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Checkside Chats with Harry Grant and Jack Madgen

Central District's Harry Grant on Checkside Chats.


The last time Harry Grant had an opportunity to play on Adelaide Oval, he was dropped from Central District’s Hostplus SANFL League team.

It is a difficult scenario to comprehend considering 12 months later, the Bulldogs rover has transformed himself into one of the most consistent, and damaging, midfielders in the competition.

The 22-year-old finds out during his Checkside Chats interview that he has won the 2023 SANFL Now Player of the Year Award, revealing he may have been tipped off earlier by his Mum.

Originally from the Queanbeyan Tigers in Canberra, Grant is itching to make his first major round appearance count in the Elimination Final on Sunday.

Adelaide marquee signing Jack Madgen is also eager to make his vocal presence felt too, as he lines up in the Qualifying Final against Sturt.

The 30-year-old, who began his footy career with Barossa District in Williamstown, details his fascinating journey to the Crows, where he is also employed as a development coordinator.

Madgen played football in Central District’s junior squads as a teenager before focusing on basketball, to the point he landed a four-year scholarship to play at Delta State University in the United States.

It seemed a natural path after watching his sporting siblings Carly, Ben and Tess work their way into the professional sport scene nationally and overseas.

After lining up with AFL powerhouse Collingwood in 49 games from 2018 to 2022, the former shooting guard is eyeing a career in football upon his retirement after having the opportunity to don the headset, albeit with plenty of nerves, against Sturt in Round 17.

Adelaide’s Jack Madgen on Checkside Chats.

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