Day, Ebert, Laudato, Brauer, Westley, Fielke, Kelly, Sherlock, Wooldridge, Thilthorpe, Heitmann, Morelli, Van den Berg, Nunan, Nield, Chamberlain, Gilbert, De Cesare, Sareen, Henty-Smith, Groom, Pederick, Bock, Sinderberry, Forbes, Boughen, Hannagan.

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