2023 SANFL U17 Youth Intrastate Carnival Scores

Action from a previous U17 SANFL Youth Intrastate Carnival. Picture - Peter Argent


The 2023 U17 SANFL Youth Intrastate Carnival begins this week, with three games on Tuesday and Thursday providing a valuable opportunity for mature-age teenagers to shine.

Previously known as the Country Youth Championships, the U17 SANFL Youth Intrastate Carnival will include games during the first week of the April School Holidays.

The matches provide the best players from each SANFL club’s recruiting zone with a chance to push their case for selection in next year’s club U18 Centre of Excellence program or the Torrens University SA U18 squad.

Two matches will be played in the July School Holidays, in conjunction with the annual U15 SANFL Intrastate Carnival.

Stay tuned to this article for results as the week’s matches unfold.

Action from a previous U17 SANFL Youth Intrastate Carnival. Picture – Peter Argent

2023 U17 Youth Intrastate Carnival

Tuesday April 18
Eagles 17.12 (114) d West 2.5 (17) at Hisense Stadium
BEST – Eagles: Kane Elliott-Karpanny, Roy Sinclair, Declan Walshaw, Jack Gray,
Dominic Parisi, Jacob Pellizzari, Tarik Sauer
West: Fraser Grigg, Lochie Ryan, Joel Parker

GOALS – Eagles: Jack Gray 6, Kane Elliott Karpany 4, Blake Harris, Declan Walshaw,
Harrison Devlin, Albert Ebert, Carter Roe, Ayden Hickman, Jackson Pinfield
West: Fraser Grigg, Zac Cruse

Glenelg 20.18 (138) d Central 3.2 (20) at Stratarama Stadium
BEST – Glenelg: Tom Dermody, Oliver Betterman, Remi Brown, Cayde Watson,
Riley Shepherdson, Max Disbury
Central: Isiah Nettle, Harry Hayes, Antonio Mondello, Lachlan Butler

GOALS – Glenelg: Harry Gibbs, Eddie Pedler, Oliver Betterman, 3, Lachlan Smith,
Harrison Stanborough, Max Disbury 2, Bill Thompson, Remi Brown,
Tom Dermody, Riley Shepherdson, Jesse Royans
Central: Connor Clery 2, Alex Leo

Sturt 10.3 (63) d North 3.5 (23) at Prospect Oval
BEST – Sturt: Emanuel Lavrentiadis, Cooper Beauchamp, Chaz Bultessen,
Jules Piro, Rory Falzon
North: Max Flowers, Caleb Donaldson,Baylin Crouch, Joel Bettess,
Connor McCallum

GOALS – Sturt: Cooper Beauchamp 4, Daniel Thompson, Sam Beaumont 2,
Ben McArthur, Sam Wright.
North: Max Flowers 2, Reggie Reupana

Thursday April 20

Thursday April 20
West 12.3 (75) d South 8.8 (56) at Flinders University Stadium

BEST – West: Lachlan Slattery, Jordan Brown, Joel Parker
South: Brayden Nicholls, Ken Angus, Ryan Borlace, James Papworth, Joseph Petrucci, Charley Wiseman

GOALS – West: Aquel Rankine 3, Brock Vandeleur, Zac Cruse, Cameron Qualmann 2,
Jackson Ritter, Ryan Ballantyne, Cooper Foss
South: Joel Cartwright, Alan Singh 2, Joseph Petrucci, Fletcher Angel, Joshua Viney, Ashton Pudney

Glenelg 22.14 (146) d Sturt 2.1 (13) at Wigan Oval

BEST – Glenelg: Max Disbury, Remi Brown, Tom Dermody, Riley Shepherdson,
Cayde Watson, Max Robertson
Sturt: Rory Falzon, Kaiden Dohnt, Hamish Illman, Emmanuel Lavrentiadis,
Daniel Thompson

GOALS – Glenelg: Max Disbury 6, Tom Dermody 3, Harrison Stanborough, Remi Brown,
Riley Shepherdson, Cayde Watson, Lachlan Smith, 2, Bradley Rowe,
Max Robertson, Elijah Luke
Sturt: Hugo Deere, Ben McArthur

Central 11.4 (70) d North 6.5 (41) at X Convenience Oval

BEST – Central: Ariel Rothe, Riley Smith, Kalan Fowler, Ryan Ellis, Brodie Wills,
Isaiah Nettle
North: Max Flowers, Baylin Crouch, Reggie Reupana, Caleb Donaldson,
Deacon Pillion

GOALS – Central: Kalan Fowler 3, Josh Davey 2, Hartley Eggleton, Riley Smith,
Isaiah Nettle, Ryan Ellis, Jordan Bevan, John Healy
North: Max Flowers 3, Baylin Crouch, Tom Judd, Jaxon Brand

Tuesday July 18
Eagles v Norwood at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval from 12.45pm

Wednesday July 19
Norwood v South at The Parade from 12.45pm

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