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Eagles Win 2020 Stanley H. Lewis Trophy


Woodville-West Torrens has secured its fifth Stanley H. Lewis Trophy in eight years as SANFL’s best performed club in 2020.

With their Statewide Super League team finishing minor premier, together with Reserves and Under-18s qualifying for finals, the Eagles tallied a total of 2100 points to finish ahead of second-placed North Adelaide on 1800 points.

South Adelaide tallied 1550 points to finish in third place ahead of Glenelg and Sturt on 1450.

It is the seventh time the Eagles have earned the Trophy, with their most recent successes coming in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The Trophy, named after past SANFL Chairman Stanley Heathcote Lewis, has been awarded since 1962 to the club which has displayed excellence across all grades of football.

Points are awarded for each win across the minor round, with 100 points allocated for a League victory, 50 points for the Reserves and 50 for an Under-18 triumph.

In the event of a draw, half of the points allocated for a win in that grade are awarded to each club involved.


2020 Stanley H. Lewis Leaderboard

Club League Reserves Under-18 Total
Eagles 1100 550 450 2100
North 1000 400 400 1800
South 900 200 450 1550
Glenelg 900 300 250 1450
Sturt 500 450 500 1450
Norwood 600 100 500 1200
Central 350 650 200 1200
West 250 150 50 450
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